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Written on Clarence Brown on World's Fair Park? Some Thoughts on One of 2014's Dilemmas:

With the apparent unanimity of support for redeveloping the Supreme Court site, I was surprised to see the courtroom building recently listed among Knox Heritage's Fragile Fifteen.

Written on The Ghost Mural: Is the Strange Image on a Warehouse on West Jackson the Work of Peter Max?:

After last weekend's McClung Warehouse fire, the Crane building was destroyed, along with the last traces of the ghost mural.

Written on Sunday Screenings: Woman in Hiding:

My wife and I enjoyed the film and its alternate-universe depiction of Knoxville. Jack's pre-show commentary set the mood well. It would be great to continue this and show other films connected to East TN or the Smokies, such as STARK LOVE, Disney's DAVY CROCKETT series, ALL THE WAY HOME (50 years old last year; we missed that one!), THE FOOL KILLER, and A WALK IN THE SPRING RAIN, among others. Next time, though, we might have to sneak in some popcorn and Cokes!

Written on Three Historic Houses Threatened by UT Expansion Plans :

Here is a recent News Sentinel update on UT's plans for the three White Avenue homes:

Written on How Did Knox County's Bluegrass Community Get its Name?:

Here is the April 2010 column about the Williams house:

Written on New Centennial Conservation Expo Promises to Conjure the Spirit of the Enormous, Influential 1913 Fair:

See Neely's 2009 article, "A Fair to Remember: Knoxville’s National Conservation Exposition of 1913"

Written on Look Fast: Four Campus Landmarks Aren't Long for This World:

One building's already gone since the writing of this column. Here is an update from Knox News:

Written on Of Bruce Lee, the 'Knoxville Journal'(s), and a Premature Obituary for the Agee Toast:

Beer 30 reopened this summer as Creekside Tavern, a much more inviting name to a non-alcoholic. I have yet to attend the Crash Bash, partly due to it being on my birthday each year, but would like to do so. Maybe in four years, for the crash's 100th anniversary, we can give the event a proper farewell.

Written on A Farewell Homage to the Checker Flag, and the 'Crash Bash':

Agee punctuated his prose liberally with colons, and the Checker Flag recently reopened under the name Beer:30.

Written on What’s Knoxville’s Oldest Restaurant?:

Cardin's Drive-In at 8529 Asheville Hwy apparently hasn't changed much since 1959. Skip Sonic and enjoy an authentic drive-in experience.

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