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Written on Urban Wilderness Adventurer: Legacy Parks’ Carol Evans Reimagines Knoxville as an Outdoors Wonderland:

Many folks are amazed when they come to South Knoxville for the first time and find themselves in an environment similar to what they would find in the Smokies.
All we need now is a coon hunting revival to help deal with these furry tittle pests.

Written on Celebrity Sitings: Brushes With Fame at Knoxville Restaurants :

Nice article, but do you think that your editorial staff would have caught the two brazen typos in you article?
SITINGS or SIGHTINGS? Which one is it

Written on Square Room Resistance:

It's more of an issue of taste, or lack of.
It sounded like some kid playing a video game. An annoying video game.

Written on Empowerment Zone: EZ Money?:

Why was Vestal only mentioned once in this article? No offense intended, just lamenting the fact that out of all of the neighborhoods involved in EZ, Vestal is the red-headed stepchild of Knoxville. All of our EZ went towards tearing down the defunct service station and cleaning up a creek. To add further insult, the work is to be done not by any individual or business in the area...we just get a little greenspace! If you would investigate further, you may find that some of the money going in to the Ogle and Martin Mill project is possibly left over Bicentennial funds.

Written on Curb Service:

Why don't you write for Adbusters?

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