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Written on Mobile Retail: Is Knoxville Ready for Clothing Boutique Trucks?:

C'mon government. You're not helping the people (those of us paying you to serve) by erecting barriers. Food is one thing, but no one is going to get sick off fashion.

Quit making Josef Stalin proud. Power to the people.

Written on Clarence Brown on World's Fair Park? Some Thoughts on One of 2014's Dilemmas:

The court sight would be a fine option. Just keep the grass.

Written on Senator Kefauver's Office: Maybe it Doesn't Fit UT's Winning New Image:

I loved Hoskins, and found the Kefauver material fascinating. It must be displayed prominently.

Written on The World's Fair Park Working Group Meets Again with More Ideas for the South Lawn:

We have urban green space. That's phenomenal! Let's leave it that way.

Written on Money Overriding Factor in Choosing Senior Housing Proposal for Knoxville High Building:

This has to be stopped. That's a horrible use of the building, and detrimental to future neighborhood development.

Written on 'Gateway to the Smokies' No More: Knoxville is Fast Earning a National Reputation as a Recreation Destination in Itself:

If enhanced bike and pedestrian access are a part of the new Henley Bridge project that would be huge.

It also wouldn't hurt to close Neyland from the light by Thompson-Boling to the boathouse. A sizeable riverside park would be nice, and access to I-40 wouldn't be impeded.

Written on Campaigning for Visitors: Can Knoxville Really Attract a Lot More Tourists?:

Good thinking. Knoxville isn't a destination by itself, but it works well as a weekend getaway.

Written on St. John's vs. Downtown: Bad Gardening, or Punk Art? The Demolition of the Walnut Street Buildings:

Some great folks go to St. John's. Hopefully they'll get involved. Wait, didn't Jesus something about being a good neighbor (paraphrasing)?

Written on How Did the Idea For a Cultural Center at World’s Fair Park Become So Focused on Just the Clarence Brown Theatre? :

Keep it green. And btw, there's already an outdoor theater in the park.

Written on Effective Immediately:

If a UT degree provides a good return on investment (ROI) students shouldn't mind footing the bill. If there is a poor ROI, students should spend their time and money elsewhere. Taxpayers certainly shouldn't be on the hook.

As for university employees, let them take their skills elsewhere if they think they're underpaid. If they can't get more money, the market is probably telling them their compensation is fair.

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