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Written on A Creative Solution: Democrats Have a Candidate Available with Experience and Name ID:

Draft Phil Bredesen...the Tennessee Constitution only prohibits a third consecutive gubernatorial term.

Written on Payback Time for Hill? :

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey's son-in-law, Dustin Goforth is also a lobbyist for the Red, White, and Wine PAC that has been pushing for the Wine in Grocery Stores bill.

Written on Payback Time for Hill? :

The Tennessee "Wine in Grocery Stores" bill as a petty political paybacl ploy by Rep. Matthew Hill against Rep. Jon Lundberg --- even if the legislation were to be enacted in 2014, it would be perhaps as late as 2016 before Tennessee municipal citizens would be able to vote on any local ballot referendum question pertaining to the sale of wine in Tennessee grocery and convenience stores, thanks to Rep. Matthew Hill.

YouTube - TNGA Reps. M. Hill-Micah Van Huss Anti-UN Whine Bill: HB0589

Tennessee General Assembly (TNGA) House Rep. Micah Van Huss (R, Jonesborugh) on March 7, 2013 presenting his HB0589 legislation seeking to somehow prevent United Nations observers from monitoring Tennessee elections before the TNGA House Calendar and Rules Committee chaired by Rep. Bill Dunn (R, Knoxville).

Rep. Matthew Hill (R- Jonesborough; chairman of the full TNGA House Local Government Committee) voted yes for HB0610 (a TNGA bill popularly referred to as the Tennessee "Wine in Grocery Stores" Bill) on March 6, 2013 --- just one day before Rep. Jon Lundberg (R, Bristol) would be successful in routing HB0589 by Rep. Micah Van Huss back into Rep. Lundberg's own Civil Justice Subcommittee where Van Huss' anti-United Nations bill fail would later fail on constitutional grounds on March 26, 2013.

Chairman Matthew Hill killed the HB0610 on March 12, 2013 with his own vote after Lundberg's Tennessee Wine in Grocery Stores bill was presented as the last item of the agenda before Rep. Hill's Local Government Committee. HB0610 failed with a widely unexpected 7-8 vote.

Rep. Lundberg was denied the "common courtesy" and long-standing Tennessee General Assembly practice of rolling HB0610 forward on Chairman Matthew Hill's committee calendar for one week.

The Van Huss HB0589 anti-United Nations legislation as imagined by both Reps. Micah Van Huss and Matthew Hill somehow prohibit representatives of the United Nations from monitoring Tennessee elections.

Freshman legislator Rep. Van Huss is a long-time friend and legislative ward of Rep. Matthew Hill.

Written on ‘Critical Thinking’ or Creationism in Tennessee Classrooms?:

Perhaps this "critical thinking 'bout creation" bill by Rep. Bill "Circular Reasoning" Dunn will actually end up being good secular legislation - imagine a classroom discussion wherein during a lecture to students gathered in a science class is the following "critical thinking" discussion about the fallacy of circular reasoning (" argument that uses its conclusion as one of its premises is most often called "begging the question" or circular reasoning"):

"But is there a God?"


"How do you know?"

"Because the Bible says so."

"How do you know the Bible is correct?"

"Because it was inspired by God."

In this fallacy, the premise, the Bible’s statement that God exists, derives its authority from the attempted conclusion, the existence of the God who allegedly wrote the Bible."

Thus, the entire biblical account of creation is grounded on the fallacy of circular reasoning.

George Carlin ~ The American Dream

Written on No Revolution:

"I think it only fair that the first order of business in the next session should be a five-year suspension of the rules. Shouldn’t we let the poor Republicans get a few years of freebies, to build new relationships with the lobbyists, and then forbid them again?

But it really wouldn’t help. Speaker-to-be Jason Mumpower has no appreciation for whiskey. He goes home at night and does homework and reads the occasional comic book."

"Occasional"? The News Sentinel reported Mumpower as stating that he reads a comic book each night before going to bed...

Reads to me like Mumpower is jonesin' on the 'toons.

And you are definitely wrong about Mumpower having "no appreciation for whiskey" all your glee over the elections, you must have been overlooking Mumpower's campaign finance reports...

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