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Written on The Elusive Specialty: Of Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheese, and Biscuits:

Yes. Biscuits aren't hard to make since the White Lily bag provides the perfect recipe. But, it's all in the technique.

Written on What's 'Historic'—And Who Says? Nine Practical Reasons To Save Old Buildings:

Bravo, Jack! There's nothing like common sense when it comes to making the case for preservation.

Written on Peggy and Holly Hambright: Sibling Stars of the Knoxville Culinary Scene:

Quiet glee. Perfect. These two women are amazing and we are so lucky to have them. Thanks for sharing their story in such an engaging way.

Written on The Stories Behind a Couple of Recent Demolitions in Bearden:

in response to Swanky:

See images of the former Tourist Court here: Anyone know where the sign went?

Sorry to say the sign is gone. The builder of the new Chick-fil-A raced down there to save it after the demo contractor reported it had been left on the site after it was taken down. Apparently she was too late and it was scooped up for scrap - or maybe by a vintage sign lover. If she finds it, she will donate it to Knox Heritage.

Written on Fort Sanders Regional Medical's Surgical Strike on Historic Homes:

Knox Heritage was never contacted by Fort Sanders Regional Hospital regarding architectural salvage from these two houses and we will not accept it since we strongly disagree with the hospital's demolition of the houses. We did speak with the daughter of one of the property owners to determine if Knox Heritage could purchase the property to save it from demolition. She indicated that was not possible because her mother had already signed a sales contract with Fort Sanders Hospital. She hated to see the entire house go to the landfill, but that is what will happen now.

Knox Heritage does not accept architectural salvage from historic properties that could have and should have been saved. These houses should have been preserved and the hospital should stop its continuing expansion into the surrounding historic neighborhood. It continues to do so at its peril and the peril of all neighborhood stakeholders. The damage done to the integrity of the neighborhood will cause serious, long-term negative impacts for all residents - the hospitals, the other businesses and the residents.

Kim Trent
Executive Director
Knox Heritage

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