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Written on Christmastime in Knoxville, 1910, Part 2 :

Ah so nothing much has really changed....... :)

Written on The Night Owl Cafe Redefines Knoxville’s Late-Night Dining:

Oh brother when I saw "open late" I was hoping it meant past 2...this town needs a 24 hour place SO BAD.

Written on Preservation Pub Goes Upstairs:

What a cool idea!

Written on What, Me Worry? :

Actually, I'm glad I'm not the only one who lives like this. I do think excessive worry robs us of living but having said that, sometimes worry is the right thing to do.

Written on None:

I was kind of stunned at how many people showed up for this event. Does anyone know what the Bijou is going to do about all of the people that were turned away in the lobby (even those that had tickets they bought on line?) It was so crowed (at least 300 people showed up) that there must have been several fire codes broken on Friday night (thank god there wasn't a fire in that theater).
Some suggestions:
PLEASE put a cap on the number of tickets sold for any ghost hunt.
Perhaps do a ghost hunt once a quarter or something, because of the incredible interest in this (Thanks to the show Ghost Hunters I'm sure)there just isn't enough time to do these in one night.
The paranormal society needed to have a tighter reign on where their groups were in the building. There were so many people that several groups got mixed together and we were stuck in stair wells (again very dangerous with large crowds) for quite a while.

I was so happy to have been able to go to this!!! It just needed to be smaller and more organized. Those people unlucky enough to have been stuck in the lobby are not happy. Lucky for us we just happened to be sitting in the front row after Psycho and got to go with the second tour group. Others were not so lucky and were not told what to do at all so some left.

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