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Written on Online Comments: Civic Engagement At Its Best—Or Worst?:

These posters only promote NWO buttkissing, the Police State, Big Brother, etc. No mention of its nefarious secret censorship that leaves comments only visible to the poster. No mention of the newspaper's lawyers arguing in a murder case for "free speech" to allow anonymous posters to make death threats against appointed defense lawyers. No mention of posters who fact-check newspaper lies, or the newspaper's $20-million welfare grant from the city taxslaves, and their attempted $1-billion robbery of the city taxslaves ("that will bankrupt the city for generations to come" according to city council). The newspaper itself is now less than 1/2 its size before it got the $20-million govt bailout.

KNS attempted to get me arrested and sued me for legal sanctions by secret motion in a secret court hearing I was banned from participating in, for my subpoenas of all contracts between the city govt and local media corporations for propaganda placement, under the TN Open Records Act. Today I sued THEM for sanctions, at $125.00 for each secret court motion their lawyers refused to serve process on me. Read the court docs at

Corporate media is dying, lick a tick on a dead dog.

But don't worry, the internet as we know it will soon die, just like western civilization. Now shut up and go back to sleep Amerika, Big Brother in in control. Lay down and die.

Written on Sequoyah Hills Speed Trap:

Too many signs and flashing lights distract drivers from driving, thus causing more crashes. Which then justifies a police state and higher taxes.

That's what happens when govt is run as a business, trying to increase profit every year. It's called fascism/communism/socialism. I guess KPD suing 200,000 annual "misdemeanor citations" agaisnt the 160,000 residents on Kville aint enuff profit yet.

It's the opposite of freedom, responsibility and the American way. Heck, even the redlight/speed scameras export 75% of the profit to Australia, England and Communist China. Outsourcing govt jobs, that's a ticket to success!

Written on Local Bloggers To Be Featured On 60 Minutes:

What about the local bloggers who first broke this story 6 months ago, by interviewing TDEC commissioner Steve Scarborough, with a VIP tour of the disaster area?

Pirate News TV and Locust Fork blogs interview Steve Scarborough:

Pirate News interviews TN state rep Frank Nicely speaking at South Knox Republicans Club, February 2009 regarding TVA coal ash spill allegedly caused by earthquake, with TDEC allegedly blocking permits for cleanup:

Is 60 Minutes skating the real bloggers? Locust Fork is working on an updated story this week, on the horrific environmental disaster that TVA is trucking to Alabama to profit mafia in the landfill scam, er, business. TDEC wasn't blocking a permit to remove the toxic waste, TVA couldn't get a permit to DUMP toxic waste.

After all, the Knox County landfill employees fired for allegedly selling trash at garage sales were allegedly fired for embezzling $300,000 from the county landfill contract. That's not petty theft, that's organized crime. The same gangsters running the worldwide cartheft chopshop scrap-metal nuke-waste cartel out of Knoxville, sued in class actions by Pirate News, that resulted in over 100 KPD towing contractors fired and the city court clerk fired:

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