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Written on Sunspot:

in response to Petey:

They always try to get you to sit at the community table. Awful atmosphere. The new place is extremely loud. Cannot hear anything anyone says. No longer patronize. Great the cook is happy but what about your customers?

Ditto, Petey. I hate the community table, too. I had always seen the Sunspot as a place to meet friends. No longer, because the soundproofing is nil, and I cannot visit with friends because I can't hear a word they say. Haven't been back since my first visit to the new digs.

Written on Mean Girls Burn Mississippi While Miss Skeeter Drives Herself in 'The Help':

Cari Wade Gervin is correct that the movie is as much about class as about race. What Cari Wade does not seem to realize is that many of those "rundown, ramshackle houses that the maids live in, those houses that convey poverty in 1962 Jackson" are lived in by whites as much as by blacks. THAT's the reality of Mississippi.

Written on Recalling TVA's Nuclear Missteps:

Didn't Germany recently make the decision to build no more nuclear facilities? European countries have depended upon nuclear power for years--yet, Germany has made this decision. What do they know that we do not?

Written on Sex-Education Battles Calm Down Locally But Heat Up Statewide :

I can hear it now in the state legislature:
Do you now or have you ever been influenced by information provided by Planned Parenthood? Do you now or have you ever practiced sexuality as described by Planned Parenthood?

Written on Marble City Brewing Company Stalled by Trademark Lawsuit:

Marble Brewery beer will be gone quickly if no one buys its beer. Sounds like a plan to me.

Written on TVA for Sale?:

And if TVA is auctioned off, who gets the debt it incurred over those moth-balled nuclear facilities it commissioned? Those of us in the Tennessee Valley, of course! So, we'd get higher electrical rates PLUS the payoff of that debt--with no power company to help generate revenues. Not a good deal for us.

Written on What, Me Worry? :

Doll, you need to get out more. Join a group of some sort. Wasn't it Margaret Meade who said: "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."? You've got the thoughtful part down; now get out and begin taking control. If you're worrying about the next thing you can DO, you won't have time to worry about the things you haven't done.

Oh, yeah. And stop having coffee with bubbleheads.

Written on The Tree-Hugging Republicans of East Tennessee:

Don't forget that EPA came to exist under a Republican administration--Nixon's.

Written on Painful Lessons We Learned in 2009:

For years I thought Yuengling was a Chinese beer.

Written on Usury, Payday Loan and Rent-To-Own Laws Needed to Protect Poor:

Whew, Frank. I guess you don't intend ever to borrow money--and you must already own your furniture. Good thing, although I'd guess there are hit men looking for you now.

What makes you think THIS or any other legislature would take your suggestions? You're starting to sound like a softy, commie liberal. The last thing the Tennessee legislature will do is look after its residents, unless it's themselves or family and friends. As a native Tennessean, I'm beyond amazement over how our legislature does not look after the "least of these," much less the middle class. I guess the lottery was the one middle class sop--by getting the poor to fund it!

Written on Treble Clef Removal Highlights Void in Art Policy :

So, where do huge treble clefs go when they're no longer wanted?

Written on Exclude Abortion Coverage:

So, uhm, you'd rather see federal tax dollars spent to support children who may not be wanted--by WIC funding, free lunches at schools, special education courses, or long-term residential and treatment facilities for children whose health is so precarious and time-consuming that only 24/7 care will do? Or maybe a life sentence in the local penitentiary? If the pregnant woman in her wisdom knows she cannot care for a child, who are we to override that decision?

Until the anti-choice crowd steps up with adoption papers and nine-month support for birthmothers in hand--for EVERY fetus that may be aborted--don't even make this argument. It's federal dollars spent now or later.

Written on The Tea Party:

The Republican party will not be reinvigorated by repopulating it with "true conservatives." Just as the Democratic party was not reinvigorated by fringe issues and interests, either. Americans tend toward the middle, neither too conservative nor too liberal. They want a government that is fair and represents all Americans, that keeps BOTH state and federal governments out of their personal decisions and homes at as little cost as possible. They do not want a government that benefits just Congress, rich, fat-cat friends and their businesses, the mighty military and what middle-of-the-roaders consider extreme intrusions into their personal lives and pocketbooks.

Written on Adopting: Overseas to Tennessee:

Meanwhile, adoptions of special needs and older Tennessee children languish. These children should have a chance at a "forever family," too. Given that so many birth children reside in one-parent homes, why should adoptable children be treated any differently? Are we looking out for our children or our political prejudices?

Written on Recycling Centers Reward Local Recyclers:

Sounds like a good program to me. Having served on the Knox Area Solid Waste Board for some years, I heard many discussions of how can we get more people to divert recyclables from the landfill. Interesting how a win-win may lead us to do what we know we should do. Kudos to Waste Connections for coming up with such a solution. I'll be interested in hearing the statistics in months to come.

Written on Un-Sweet on Tea:

You gotta learn how to order unsweet tea over those raspy electronic communication devices. You say:

"An UN-(pause) sweet tea, please. No sugar. With Sweet and Low and lemon."

You still have to verify that it's not sweet when you accept it, but it's cut down the rate of sweet tea mistakes by 90 percent for me.

Written on Age Appropriate:


Are you confusing "caring for small children" with "having small children"? As a first-time mother at 40, let me tell you, older and wiser didn't do it. I understood then why we're biologically programmed to have kids in our 20s. Energy. Energy I had at 20 was halved by my 40s--and it was tough keeping up with my endlessly energetic kids.

Piper's got it right. Stamina, creativity, precision thinking on your feet is what's required to "care" for children. Motherhood and grandmotherhood are no slouch jobs. To do it right requires stamina at a minimum.

Written on So Long, White Lily:

I'm already mourning the loss of White Lily. I'd send bags to Knoxville ex-pats at Christmas. It's been the only flour I've used for years.

Written on Too Few Answers:

I have to agree with you and Number9--I reject both unless the election commission decides to split each amendment for a separate vote. For the conspiracy theorists, lumping together items that we know EVERYONE wants (like no nepotism) with shrinking the size of the commission (which is not desired by everyone) will put many in a quandry with what appears is a hope that the lesser desired amendments will pass on the shirttails of those everyone wants.

Written on Uppity Women:

You tell 'em, Frank. I'm sure you're prepared for the readers who will not detect where you've placed your tongue and will excoriate you for your bigotry.

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