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Written on Wes Anderson Blurs the Line Between Personal Vision and Stylistic Rehash in 'Moonrise Kingdom' :

Well, some of us saw character development in Sam & Suzy -- a sweet geek-unique development.
You forgot to mention that it borrowed wisely from Peter Pan (Wendy & the Lost Boys etc.) -- that core dynamic of fantasy rebellion gave the movie drive & charm.

Written on A Creation Syllabus for Biology Class:

And reality-based Science can be SO discouraging -- and hard! and require real-
No, those religious myths about Creation can really give us hope (depending on what you think about snakes!).

Written on A Creation Syllabus for Biology Class:

in response to kingneb:

George Ellis is a Distinguished Professor of Complex Systems in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He co-authored The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time with University of Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking, published in 1973, and is considered one of the world's leading theorists in cosmology. And he said the following in his paper "Cosmology and Verifiability":

"A modern cosmologist who was also a theologian with strict fundamentalist views could construct a universe model which began 6000 years ago in time and whose edge was at a distance of 6000 light years from the solar system. A benevolent God could easily arrange the creation of the universe ... so that suitable radiation was travelling toward us from the edge of the universe to give the illusion of a vastly older and larger expanding universe. It would be impossible for any other scientist on the Earth to refute this world picture experimentally or observationally; all that he could do would be to disagree with the author's cosmological premises." [p. 246]

Why does Ellis say this? He explains:

"we are unable to obtain a model of the universe without some specifically cosmological assumptions which are completely unverifiable. Because we wish to talk about regions we cannot directly influence or experiment on, our theory is at the mercy of the assumptions we make." [p. 246]

Yes. Evolution is still a "theory" and a sorry one at that.

Well, that settles it!
Anybody knows a Professor of Mathematics can demolish (just by thinking! really hard!) 150 years of BIOLOGICAL (and geological) science, evidence, digging, etc., tested by debate among tens of thousands of independent scientists. I guess we can shut down all the world's universities except his! {;-)>

Written on Metro Pulse Endorsements Redux: 2011 Elections:

Padgett's qualifications? Invisible!
What did he ever DO for the community -- in any way? Well there goes his "public service."

Written on How Many Jobs Has Mark Padgett Created?:

Actually the article above does not do the job - of getting a straight answer out of Padgett.
Don Bosch got him to say that he had 5 employees at present.
So if he's had 25 employees in 4 years, that would be a turnover rate of what - about 110%? So do you get points for creating unhappy employees? Same as creating jobs?

Written on How Many Jobs Has Mark Padgett Created?:

Mark is classic "All Hat & No Cattle."

That goes for both his "lemonade stand" -sized business, and his claim to be carrying on family trad as a "public servant."

Gee, why has no one seen Mark at the many public meetings for developing Knoxville in the last 3 years?

Why is his Community involvement as elusive as his business?

So he's gonna learn on the job? He'll learn about which parts of the "Padgett Plan" are just copies of what's already in the City pipeline & which parts are illegal or impracticable?

Can Knoxville afford the training and education of Mark Padgett?

Written on Mark Padgett’s Dubious Mayoral Qualifications:

Why would anyone believe Mr Padgett is ready to run a city? He has certainly not shown us his executive experience, only good debate coaching. Where I come from, we say, "Show me." An unkinder version is, "Put up or shut up." Are we supposed to believe in his phantom business as credentials?

Written on Ridgetop Protection Plan Part of Global Conspiracy?:

Dam straight!
I'd much rather have free men blow smoke up my nose, drain chemicals into my drinking water, and fill my lungs with smog. A couple decades of life is a small price to pay for freedom. --- To see a developer's fantasy of hilltop development, go down Rte 66 off Exit 407 into Sevierville, and check out the hill studded with identical cabins (on the right). Looks like a molehill with pimples -- but dint have no durn gummint gettin in the way!

Written on Mayoral Quotes of the Week: His and Hers:

Padgett called Rogero a "government bureaucrat" the day after the election. That's a lame way of saying she has three decades of proven city-wide leadership, while he refuses to answer the first question you'd ask a job applicant: What's your experience?
Apart from two articles by Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Vines in the summer, Padgett's lack of executive experience is a news blackout - why?
HAS Mr. Padgett ever run anything bigger than a lemonade stand?
As for the "Padgett Plan:"
You can preview his talking-points in Mayor Brown's Budget Presentation in April 2011: "Mayor Haslam outlined four major goals. Mayor Brown has retained this emphasis: "Stronger, safer neighborhoods; City services you can count on, at a competitive price; An energized downtown; everybody's neighborhood; More and better jobs." see
So much for Padgett's "vision" - the question is not those common goals, but who has the savvy to reach them?

Written on How Knoxville’s Same-Sex Couples are Faring in Our Straight-Laced Society:

Finally, You gotta say big-time kudos to Rose Kennedy & METROPULSE for producing this article -- excellent & Heart-warming!

Written on Goobernatorial Combat: Haslam vs. McWherter:

Looks like a waste of your paper to me!

Written on How Knoxville’s Same-Sex Couples are Faring in Our Straight-Laced Society:

These are great profiles -- kudos to all.
I hope & feel that knowing how real people live (so different from some stereotypes) will over time help to reduce the fears & animosities of people who don't know folks/lifestyles different from themselves.

Written on Is Stacey Campfield Beatable? :

The issue is whether Knoxville voters recall what they are voting on: Y
Two things:
1. Stacey's record of *negative achievement as our representative - however charming he is on your doorstep-- (didn't your mother warn you against types like that?)
2. The coming-soon to a legislature near you -- votes on the future of Tennessee -- i. e., our children: education, jobs, public safety.

Do you want a proven professional problem solver, like Randy Walker or a clown like Stacey?
He's counting on people just voting in their sleep. Will we?

Written on What the Heck is Wrong With Stacey Campfield?:

Most people would agree Stacey Campfield has been an embarrassment to our community. He had six years to serve. What has he done for you or your children? He has mostly been into showboating as detailed in the article above.
He cannot name ANY accomplishment as a legislator or a man.
Contrast his opponent: Randy Walker is a distinguished professional, a manager with top security clearance at the Oak Ridge National Lab for over 20 yrs. A family man, and a community builder (PTA, founded girls volleyball league), church member etc.
Go look at his website for more.
A sterling citizen to represent us.
He is a problem solver; Stacey is a problem creator.

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