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Written on Dave Alvin Wonders Just What He's Gotten Himself Into:

Cindy Cashdollar and Christy McWilson join Dave Alvin on Tennessee Shines. I'm
almost as excited about seeing Cindy as Dave--they're both legends.

Written on Say Goodbye to Reading:

Your article is more than 140 characters. FAIL. :)

Written on Know Thy Pesto:

Pesto with heat? Genius! I've been adding red pepper flakes to all my pasta
dishes, so I can't wait to try this (especially since I have a bag of pepitas in my

And I've never thought cilantro tastes like soap. However, I do think raw ginger tastes like Pledge.

Written on Best. Band. Ever.:

Can't. Hardly. Wait! In the meantime, I'll consider whether I'm a local musician,
journalist or hanger on. Sadly, I suspect the latter.

Written on RIP, Knoxville Voice:

This is sad news. I hate to see Knoxville lose another newspaper and jobs for
writers. I'll particularly miss the unique "I Saw You" feature, which was random
and entertaining.

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