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Written on Marble City Brewing Company Stalled by Trademark Lawsuit:

Jeff of Marble Brewing sent me this "letter" after I e-mailed him about my disagreeing with his lawsuit:

Written on Marble City Brewing Company Stalled by Trademark Lawsuit:

Though I've recently moved away from Knoxville, I had the opportunity to meet the Marble City Brewing folks in addition to trying some pre-brewery samples of their beer.

It's a shame Marble Brewing had to resort to such tactics in order to control a loosely associated name.

I agree that the best way to voice disagreement with their effort is to not by their beer. Also, send them an email or give them a call and let them know their beer isn't welcome in Knoxville.

I don't care if they make the best IPA in the country; using bully tactics in this way is not appreciated amongst craft-beer lovers.

Written on Knoxville's Homebrew Believers :

You can learn more about the homebrew club at

And you can see our Brewers' Jam lineup in labels on Flickr:

Written on Marble City Brewing Co. Attempts to Resurrect Knoxville Bottling Operation:

There are two blog entries that have links to other sources mentioned in this story:

* Knoxify:
* (my personal site):

Written on Lindsay Beeson: Inventor of the Knoxville Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie:

You can find more information about the Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie and
other baked goods from The Plum Baker on the newly launched Web site:


Written on Coffee Coalition:


I understand the gist of the story. And I have every bit of confidence that if a business produces a great product backed by equally great customer service, they will survive the financial crisis at hand.

I wish well both of the shops mentioned.

That said, I believe Old City Java to be the best coffee shop in Knoxville.

Written on Coffee Coalition:

I wrote about Blackbird on its opening day on the Knoxville-centric blog Knoxify ( a while back:

Glad to see they're still going!

But the best coffee in Knoxville is by far Old City Java:

Written on Rita's Bakery:

I was very impressed with the blueberry scone I got from Rita's Bakery! I also purchased a tasty looking pumpkin bread loaf that was substantial, and an excellent value at $5.

I just moved to Fountain City, and can't wait to visit this bakery again!

Written on Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria:

I believe the drink special is for happy-hour only, and not all the time every day.

Written on 2.5:

The site looks awesome folks! You did a great job in translating your already
great content to the Web.

I'm looking forward to where you take it from here!

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