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Written on Housing for Homeless at Lakeshore Angers Some Powerful Folks:


Frank calls it like it is. Stupid is as stupid does.
And this is a stupid move by Haslam and Lawler.

I sure as hell hope some people consider the sheltered life of privelege that Bill Haslam has led before electing him to any higher office.

I'll bet Bill Haslam's attitude would be different about bringing the homeless to Lakeshore if he had worked hard and earned that nice home he lives in!

Written on Church and State:

People need to get over this C-Street thing. Ok, so a group of bipartisan Christian members of congress live in a house together... And even try to hold a level of accountablity with each other in a city where there is usually ZERO accountability with politicians.

What's the big freakin deal? It's alot better than most of what goes on in Washington DC.

Written on Tennessee's Gubernatorial Campaign Cash:

Since when is it news that the Haslam's have millions of dollars???

Written on Republican Election Scorecard:

What I don't understand is how you conclude that Wamp's base is the smallest when he has represented nearly 800,000 East Tennesseans in Congress over 14 years and Haslam has only been on the ballot in Knoxville where the population is 180,000.

The difference in Wamp and Haslam is that if you combined Knox, Blount and Sevier, Wamp's name ID would likely be higher than Haslam's because of Wamp's 14 years of play in the Knoxville media market. Whereas in Chattanooga and southeast TN, Haslam is virtually unknown.

It is plausible that Haslam is still an unknown quantity in the outerlying areas of Knox County that are the "reddest." Unlike Wamp and Ramsey who have traveled throughout East TN and have high name ID, it is hard to give Haslam much of a base outside of Knoxville and maybe Farragut.

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