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Written on Tempest in a Teabag:

I don't believe Mr. Carlson has much idea of what true
libertarians believe. I suggest he may want to start with
this link -
ism - he should also note that Ron Paul who he mentioned and
the platform of the Libertarian Party were in opposition to
the Iraq war even when the war was popular with the American
people and at least publicly supported by a significant
number of populist members of Congress (political expediency?).
Mr. Carlson also seems to isolate "bankers bad decisions" as
having created the current economic situation. While those bad
decisions certainly contributed to the financial meltdown
there is plenty of blame to go around. The FHLMC and FNMA
are both creations of the federal government and a perfect
example of why the federal government should not use its
power to encourage lending activities that are not supported
by good economics. Finally, many of the borrowers who cannot
now repay their loans also made poor decisions by buying
houses they could not really afford or by using all the
equity in their homes. The American people should not be
paying for either the Banks' or the borrowers' greed (yes, they were both greedy) or
poor government policy.
Libertarians have been consistently against big government
and increased federal spending whether pushed by Democrats
or Republicans - and not as Mr. Carlson says only when
someone proposes spending on the sick, indigent and
One final thought - I certainly agree that the tea party
gatherings included some patently offensive signs and
comments. Some of the anti-war gatherings during the Bush
years included material just as patently offensive. Both,
however, are covered by the first amendment - if we are
going to try to eliminate everything that offends someone
it's going to become a very quiet, boring world.

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