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Written on Tennessee Stage Company Rescues a Bad Script with Care and Focus in New Production of "I Hate Hamlet":

in response to ee:

"As the rumor goes, Williamson arrived one evening in a particularly foul mood
and, during the duel between his character and Andrew Rally (played by Evan
Handler), Williamson smacked a sword right across Handler’s back. Handler
immediately left the stage and, consequently, the production."

These events were documented at the time, and referenced since, by The New
York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, Time Magazine, and
on and on. Where does "rumor" come into it?

To EE:

You're right! The use of "rumor" was meant to refer to the curse and not the actual events of Mr. Williamson's actions. Thank you for the catch and good for you for doing the research! With only the greatest of rigor, I will work toward greater clarity and a more efficient use of diction and syntax, which, as anyone knows who have ever spent even a scintilla of time in an English class, is important.


Written on The Wallflower:

While TN certainly isn't a 'swing' state, surely there's hope it could be soon
considered a squeak state! Let's see how close Tuesday is and learn if, with a
little electoral grease, 2012 will change us to full 'swing' state status.

Written on A Plate Too Far?:

I find the reviews to be insightful, witty and completely enjoyable to read.
Regardless of whether or not I agree, it's very invigorating to read such fun and
surprising syntax amidst the 10 word limit/9th grade level banality of most

And as one of those snobby, New England elitist from one of them schools with
way too much ivy, thank you Metropulse for being willing to hire someone who
can...well, actually write.

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