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Written on Lindsay Beeson: Inventor of the Knoxville Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Well Mock, I think I probably need to do something a little more like this ( to truly feed that bacon-tooth of yours. No?

Written on New Moon Yoga:

Thanks been updated, David! Thanks for the information.

-Lindsay Beeson

Written on Best Coffeehouse: Old City Java:


coffeejunkee, when's the last time you were at Java? I make it a near daily trip to get hot or iced (their iced, by the way, is done by way of the Japanese method: making a hot, concentrated extraction over ice, which captures the essense of the bean and cools it quickly, rather than letting the brew get bitter by cooling to room temperature over time. I know this because the baristas and owners take the time to educate me and other customers).

They have painted over the mural. They are about to install a new espresso machine and carry Counter Culture beans.

Perhaps it's time you made another trip ...

Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:

I'll retire from the conversation with these thoughts:

The roller derby comprises a diverse set of participants. I have truly appreciated hearing from those who chose to express themselves in an effort to broaden my understanding of the sport. Your sound comments have gone a great length to provide the very information that you felt was missing in our coverage of the derby.

And I grudgingly admit to a little heartache at feeling so misunderstood as a journalist by those who chose to simply degrade the work that I participate in every day without making any effort themselves to hear me when I tried to broaden their understanding of it.


Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:

If this conversation continues, which I hope it does because it's interesting to hear from such a huge segment of such a niche crowd of readers, *please* let's not go down this road:

"I don't read anything from you about the viciousness of street hockey or soccer, but those sports are pretty much dominated by men. Is your argument due to misogynistic leanings? Do you think that women should be relagated to the kitchen, grocery store, or bedroom?"

1. Hockey and soccer have been written about and talked about broadcast on ESPN for years. BORING! *That's* why we're not writing about them.

2. I'm not sure where the hell the misogyny angle is coming from, but let me stop *that* claim from gaining any steam. I can spot bigots from a mile a way (and I get on the other side of the street when I do), and Charles M., my friend, is no bigot.

Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:

Again, thank you annawrecksya.

Let me take the time to note something that doesn't translate well online: this feature was intended as a photo essay, which is how it appeared in print.

On our website, clearly, the words seem to be the focus. This isn't the case, and I'm afraid this was our best option for presenting the content on

Perhaps its shifted emphasis online has made it seem to carry more weight than it was intended to.

May I also point out something that truly seems to contradict what you're saying about violence? The names attached to these comments often call on very violent imagery:


I believe you when you say you don't intend roller derby to be a violent sport, but the face that's put on the game with these names truly is one of violence.

Now, this is an *interesting* contradiction, and one that likely would have gotten more emphasis had Charles been asked to write a feature story. Perhaps knowing that he was asked to write content to accompany a photo essay will help provide more insight into the coverage you see above.

Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:

Thanks for the answers, miss.murder.13.

I will say that I'd call hockey and football pretty violent sports; I don't think roller derby was characterized here as being any *more* violent.

I'm glad you guys are helping broaden our understanding of where you're coming from; I wish you could do so without completely denigrating my co-worker, but that's the topic of another conversation, the focus of which would be how journalists are mischaracterized, underestimated and stereotyped based on what often seems to be a narrow understanding of what it means to work in media.

I may come out to the derby; if I thought I had balls enough, I'd think about joining a team ...

Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:


Thanks for the info.

I'll also say, what'd be so wrong if it's got something to do with feminism? I admit to getting a little special tingle at the idea of going and "making a b!tch cry" as one of the derby ladies said. It talks to some lion-roar part of me that I would definitely name Feminism.

Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:

It sounds like you guys are used to being misunderstood. But the conversation you've started here leads me to ask some questions.

If it's not about violence, why the war paint? (We have a video of a commercial for the derby ... which puts an emphasis on falls:

If it's not using sex, why the panty/fishnet ensembles?

If it's *nothing* to do with feminism, where are there men on the rink?

I'm not saying the derby *is* all of these things, but it's easy to perceive those associations. Please educate me on how it's not any of those things.

And in defense of journalism (which, in my experience, can be a widely misunderstood field itself), I don't see anywhere in Charles' write-up (which accompanied the photo-essay package in print), that he disrespects the hard work that goes into making the derby matches happen.

I posted this just as a reader, by the way. So if you've got anything to say about it, direct it to me, and not MP.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:

Web editing note:

I inadvertently left out a quote that appears in the print edition of this feature. You will now see it above, after the phrase "overheard before a recent match ...":

"I want to make a b!tch cry tonight."

Apologies for the omission,
Lindsay Beeson (Senior Designer / Web Lady)

Written on /best-of-knoxville/2008/knoxville-life/ - Best of: Knoxville Life:


Can you describe your problem in trying to vote? I'd like to see if I can help.

Lindsay Beeson
Metro Pulse

Written on None:

Thanks for the additional info, gamehendge02. I've added it and corrected the show time.

-- Lindsay Beeson

Written on /best-knoxville-bands/the-rest/ - Knoxville Bands: The Rest:


Hypertribe! 7 points! (in a tie for 70, and even a quote by Bob Levering:

"Had the chops, had the hair—they were just too talented and too ahead of their time. They were doing in the early ’90s what rock radio was playing a decade later, only they didn’t suck."

Written on Toastmasters Storytelling/Tall Tale Contest -- 04/04/09 at Cokesbury United Methodist Church:

@bigsqueze Thanks for the info! We've now clarified that web site in our listing.

Written on Cheap Coal:


I'm glad to see you participating in the comments on our stories. Please be
specific in your criticisms, though. We would much prefer to read your points of
disagreement and have a conversation based on those.

Thank you,
Lindsay Beeson (MP staff)

Written on RIP, Knoxville Voice:

My career started in the newsroom, and I have always appreciated the diversity of voices as the best way to get news and information out to keen readers. I hate it that we will have one less voice bringing us the news.

Written on 2.5:

@ fragilehero

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