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Written on A Fan-Based Uprising Brought 'Xenoblade: Chronicles' to America—Was It Worth It?:

Shows how much you know, guy who registered two months ago to post one comment about a video game review - I don't even have a liberal arts diploma. So, you know, checkmate.

Written on Roll Play: Knoxville's Adult Board Gamers:

CthulHu. Two H's. /nerd

Written on Why Sony's Ongoing Network Problems Matter to You:

This is, of course, assuming that the good people at the Beyond3D forums, et al - on which the refutations I'm seeing re: the Sony/Apache claims are based - were able to and in fact did check the Apache versions on every Sony server that communicates with the PS3.

So far, I'm seeing one link to one Google cache of one server running Apache 2.2.17. A few purported logs are also floating around showing the same information side-by-side with several servers running 2.2.11, from 2008 (logs, unfortunately, can be easily spoofed, so little help there). At most, the Google cache which seems to be the current source cited as proof for refutation shows that one of Sony's servers was up to date.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the author of the Bitmob post which cites the Beyond3D forumer's research which turned up one server running 2.2.17 is himself a member of those same forums and has been since 2005. He makes no secret of this fact, but this nonetheless leads to the possibility of confirmation bias through community solidarity, especially since his post history there re: the Sony breaches has been fairly solidly pro-Sony.

Ain't internet journalism fun, kids?

Written on Persecution vs. Prosecution:

"Wonder how long it'll be before this article starts attracting former knoxnews commenters who can't stand that site now that their new color schemes are unreadably emo."

ANSWER: Looks like never!

Written on Persecution vs. Prosecution:

Yep, those would be the ones I remember plus a few more.

Amazingly enough given my Kernell fetish, I don't remember seeing the one you just mentioned before now. When I get a chance, I'll go hit up the relevant .govs and brush up on how illegal that is. I distinctly remember an Alaskan Sunshine Law which should come into play here. (Hell, I'm pretty sure I blogged about it at one point.)

Wonder how long it'll be before this article starts attracting former knoxnews commenters who can't stand that site now that their new color schemes are unreadably emo.

Written on Persecution vs. Prosecution:

The screencaps I found way back when consisted of what appeared to be a page from /b/, a couple of family photos, and an address list or two. Don't know what else is floating out there or what wasn't leaked (obviously).

I do know that an Alaska Superior Court judge did order that account and a few others to be preserved pending investigation (October 2008), so there's that.

Written on Persecution vs. Prosecution:

"Kernell was initally charged with a misdemeanor. It was an appropriate charge."

As I recall, Kernell was initially charged with two redundant misdemeanors which were wrapped up in a neat little package by USDoJ into one felony charge.

That charge was later revised in a superseding indictment, possibly because the infinite loop created by the aforementioned redundancies threatened to bluescreen the prosecution's case.

I'd throw some links in here for further perusal, but MP's comments code seems to return garbage when I try.

Written on Knoxville Tourism Info Kiosks Fall Short:

I went downtown a few weeks ago to do an impromptu review of these things for the blog. I found two. One had been shut down due to electrical repairs, and the other had a huddled mass of homeless doing...things to it.

So that review never happened.

Written on Be Wary of Higher-Ed Restructuring:

"Academicians" is my new favorite word.

Written on Notes From the Furnace:

My neighbor put a hole in his wall and installed a window-mounted AC in it...two feet away from an existing window. I'd ask him why, but he comes off as one of those "Get off my lawn!" types.

I don't understand it. Aside from actually having to put the effort into knocking an AC-shaped hole in the wall, if the one you're using breaks and can't be repaired, you either have to find another one with the exact same dimensions or modify your hole to fit a new one. And then there's insulating it for the winter months to worry about, and the possible problem of your hole being in an area of wall which can't support the AC's weight...

Okay, now I'm just rambling.

Written on Notes From the Furnace:

...wait, window units. DAMNIT.

Written on Notes From the Furnace:

Hey, that was just a quick segue into the meat of the matter. I just wanted to help the pup out, but apparently you'd rather him die of a heat stroke, unloved and alone, miles and miles away from home, while unused wall units gather dust in...wherever the hell that thing is.

Written on Notes From the Furnace:

You know, they sell window-mounted AC units for as much as you probably spent at that motel.

Hell, I'm pretty sure I have a spare lying around here somewhere.

Written on Cyberspace Hero:

Your mom's a flame war.

Written on Cyberspace Hero:

This from a guy whose artistic style hasn't changed since his days doodling for the Beacon.

Oh, yeah. I went there.

Written on Cyberspace Hero:

I wish I liked Dr. Horrible more than I did. It's something that by all metrics I really *should* be into - a quirky piece about a hapless mad scientist with a penchant for show tunes and supervillainy, starring Neil Patrick Harris (of all people) and released to the internet (before, of course, the inevitable DVD mini-omnibus).

Problem is, A) hapless, singing mad scientists have been done before, and B) it has that Whedonian lack of an edge which causes my militant apathy to flare up. Whedon has this talent for taking premises which in any other situation would have me throwing goats and churning out product which just doesn't do it for me. Everything I've ever seen Whedon's name attached to has this bland, mediocre sheen to it, an aura of not pushing this far enough, of not doing enough with that, of getting by with what you're given when something better could have come of it.

Sure, I like what it represents. It's indicative of a more mainstream shift in the medium, which by definition I'm kinda obligated to support, but this particular piece is kinda meh, if you ask me.

And Dr. Steel is a hundred million times more entertaining and has better music and you're wrong and LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU--

Written on College Radio Blues:

For what it's worth, if that's the same Brock Bodell who was doing Assistant Music Director duties when WUTK pulled Best Local Radio back in 2006, he *might* know a little bit about how things run (or, at least, ran).

Of course, for all I know he might be the reason why there's a big "DON'T STEAL THE F@?*ING CDS" sign on the door. It's not like I was there either way.

Written on Double and Nothing:

Seriously, I fell asleep halfway through the oil refinery level. When I woke up, I was doing the walk-into-the-wall thing in a cluster of pipes.

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