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Written on Can the Stagnating Knoxville Center Mall Be Saved? :

Drop the nonsensical "Knoxville Center" moniker and get back to basics. East Towne Mall was a thriving location that was allowed to whither-on-the-vine.

Very few people ever admit to WANTING to shop in the retched cesspool of West Knoxville but there really are few other options these days.

I don't believe the Mall experience is dead. I believe developers (and their elected co-conspirators/representatives) have merely discovered another opportunity to siphon-off taxpayer dollars to fund further urban sprawl (Turkey Creek, Mountain Grove, Sam Walton Way at 441, et al) and this expansionism is only going to end up creating more big-box vacancies in the long-term.

I believe we need to a total reversal of our current taxation policy. Developments contributing to urban sprawl should face higher taxation to DISCOURAGE such destructive endeavors while existing urban economic zones should be rewarded with lower tax burdens for maintaining/upgrading developed areas.

Written on Second Annual Outdoor KnoxFest Kicks Off a New Season of Outdoor Recreation:

Ah... another Legacy Parks Foundation P.R. piece!

The campaign to sell South Knoxville as some sort of "Urban Wilderness" would be belly-laugh material if it wasn't merely another pawn in this deadly game certain individuals and special interest groups are playing solely to block the completion of the James White Parkway.

FYI - There are at least 4 disc golf courses in Knoxville. I've enjoyed time on 3 of them.

Furthermore, that "joy of your Frisbee past" statement merely demonstrates that you didn't do your homework on disc golf at all!

Written on SouthFest Aims to Give South Knoxville a Boost:

While traveling through the SouthFest area this afternoon I could not help but notice that City of Knoxville employees were blocking off lanes of Chapman Highway to provide additional space along the roadway for vendors and other SouthFest-related activities.

I find all of this to be very curious since both Mayors (Burchett & Rogero) recently expressed their opposition to the completion of the James White Parkway and appear determined to force thousands of vehicles using Chapman Highway solely as a THOROUGHFARE to remain on that corridor for years to come.

I dare say that if the Henley Bridge WAS actually in-service at this time the traffic jam which would have resulted from those lane closures/restrictions would have been E-P-I-C!

Completion of the James White Parkway will reduce the number of vehicles using Chapman Highway solely as a THROUGHFARE by half OR MORE and allow us to implement the Cumberland Avenue Streetscape “road diet” on this side of town.

I hope SouthFest reminds the City & County Administrations that South Knoxville’s Chapman Highway (like Cumberland Avenue) has the potential to become a true destination. Completing the James White Parkway is a BIG first-step towards unlocking that potential.

Written on Letter: Tear it Down!:

Greg Manter:

So… the James White Parkway “is a barrier to the potential growth of downtown”? You clearly know nothing about the area of which you speak.

But, it looks like I can count you in that group of individuals that expects traffic from South Knoxville/Knox County to GO AROUND because you don’t like having the burden of our traffic!

Thank you for providing another example of the let-them-eat-cake approach to South Knoxville’s traffic problems!

David Howard

Written on Letter: Regretful Adventures:

Michael Kaplan:

TDOT did its job: it offered 3 solutions and 1 no-build option. Should the no-build option be selected I’m sure they will put those 40-year-old plans back into storage while continuing to affix bandages to the Chapman Highway corridor.

I merely challenged our elected representatives (and anyone else) who opposed the completion of the Parkway to offer their own solutions to this decades-old problem. To date I’ve not heard, nor has anyone offered, a reasonable alternative to completion of the Parkway.

Cheerfully encouraging TDOT “to showcase its creativity and engineering skills by taking on the continuing problem of how to modernize and improve our existing transportation infrastructure” is NOT a solution. TDOT has stated, repeatedly, that it is virtually impossible to improve Chapman Highway due to costs and logistical constraints.

The mere fact that a bike club managed to rally their members to a public hearing does not constitute “considerable public opposition”, but you are free to believe as you wish.

I believe the growing populations along the Knox/Sevier County line that must rely on Chapman Highway almost daily far outnumber those that oppose this project and I believe they are making the BIGGER investment in South Knoxville/Knox County.

David Howard

Written on Letter: Highway Challenges:

Terry Lee Caruthers:

I wrote that “recent letter” and you are incorrect. You were not “alluded to”. I quoted the U.T. math professor. Feel free to re-read my letter.

Oh, and my home is ON Moody Avenue (a matter of public record) so I could, if that were my desire, profit MOST from NOT finishing the Parkway. Your assertion that the “most vocal proponents” expected to make a sizeable profit is false.

I agree that irresponsible drivers are part of the problem along the Chapman Highway corridor but you have merely identified part of the problem. You wholly ignore the FACT that Chapman Highway is already at or exceeding design capacity.

I believe completion of the Parkway is only one part of the solution. Once the Parkway is completed Chapman Highway can be put on the same “road diet” planned for Cumberland Avenue!

Imagine that! Bike lanes from Downtown to John Sevier Highway sharing the road with 1/3 of the current traffic volume, lower speed limits and turn lanes the entire length.

Where is YOUR solution to fix Chapman Highway?

David Howard

Written on The Battle Over the James White Parkway Extension Heats Up:

in response to smokieshiker:

I'm glad to finally see an accurate representation of the meeting and its attendees. Watching local tv news coverage of the event, especially WATE coverage, you would think that there was no opposition. I was particularly shocked by the fact they interviewed two road proponents and showcased two speeches by the same. That is irresponsible journalism. This road is a bad idea on every level. I hope our Governor steps up to the plate for his hometown.

I am one of those "road proponents" WATE interviewed and I will gladly debate your "bad idea" OPINION.

I suffered through 3 hours of AMBC speakers who offered mountains of irrelevant rhetoric while ignoring the facts.

Feel free to defend your position. Just keep in mind... while you are trying to protect a "park" which was created solely to stop the James White Parkway - PEOPLE ARE DYING.

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