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Written on Sun Burned: TVA and State Legislators Combine to Handicap Solar Power Producers:

Lately we keep hearing about how the cost of solar power has dropped dramatically, if this is true why should not the TVA expect to benefit from the cost savings too? Why shouldn't they expect to pay less for more solar energy?

US solar power costs fall 60% in just 18 months: pv-magazine

If solar power is so much cheaper and so beneficial, even income generating, why can't the local authorities and businessmen jump in and benefit from the income being generated without leaning on the TVA?

Why is there only benefit at long as some Tax funding is being thrown at it?

The truth, which the author of this post is hiding from readers is that Solar Power is still expensive and still very limited.

1) There is Zero Solar Power at night.
2) Daylight solar power varies from Zero to Maximum, and back to Zero.
3) You might get a lot of solar power at noon, (if there are no clouds), but you have to use it on the spot or lose it unless you also install very expensive and inefficient batteries.
4) Users of Solar power still end up paying for Coal/Natural gas/ Nuclear, because Solar Power is a hyped up Government propped up one legged duck that can't fly.

I credit the TVA for realizing how Less-Worthy the "Investment" is.

My impression from reading this is that Rikki is a Solar Zealot who cannot or will not see other's (TVA) point of view, and who wants the Taxpayer to fund his/her dream projects, whether it is reasonable or not.

Your ravings against Republicans and Capitalism just pegs you for and ideology driven zealot, not as an honest broker.

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