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Written on Usury, Payday Loan and Rent-To-Own Laws Needed to Protect Poor:

Very good synopsis of how our state government is either asleep at the wheel or paid off when it comes to the poor getting shafted.

As I remember, Tim Burchett is very cozey with the payday loan folks.

Written on Persecution vs. Prosecution:

Give him the chair.

Written on Do the Right Thing:


First, there isn't anywhere close to 2600 acres in the
Eastbridge area that would even come close to working.
Maybe 500 at best. As for it being a brownfield, it is
green farmland just like in New Market. There are two 100
acre tracks with riverfront across Clear Springs road from
it both for sale in the $4,000,000 each range. Not exactly
priced for railroad tracks. The land around Eastbridge
other than the riverfront is either very steep (definitely
not railroad friendly) or a working quarry, already
employing more people than the railroad would.

As for your closer to the interstate argument, it is
slightly closer to Midway Road from Mascot than it is from
New Market to 1-40. However, it is 9.6 miles of mostly
narrow, twisting two lane road from Mascot to Midway, but is
all four-lane highway from New Market to I-40 with an
estimated travel time (at the speed limit) of 35% less. The
New Market route also brings trucks in much closer to the I-
81/I-40 split to get them headed up the east coast. The new
road you propose (Where you get 4 miles from Mascot to
Midway is beyond me as well, as it is 7 as a crow flies)
would be a real challenge to build as a new bridge would
have to be constructed and there are bluffs along the river
on one side and not on the other which would create an
additional problem. It also would have to destroy several
eagles nests residing on the bluffs.

I am against building in New Market, but Mascot just makes
no sense and is probably not even feasible when you look at
a map correctly.

What would make sense is for them to look at the area around
their existing John Sevier freight yard. It is near the
interstate at I-40 and Rutledge Pike, which already has
industrial land on both sides along that stretch. Loudon
County, close to the I-75/I-40 split, would probably be
better than any of these, but John Sevier would be the only
location that could utilize existing brownfield.

Written on A Question of Priorities:

There you go again Frank, picking on our poor Mayor who is only trying to help the citizens. Oh wait, I'm not Van de Lie. This piece of trash should have been gone long ago. Your reference to cancer is a perfect description for him.

Written on Ear to the Ground: Raise a Glass:

So Rags must like the low end Stag. SLV will run you $180+ and Cask 23 about 30% more than that at a restaurant like the Palm. Or, maybe Rags has more hidden receipts. I wouldn't put anything past that dirtbag. Did he have his girlfriend on the tab?

Written on Welcome Home:

Frank, this is the best idea in a long time. Knoxville is a college town as well and we need to add some emphasis on that, but I like the concept. This town has tried to be something it's not for at least the last 30 years. It's time to embrace what we are, which is a relaxing college football town close to the Smokies. Let the marketing campaign begin.

Written on Slowly Grinding Wheel:

It's time for the District Attorney to DO HIS JOB. Otherwise, it's time to start the ouster suit against Ragsdale. This county needs rid of our version of Boss Hog in the worst way.

Written on Public Be Damned:

Anyone who thinks this is beating a dead horse is either working (or worse) for Ragsdale or just clueless. We the people must remain vigilant against scoundrels like the so-called Mayor.
It is time for us to act. We need to rid our county of him and his cronies.

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