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Written on Restaurant Report: Holy Land Market and Deli:

Some of the friendliest folks in town, also the best hummus selection in town, and great Turkish coffee too. But beware! The hummus may have WAY more garlic than you are used to.

Written on Zipcar Car-Sharing Hitting Knoxville's Streets Early Next Year:

Actually, a bike share would be better. Also would be better if the cars were electric, plugged into a photovoltaic charging station.

Written on Winter Solstice Sacred Circle Dance:

The location is not correct. The correct location is the Square Dance Center on Tulip Avenue.

Written on Winter Solstice Sacred Circle Dance:

All dances are taught, no experience or partner are necessary.

Written on Viva la Bakery!:

I don't think our community needs more clogged arteries, obesity, heart attacks, or cancer. What we DO need is a VEGAN bakery.

Written on Vegan BBQ Cooking Class and Vegan/Vegetarian Potluck:

Please note that the correct contact phone# is 406-6452.

Written on Veggie Options at Knox BBQ Places:

You are kidding, right?? A serious vegetarian or vegan consciously choosing to go to a BBQ joint would be like a nonsmoker chilling out in a cigar store. No thanks!!!

Written on Does Downtown Really Need a New Parking Garage?:

On a related note - I think there is a need for more "surge" parking downtown. For example - more and more events and happenings are getting bundled into First Friday each month. Last Friday night it was bloody difficult to find a legal parking space anywhere downtown. Are there "satellite" parking lots/garages that could be connected to Market Square/Gay St by a free First Friday shuttle service? This would have the side benefit of reducing downtown congestion.

Written on Food Shopping: Economics Favor Soda Over Milk:

I'm not sure how the comment above applies to the article. Since the government is subsidizing dairy AND corn, that would mean that both milk and soda (which incorporates high fructose corn syrup) are BOTH cheaper than they would be otherwise.I have a different question - why is milk assumed as a reference point as the drink of choice for kids? It's a myth that kids "need" milk, and my opinion is that it does more harm than good.

Written on Summer Solstice Kirtan Dance Party:

Vegetarian potluck at 6:00pm, chanting and dancing at 7:30pm. Details at or Kevin Meyer's Facebook page.

Written on An Appreciation of Clotheslines:

We've used our clothesline heavily every weekend for years. We love the scent of wind-dried sheets! The only downside is the occasional bit of bird poop.

Written on Letter: Pagan Dance Party!:

We already have a monthly pagan fertility party - check out the First Friday Drum/Dance/Hoop/Spin Jam every month during the summer in Krutch Park.

Written on Baconfest 2011:

Oh, good, one more way for us all to jump on the heart-attack/diabetes/cancer/obesity train! One out of three of our kids is obese. There is nothing healthy, sexy, hip, green, or trendy about meat products - especially bacon.

Written on Sacred Space for Yoga, and It’s You:

Hmmmm.... Glowing Body is once again going to be involved with BaconFest (otherwise known as HeartAttackFest) this September. They will be hosting a panel discussion on the joys of smokehouse foods (consumption of smoked meats is associated with breast cancer, heart disease, leukemia, and stomach cancer). The panel will be lead by Jennifer Nicely - a promoter of foxhunting - one of the cruelest and most barbaric "sports" ever devised by our species. Perhaps not so luminous, not so sacred?

Written on None:

Please note - the date has been changed to AUGUST 15.

Written on None:

Labyrinth Dannce has been POSTPONED to May 16 due to severe weather.

Written on None:

An evening of meditative dance under the stars. Details at

Written on None:

Details and directions at or call 694-3906

Written on Summer Solstice Kirtan Dance Party -- 06/16/12 at The Dance Garden:

Details, map, and directions available at

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