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Written on Return of the King: A New Box Set Uncovers Elvis' '70s Stax Sesssion:

Thanks, Jabe. The "Suspicious Minds" reference has been deleted and a correction added.

Written on Knoxville Rockers Madre Play Their Last Shows Ever:

When I talked to Andrew a couple of weeks ago, he indicated that there was a possibility the band would play again, but he said he had no idea when that might happen. Maybe things have changed since our conversation, but I think the circumstances—one member moving, another apparently dropping out of regular performance because of work, and the remaining two concentrating on other projects, with no further updates foreseeable—definitely qualify this as a break-up.

Written on None:

Sorry about the confusion. It's been corrected, but you might want to check with your publicist—the first two press releases I received had your name as Hamilton on first reference.

Written on Local Rockers Woman Find New Energy After Two-Year Hiatus:

in response to ashleycaruso:

just a correction really the show is on the 19th not the 20th as previously stated.

Oops. Thanks. It was listed for March 19 in the calendar, just not in the text of the story. It's been corrected.

Written on Big Ears Adds Dirty Projectors, the National, and More:

No bait intended, and I hope I'm not commenting on the grumbling all the way until March. But there is some grumbling. Personally, I think it's somewhat short-sighted—it's hard to say that a festival in Knoxville that's going to have a weekend of Terry Riley and Terry Riley-associated performances, never mind Bang on a Can, Nico Muhly, and Tim Hecker, has gone mainstream—but it's definitely out there, the same way it's been there for Sundown in the City and Bonnaroo.

There's a lot of coverage to come, and as the festival gets closer it will focus much more intently on the performers themselves.

Written on State Liquor Laws Require a Complete Rewrite:

The News Sentinel and Metro Pulse are both owned by Scripps Newspapers. The News Sentinel otherwise has no relationship with Metro Pulse.

Written on Determined to be Downtown North:

This story was originally published on July 16, 2008, about 50 weeks before Veg-O-Rama opened.

Written on Johnson Swingtet -- 04/08/09 at The Crown & Goose:

The time's been fixed. The band didn't include a time with the listing submission; every other show I've listed at C&G started at 9 or 9:30 p.m., so I assumed that was the time for these. You can see where that got me.

Written on Square Room Resistance:

The video posted on YouTube from a London performance—similar, by all accounts, to the one used during the Big Ears performance—is suggestive but not explicit. It's a potentially offensive sequence, but it's not, as far as I can tell, obscene or pornographic, making the description adequate.

Written on /best-knoxville-bands/ - The Best Knoxville Bands:

one person voted for the amazing rhythm aces.

Written on The Best Knoxville Band Ever #1: The V-Roys:

you'll have to take it up with the voters.

we didn't make the picks; about 40 people voted and these were the results.

Written on /best-knoxville-bands/ - The Best Knoxville Bands:

two voters, actually. one point from each. but it's a secret, unless they want to reveal themselves.

Written on The Best Albums of 2008:

Beach House actually made the top 10 lists from two of our four writers. Lee Gardener's review ran back in April:

Written on Guns N' Roses:

You really think the album is more interesting than the story behind and around it? Have you heard it?

Written on A Plate Too Far?:

I didn't write the review. Just commenting that the scope of a restaurant review typically encompasses more than just the quality of the food.

Another factor of a review is that it's the opinion of the writer, not of the paper as a whole.

(I will add that "two slam reviews in a row" is a stretch, though. The Pup's BBQ piece was generally pretty glowing.)

Written on A Plate Too Far?:

Actually, a restaurant review isn't just about the food. It's about the whole experience of dining out, which includes atmosphere, presentation, and setting—all of which are addressed in this piece.

Written on Knoxville Asperger's Support Group -- 08/26/08 at Lakeshore's Cherry Cottage:

Please contact the Yahoo group listed above for any more information on Asperger's syndrome.

Written on Eye on the Scene: 'Hooked Up:

Oops. Thanks, and sorry. Glad the show went well.

Written on None:

I fixed the time.

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