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Written on Knox County Schools' Gang of 4.0 (Actually, Their GPAs Are a Lot Higher Than That.):

How did these 4 students ever become leaders and critical thinkers before the Common Core? TNCore (Common Core with TN added for curb appeal)has only been in place this school year.

Someone please tell me, how did we avoid sailing off the edge of the world before the Common Core?

Written on Knoxville’s First Charter School Just Might Come From an Urban Ministry that Counts the Governor as a Board Member:

Knoxville does not need a charter school; but the private investors who stand to double their investments in 7 years via the New Market Tax credit will be marketing their miracles to unsuspecting families. Charter School Chains have a long record of fraud, nepotism,of expelling students with disabilities or behavior problems. http://charterschoolscandals.blogspot...
Why should Knox County Schools will be drained of scarce tax dollars to serve a small proportion of children? How can the governor sit on the board NOT be considered a conflict of interest?

This is a recipe for corruption, a business scheme that has nothing to do with educating children.

Written on The War on Teachers 2: Teachers Revolt! :

Educating children is not the agenda of Huffman-McIntyre's version of reform. The national war against public schools and teachers is a business plan.

Written on City Employees Start a Campaign Targeting City Council Member Nick Della Volpe in the September Primary:

The police & firefighters have a legitimate complaint about their pensions that are being funneled into a 401k. 401ks are a sham investment & have left millions of retirees broke. Efforts by local pols & state republicans are"tweeking" plans under the guise of a non existent crisis to funnel parts of all state employees salaries into 401k accounts.

Public pension benefits & the phony crisis is not a local issue but part of a national effort to hand public servants salaries to Wall St.

Written on Reform School: Tennessee's Growing Debate Over School Vouchers:

We KNOW how to make all schools better and privatization is not how to do it. Give the children in Memphis the SAME conditions Haslam and Huffman chose for their own children at Webb and Harpeth Hall (respectively)- class sizes between 12-15 students, fully resourced libraries, music, art, and athletic facilities, guidance counselors, social workers, and fully staffed health clinics.

The Friedman Foundation is an education know-nothing think tank overflowing with money from wealthy dilettantes who do not send their own children to public schools. Friedman was last year's winner of a bunkum award from the University of CO for its low quality education recommendations:
New York City spent $50 million on a voucher program that was an utter failure for students and parents. Every voucher program in the US has seen public money sucked out of the public coffers, with no discernible gains for children, and diminished choices for parents of children with disabilities and those difficult to teach.
Kevin Huffman, education profiteersm and our politicians are enriching billionaires with our public school funds:

It's time to dump Huffman and bring in a real educator to TN's dept of education.

Written on Whose Money? You Pay Taxes to Educate Everybody's Kids:

Thanks for reminding us of Whittle's Edison Schools fiasco. Privatization of public education money is a recipe for corruption that benefits only elite multimillionaires and the politicians they own. Vouchers and the edu-reform business in NOT about OUR children.

Edison has drained taxpayer money in FL and NY with no accountability and a failed education model. Parents in NYC tracked its web of taxpayer bailouts by tracing Edison's Chris Cerf, CEO in FL who bankrupted Edison. Jeb Bush as governor pulled a Jimmy Hoffa move by stealing, I mean "borrowing" from the state retirement funds to bail out Edison. Hmmm, using public money to bailout corporate fraud and mismanagement? Sounds strikingly familiar...


"A little background: Cerf was originally employed by Edison Schools, a for-profit charter management chain, between May 1997 until April 2005, rising to be the President and COO of the company. Though in many cases they used pressure tactics to charge districts more than average per pupil funding for their services, Edison utterly failed to make a profit or to create effective schools.
The company was eventually saved from bankruptcy when it was taken private in 2003, in a buyout by a private company called Liberty Partners, a deal facilitated by Jeb Bush, who as Governor of Florida, invested billions of the state teacher’s pension fund in the company at the same time."

Read the entire post on Cerf and prepare for similar schemes to be cooked up in TN with our money: no transparency and no accountability for the little people.

Written on Upping Performance Pay For Top Teachers:

Why is McIntyre pursuing reforms that do nothing for children and classrooms but will make private contractors rich on our tax dollars? Merit pay has NEVER worked. He is ignoring years of independent research. The National Center on Performance Incentives at Vanderbilt University published the findings of a rigorous study (2010) in which teachers were given a $15,000 bonus if test scores rose. Results? NO Effects. Teachers are working as hard as they can.

Further, Mcintyer seem wedded to promoting hack reforms. His devotion to TAP is as misguided as his religious zeal for merit pay. The TAP program has never been peer reviewed and all data concocted by the Miliken's TAP/TEAM is fraudulent. But what should we expect from a family of convicted Wall St felons?

Written on Budgets and Jobs at Stake in Fight Over Knox County Schools' Outsourcing Plan:

Wow! Metro Pulse managed to get a reference from one of the prominent national education bloggers at Schools Matter.
The article reveals the code of silence McIntyre has imposed on the Knox County School employees about his reform efforts.

"we were told was the superintendent's expectation that all KCS staff were to demonstrate "alignment" with his "vision" and policies (although any "vision" or "policy" had yet to be stated) , that we were to make no statements to friends, neighbors, or community members which expressed any doubt regarding or disagreement with his as-yet unstated policies and "vision", and that Knox County was moving in a "new direction" and we could either "get into alignment ("alignment" is one of his favorite buzzwords) or be "left behind" (there was no doubt that this meant "fired")."

Maybe McIntyre thinks his omerta edict might control blowback from Kari Hancock's parent group who are raising objections to his fraudulent use of standardized tests. The fallibility and potential destructive effects of his policies are well known to a national parent group so he won't keep his toxic secrets from parents for very long.

Written on Budgets and Jobs at Stake in Fight Over Knox County Schools' Outsourcing Plan:

Soon McIntyre will be outsourcing the teachers to the cheapest vendor. Human capital is such a drag on profit margins.

Some background on the edu-reform privatization movement will help clarify Broad Trained McIntyre's agenda. It aligns perfectly with the billionaire's boys club (Ravitch, 2010).

Written on Privatizing Public Services Doesn't Work:

Excellent post. Thank-you. Public schools are the next frontier for privatizers to raid the public coffers.

Written on Zach Wamp Is Reprehensible:

Ironic that Wamp would question Haslam's ethics as Wamp has his own ethics problems.

Written on Metro Pulse asks Tenn. Pundits to Review 2009 Session:

Correction 1:
"Neal:it’s probably worthwhile to give charter schools, which are run by the public school system"

Charter schools are not 'run' by local school systems. They are publicly funded autonomous schools that operate under a contract with the state. They specify a specific population & curriculum they will serve (e.g., from a particular neighborhood,a specialized curricular focus). They do not comply with IDEA mandates to serve all children in special education & often counsel students with behavior problems to return to public schools. The latest comparative study of charters in 14 states showed students at charters performed no better than students in public schools and one third of the schools performed worse than public school counterparts. They drain funds from public schools and are not the silver bullet or education reform.

Correction 2:
"Marrero: I think the pre-K thing, in particular, was a bad move. Now that’s $25 million we have to come up with every year whether or not the program seems to be successful."

Early childhood education has been researched for many years. Outcomes show it is effective in both immediate gains and in long term outcomes for children across all economic groups. Education is an investment in the future which benefits all of us by developing an educated workforce. The right wing & republicans have been misrepresenting the efficacy of early childhood education for 20 years and should be challenged directly on this claim.

Head scratcher:
Stacey Campfield a stand-out??? Johnson must not rent from Stacey.

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