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Written on How Did Downtown Knoxville Happen?:

Love the fact that downtown continues to live and live well and even prosper. Though, seems like a lot of the folks who created it are no longer there. So, what has happened? Seems that once it was built it survived on its own. The people downtown seem less diverse, though, no matter. To get the people out of the hills and into the city square? That is definitely something no one thought was possible. For all those who are now gone, either through death or business opportunities, they are saluted. They did a great thing.

Written on 'Atlas Shrugged' Bores the Audience Into Submission:

Boredom can be explained with fascinating detail and amusing well thought out challenges to the less than meets the eye and ears movie. Making your points, you save us all a lot of bother, but it would have been really fun to read your review of the movie with a deeper twist of wordplay and artistic challenge. Maybe next time.

Written on Nelda Hill Brings a Love Of Movies And Jazz to Knox County’s Libraries:

God Mike, I think you have just tripled your Cred as a profile writer with this piece. You are bang on and these words are sharper than a digital photograph. Thanks for going there!

Written on Carpe Librum Booksellers Set to Close:

With this great attitude, I can see these ladies franchising their ideas to another group that would continue the dream. Surely, those who make Knoxville click can find a group to continue where these ladies have expertly and wonderfully broken ground. In time, surely the book mine will not close for long. A great resource is a terrible thing to lose.

Written on New "Local Food" Deli to Open on Gay Street's 100 Block:

So, now, one will be able to get that "ham and cheese" sandwich that I ordered all those years ago at Harold's when the waitress whispered, "We don't do that here." Seriously, Harold's will always be a part of Knoxville because so much started there. It is only coming around to real live change in recent times. One thing though, will the new deli manager hold his wife's purse in public and make sure his routine is a well-revered one? Fresh sustainable food is great. Surely, the coffee will be an improvement. No more smuggling other kinds of coffee in. Those who did this will remember who they were. Many blessings are in the timbers of that there place of all faiths and even with a few non-believers.

Written on Lack of Brains, Not Brawn, Hurts Angelina Jolie Thriller 'Salt':

Dang there isn't going to be enough salt for your dinner if you keep throwing it over your shoulder like that. Wow. The worst thing is to have expectations and the best thing is to have standards. Seems you are well-equipped and at your ever-living best in this saturated attack on a movie that has lost all savor for some. No worries here, but when I read "stipulating..." I almost stopped. Would have missed the juice for the fuss. Next time just say it!

Written on Henry:

Wow. Taking legal drugs by senior citizens is a perfect example of how difficult the "drug lifestyle" is. The possibility of drug overdose is very high for them with failing abilities and sometimes mixing these doses with a social cocktail (which most of them know should not be consumed.) Drugs as recreation or social escape is just plain dangerous behavior.

It is true though, fear contributed to death of this young man. He may have lived but in a very reduced state, possibly his whole life. Where did the insight come that put him on a path to seek such a way of life and with such ill serving companions?

Tolerance isn't going to prevent further sadness. What would help is that the community find a way to let all its youth know that they are open to finding ways to HELP them. This would include law enforcement outreach, judicial review of laws, and a proactive medical community fostering such beneficial outreach. The time to sleep and bury the shortcomings of a whole society by ignoring work is to be done is just shallow misguided thinking by a fearful people. Wake up community. The life you save could be your own, and also the life that could contribute greatness to your world.

Written on Facebook Reconsidered:

If FB wasn't around, surely there would be more posts to cyberspace news blogs. And, what happens when people thank people for the lovely bottle of wine you brought to their dinner party that other friends read who were not invited? Talk about awkward.

Relationship complicated? Post that and truly there is fire under the kettle. And, people meeting you for the first time say, "You look familiar... way familiar. Yes. I have seen you on Facebook."

If you like genuine surprises and mystery? Facebook is definitely not to made a steady diet of.

Update that picture already!

Written on Says Knoxville's No Fun:

Unfortunately, is already non-print media. It would be nice to see it go the way of Newsweek. Ranking when there are so many cities and so much time becomes nothing more than a keyboard jacking session. Now, when it comes to fun we all know that it is the stuff that cannot be printed that would certainly skew results. One thing that is certain, all the best clothes at the mall are always available at third mark-down due to a certain conservative hold. You know those clothes that make you look like a money-spending liberal? God bless Knoxville for its ways.

Written on Robert Loest, 1943-2010:

Thanks Jack for writing a telling portrait of a man who was Robert Loest. Best of all is that Robert in his contradictions and complex communications was consistent in one important quality: Vitality. He had enough vitality to fill Neyland Stadium just by standing there alone, which would never happen in Knoxville. Robert always attracted a crowd, even naysayers. Who knows why a person chooses absolutism in their later years? One thing for sure Robert was truly catholic with a small c, ie "universal" and inclusive. It was a source of his skill and his success in life and, yeah, "afterwards."

Written on The Eyes of a Stranger :

One of the best things about Knoxville are its surprises. Love the fact that
creative people keep up the relationship that keeps on giving. Life is beautiful.

Written on Harold Shersky, 1919-2008:

My father visiting from New York asked Harold directly, "What part of Brooklyn
are you from?" Harold smiled broadly and truly a veteran to the question said,
"Oh, I was born here." I will never forget the twinkle in his eye. Harold made
pride a virtue. I am glad that I got those four years of daily breakfasts at
Harold's and the weekends of yes breakfast and lunch. And, of course, you
didn't need a cell phone or an appointment book. All best laid plans happened
as natural as breathing at Harold's. An era truly marked with inspirational
memories created by two amazing people: Harold and Addie.

Written on Building-Project Enforcement:

Jack you just gave Bail Money new meaning, here. Truly, teeth must be put into
the governing of development. Bravo.

Written on What Now, Gregg White?:

Guess, the oft quoted "Always Leave The Party When You Are Having A
Goodtime" has application here with GW. The best news is that some folks do
what they do best: Launch. If it weren't for the creative and risk-taking efforts of
such folks, nothing would see the light of day. Kudos to those who are keeping
the lights on and the standards high. Wish someone had saved Harold's.
Maybe, Greg can be the indirect godfather of its recreation. There is always

Written on Cupcake Mania:

My recent foray into a week of Knoxville life ended with a brief late night visit
to Magpies as they are moving their store. Upon leaving, a worker gifts me a
box of a dozen red velvet cupcakes with buttercreme icing. Riches! Walking
(didn't rent a car) from downtown to Glenwood, I was tempted to walk into
the XYZ bar with my cupcakes and my downtown wine store bottle of Spanish
red. The noise and the humidity daunted me, so I went to my friend's home.
There, excellent host and hostess, eating the fantastic little red wonders with
white caps, the husband says, "This almost makes up for you breaking the
cold water faucet in the shower this morning." Only in Knoxville folks, can
you kill them with cupcakes! Bravo Magpies.

Written on Tinah Utsman:

Children become young adults and then become participating citizens, if not
early. Tinah's boost to their journey will only become more fruitful for all of us.
Good news, and what is so great is that there is photographic evidence. Kudos!

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