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Written on How Did the Idea For a Cultural Center at World’s Fair Park Become So Focused on Just the Clarence Brown Theatre? :

The Smithsonian as a model?
Grandiose, but only to us left behind in the reality-based community while the Chosen Ones are ascending to Heaven by way of Nantucket.

The Kingdom men of the Cornerstone Foundation have been called to transform Knoxville according to visions sent by God. Paying taxes to mow an empty lawn on the World's Fair site is no way to glorify the King.

God's servant-leaders have captured the metropolitan Knoxville mountain of business. From that stronghold they're conquering the other "mountains" of secular society--just like God explained to Loren Cunningham 1975. (Loren's parachurch, Youth With a Mission, held the deed on the infamous "C Street" house.)

The secrecy, lack of public input, and contempt for democratic process? Servant-leaders, as Governor Bill Haslam is demonstrating in Nashville, can only accomplish God's miracles for Him by radically altering the relationship between the "spheres" of business and government. The Christian business mafia ( "C Street" founder Doug Coe's term) are all great guys-- and generous, haven't you heard? Why slow down their righteous work with superfluous processes and regulations devised by secularists to restrain sinners?

Written on Haslam a Moderate? Changes in Education, Privatizing—Moderation Tag Doesn't Fit:

Let's assume that Bill Haslam really is the most decent and sincere man who has ever sat in the governor's chair.
Let's assume we haven't heard of HR Comp or Tim Gobble or Vitol--that this legitimized cronyism is bringing a better class of contractor and employees into state government under our saintly servant-leader.
What happens when the next Sundquist or Blanton comes along and finds that so many restrictions on influence peddling, patronage, and crony contracting have been loosened?

Written on UT Athletics: Out of Control:

Hamilton endorsed Kiffin's "all publicity is good publicity" philosophy,never condemning his infantile antics. Hamilton failed to point out that the NCAA Manual had been amended so that multiple Secondary Violations by a coaching staff within a year can be considered Major Violations.
One clarification: Although the Compliance staff does report to the Athletics Director, the NCAA holds presidents of its member institutions responsible for institutional control.
Noting in addition to UTK's NCAA woes that UT Chattanooga just went on major probation, the UT Board should require its next president to frequently and proactively oversee intercollegiate athletics at all UT campuses.

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