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Written on What Knoxville Needs:

a Little Jamaica section (near old city), arcades, a public transit system (rail car/monorail), two large open air concert venues,

a several story building connecting to a two story pier that has boat slips and boat rentals (on the river) below the pier, pool tables and an arcade (on the first floor of the pier) and a large restaurant where bands can play (on the second story of the pier).

I'm for connecting old city, campus, South Knoxville, East Town Mall, Kingston Pike, West Town Mall, and Turkey Creek with a small raised monorail system. (maybe adding an additional section for Broadway/North Knoxville/Middlebrook areas.)

an inexpensive but well maintained tourist hostel and cheap (or almost free to stay at) travel stops, cheaper flights to and from Amsterdam, Germany, UK, NY, FL, CA, and Canada.

legalized marijuana, the ability to sell thc products at venues and restaurants, and thc products in grocery stores.

Dedicated greenhouses to regional plants and herbs that sell worldwide all year round (not just marijuana).
The apple mint like the mint in the $1000 drink at the Kentucky Derby? Mayo in Knoxville sells it for $3.50.

Better public housing, more adequate housing for the homeless, more government grants for people/charities like the Love Kitchen to expand in this state and maybe to other states?

A really inexpensive gondola lift (at least over the RIVER) is another cool idea.

A facility that provides indoor snowboarding or skiing also has potential? I loved this idea and think that it would go over well in Miami and New York also.

I lived in Knoxville, TN a couple of years. Most people are very polite, open, and friendly. These are citizens Knoxville, TN can be proud of.

HOWEVER some of the hipsters have attitude problems and are extremely rude (no one KNOWS why exactly? based in what is this attitude problem?! what premise do they have to be that snooty?) It doesn't help us win educational funding or better venues and will MAKE tourists stay away.

Maybe things will get better?

Written on Justin Keen’s group believes they may have found a child ghost in what they called the “carpet room.:

hey, we have cloned another Mark the bass player here in photo number eight.


Written on Drug-culture symbology or practical joke, shoefitti doesn’t trouble Fort Sanders’ birds.:

shoefiti photo caption:

"Us...them...we were higher than everyone else in the black converse universe." huge step for fort kind...they were going to space, but got caught up in something...

Written on Ponte Vecchio: A pedestrian passes the street-level building with multiple entrances on the Broadway:

I wish they would keep the buildings on the bridge and renovate them somehow (historical preservation?). This whole section including the intersection near the bus station should be a place in Knoxville that is like Old City but this was/should be known as "Little Jamaica". A building at the intersection at Central should be a restaurant and venue actually called "Little Jamaica" (no idea who owns this?). Can you get people to save and develop the area? There should be a large open air arcade and restaurant district there also (like beachfront arcades along the coast?). The entire area should include the glass factory and have shops all the way to Middlebrook. Sincerely, that should be a much busier area. I just want to be able to buy a steel drum IN KNOXVILLE, TN REALLY. It is too much to ask for or something. : )

Other stores that should be in that area: world goods, world grocery, small art store that sells pens and sakura, a science toy, maps, and educational supply store (also selling astronomy items), a poster printing, t-shirt, and novelty store, a world cafe with radio broadcasts and live music, a world musical instrument store, a standard local music store, a local used record and cd store, and maybe a small used bookstore.

SOMEONE should ACTUALLY pay me to think really. : )

Written on Investigating the Drugs-Related Death of Henry Granju:

Public warning: marijuana is laced with something in TN. There have been several deaths associated with this marijuana. It has apparently been laced with something poisonous or extremely addictive. (People who are used to smoking a large amount of natural pot are very susceptible to being killed by this stuff so please try to avoid it.)

Written on 2010’s Best Gaming Revisions:

Voting may be over for this but if not have fun casting your vote.

Hey, if I ever move to Washington, D.C. I will be one of the only people there who didn't bother to check a date up close!

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