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Written on Okra Angst, Be Gone!:

Tom, you will see me soon, and have no one but yourself to blame. Sincerely, Rose Kennedy

Written on TVUUC Shooting: Picking Up the Pieces Three Years Later:

Thanks for your compliment and insight, mariposa, and I agree the word "disband" is too drastic.

Written on Black-Eyed Joe’s BBQ Feeds “First Fruit” to the Homeless :

Thanks for the commentary Joe and Joe's friend. Have amended online story to omit "your as*" from the quote (from Maxine) within a quote (from Joe), which was actually being relayed by Joe in his own, saltier than Maxine's, style.
all the best—Rose K.

Written on Gordon Lightfoot Looks Back on a Full-Length Life:

Bob Arsenault, thanks so much! GL is lucky to have fans like you, I bet that makes him happy, too!

Written on North Knoxville's Sacred Hoop, Drum and Dance Circle :

This story has been edited to correct the misinformation that Kristina Mynatt takes dance classes at the Broadway Academy of Arts. She never has but has studied with Ali Blair, owner of Sol-Flow hoops.

Written on Drinking Games for Knoxvillians:

That may be part of it Pstone. And I thought you meant I was sorry I wasn't in college anymore with the second post, but now I see it's a spelling correction. Smiles and cheers!

Written on Celebrity Sitings: Brushes With Fame at Knoxville Restaurants :

Wow, let's blame the heat, and here are some more apologies from Rose Kennedy (that in no way involve Jack Neely) about the Tony Orlando anecdote. Also eluding the correction pencil were the station's name (WJBZ, not the other way with the B and Z) and even though this is the third time I've written about him, I called Andy CASTILLO when his name is CANTILLO. Last, it was the interviewer who talked up the food at Bayou Bay, not the Reverend Mull, and indeed Rev. Mull had probably already died at the time of this anecdote... Thanks Mike Clark for the clarifications.

Written on Celebrity Sitings: Brushes With Fame at Knoxville Restaurants :

have corrected the Reverend's name in Andy Castillo's anecdote about Tony Orlando at the Bayou Bay. It's Mull, my bad, not Mall. Marsha Grissom caught it and kindly offered the explanation that it might have been Andy's Louisiana accent, but I'll remember to double check more carefully next time. Sorry, Rev. Mull!

Written on Heather Nijoli Robinson, Female Winner, Stiletto Stampede for Breast Cancer Awareness:

in response to rkennedy:

argh, Heather, sorry and will correct. I was wondering how he could be such a good friend and live in London...

Okay, it is correct now. :)

Written on Heather Nijoli Robinson, Female Winner, Stiletto Stampede for Breast Cancer Awareness:

argh, Heather, sorry and will correct. I was wondering how he could be such a good friend and live in London...

Written on Portraits for Hope Extends Bargain to March 1:

Added info from photographer Julie Poole:

And everyone who comes in now, will be photographed in the new studio!! This has been such a great experience for me, I hope to make this an annual event :-)

The new studio is in Rocky Hill Shopping Center off of Northshore drive. I am right next door to the Dominos. The remodel has taken just over a week with the finishing touches being put on this weekend to have me 100% functional again. I think it looks beautiful, but, I am really biased!

Keep an eye on my blog for updates and info!

Julie Poole Photography
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Written on Knoxville's Foster Care System Faces Big Challenges:

The above comment is 100 percent true. I am the reporter who wrote this piece, and Mindy most definitely said that while awaiting a foster family, she would have moved in with her mom but she lived in Ohio and it would have been way too difficult legally. Also, she remarked how her biological mother told her she always had a place with her, which is how the two ended up living together when her mom moved to the area last year. I regret that omitting these remarks, strictly a matter of space, created any animosity or implied that Mindy meant her biological family; she definitely referred to foster possiblities, and expressed the greatest love and affection for her biological relatives both times I interviewed her.

Written on Painful Lessons We Learned in 2009:

thanks, Creech, you're most kind

Written on Kip Williams Marches On:

An open letter to blogger Bil Browning:

I included your name as an example of a LGBT blogger who was down on the
idea of the National Equality March. That is true, but what Kip Williams let me
know in our most recent conversation, which was not in time for my print
deadline, is that you totally came around, ending up as a grassroots
organizer, publicist, and invaluable supporter of the march. Just wanted to
add that for the record. Readers, here's Bil's account of waiting for the march
to begin:

Written on What Your BEER Says About YOU:

very sorry, media, and thanks for the correction. That is my own long-held
misconception and Yuengling is outrageously popular with my friends and

Written on Dean and Bridgett House Catch Bail Skips, Together:

Sorry, Dean, we were just going with the catchy headline. Can maybe alter a bit
for the online version.

Written on Knoxville’s All-Natural Farmers:

kellen9 I will try to contact them and let you know a good way to get through.

Written on How Lisa Horstman Makes a Children's Book:

Linda Davick, whose past includes a post at the now-defunct 13-30/Whittle
Communications as an art director, now does a nifty blog of her own from San
Francisco. It featured an interview with Lisa Horstman:

Written on Horstman Hears a Who:

Glad to see that the sense of humor pervades the family--'course I suspected
that already. When I get that National Enquirer: Lima, Ohio Special Edition piece
going, I'll be in touch. (and thanks for taking time to comment)

Written on Know Thy Pesto:

Oh, no, Paige. You're crushing my illusions of you as a non-furniture polish
consumer. But I'm totally in agreement on the raw ginger. Wonder why someone
first thought to mash it and saute it in stir fry instead of, say, sassafras or cork.

Written on Coffee Coalition:

I care about your opinion, ladyvol78, and I concur that the neighborhood's best
is the best when it comes to coffee, unless it's not the first-third of the day.

Written on Tom Broadhead Talks Stamps:

Knoxpex 2009, March 7 & 8 at the Holiday Inn Select Cedar Bluff. More info:

Written on Small Dogs Need Homes, Too, Says Tyrine Hawthorne:

To reach the group,

Written on Arnold Cohen:

This piece is an edited transcript of an interview I conducted with Arnold Cohen. While all the words are his, he did not determine which of his statements were included. Many of the remarks he made about approaches for the future could not be included within the space limitations or the scope of this article.

Written on Resolved:

Hey Jack

Best wishes for a good January 5! I'll try to finish that story I was telling you very soon. And let me know if you want to go get coffee later.

Rose K.

Written on Matthew Lloyd:

This is a free, drop-in event and open to the public at Middlebrook Christian Ministries, 1540 Robinson Road at Middlebrook Pike • 8:00 a.m. to Midnight on Dec. 31, 2008

Written on None:

Please note: There will not be any food items that are not strictly vegetarian at this event. I may have confused some readers by saying, "meat eaters can relish the taste treats," what was meant was, "Even if you're not a vegetarian, you're bound to enjoy these vegetarian taste treats."--Rose Kennedy

Written on Know Thy Pesto:

My brother in law, a Culinary Institute-trained chef who works in Tampa, was the first to inform us in the "cilantro boom" of the early 90s that cilantro was a fine addition to any salsa . . . if you wanted it to taste like soap!

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