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Jack Neely replies:

It's been quite a long time since I've researched that subject, but I think it's still my favorite ghost story, from the summer of 1894, when the whole west side of town was alarmed about a strange white beast, as big as a bear, but more doglike in shape. Much of it happened near Major Webb's home on Middlebrook Pike.

My understanding, derived mainly since I wrote that column, is that Major Webb lived at the Middlebrook estate, for which Middlebrook Pike is named. That handsome antebellum house is still there and well preserved, but not open to the public and hard to see, though this time of year you can make it out through the trees. It's off Middlebrook, on the north side, near where the street passes over the highway, maybe three miles from downtown.

The full story's in my 1998 collection, Secret History II, pp. 20-22. It's officially out of print, but last time I was there, Carpe Librum still had some copies.

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-- Coury, ed.

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Spam deleted.

—Coury, ed.

Written on The Lies of Satan:

It's not our policy to reject letters based on whether we personally disagree with
the opinions being expressed.

And censoring such views so that people can pretend they don't exist in our city
isn't much of a policy, either.

I would recommend writing a cogent, thoughtful response for publication. That
would be useful for everyone.

--Coury, ed.

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Comment removed. This is not the place to air personal disputes.

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This is really not the place to hash out personnel issue or rivalries, so I'm closing this discussion.

--Coury, ed.

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We staged it ourselves at Volunteer Landing. Don't you recognize Jack Neely?!

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Kim was indeed mistaken in stating that Fern Lake is private (he made the
assumption based on seeing no-trespassing signs); the sentence has been

However, as to the timeframe for when the tannery started dumping
chemicals into Yellow River, Will Nixon's article in E: The Environmental
Magazine states:

"For decades the tannery used tannin made from the bark of local oak trees,
which sent an occasional black tide flowing downstream but left no lasting
damage. But in 1965, the tannery entered the chemical age, converting to a
'chrome' tanning process that treated the hides with strong acids, and adding
synthetic dyes and eventually more than 400 different chemicals."

—Coury, ed.

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Er, perhaps you don't quite grasp the concept of "Knoxville Googled" -- the
column is a look at what OTHER people are saying about Knoxville, typically
from out of state. We didn't write this particular note -- it was posted by
"unintendedchoice" at the Letters to Twilight blog (as indicated), which is a site
devoted to Twilight fandom.

-Coury, ed.

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Deleted spam.

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Recipe fixed! Thanks for the tip.

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"They watched it for about 45 seconds, long enough so that the alert mother got off a few photo shots of it with her cell-phone camera."

Written on Tragedy and Tribute:

Stephanie's column appears once a month; her new column will be in next week's issue. I've previously asked her if she'd like to write more frequently, but she says she lacks the time.

--Coury, ed.

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What accurate, thoughtful information that is not controlled by advertisers do
you feel we are not providing?

Written on Burchett’s Choice:

Corrected, with a note from Frank:

The column should have said the vote was a secret ballot in Nashville, rather
than being a meeting in Knoxville which some legislators wanted. It was not
closed, the results were reported. Numerous press reports at the time said the
SENATE committee was closed and was reopened by Chairman Bill Ketron to
accommodate the bill.

Written on Knoxville's Own Demolition Derby:

This story certainly turned out to be a disappointment for everyone involved,
as we actually thought it would go over well. Obviously, we delivered a big
miscue in the players' eyes, and I certainly apologize for that. It was not our
intent to piss off the subjects of our cover spread.

What the text was trying to accomplish here was to convey the flavor of the
event, reflecting the imagery in the photos. Was it exaggerated and over the
top? Yes. And we thought this was in the same spirit as how the derby often
projects itself to audiences at games. When you have players with character
names like Lady Pain, Killer Bo Peep, or Madame Mayhem—and with the team
name of "Hard Knox" itself—it does not exactly conjure a warm and fuzzy
public image. Throw in some face paint, wild outfits, and (yes) shouted
threats, and you have aggressive, physical entertainment that's also
somewhat tongue in cheek.

The intro that Charles wrote attempted to play off that, written in a style not
unlike a carnival barker trying to lure in ticket buyers. I think this comes
across on the printed page better than it does online, but it obviously flopped
with the players, which is a downer for all of us.

This was not intended to be a reported story looking into the entire derby
lifestyle (which Metro Pulse has done in the past), but rather just a screenshot
of the spectacle. This resulted in a narrow view of the sport, and I can
understand now why this has upset so many players.

I assure you that future stories will provide a much more balanced view.

--Coury, ed.

Written on Chipping Away at Democrats' Leadership:


When Doug Horne was chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party, he moved the
headquarters into a building he owns near the state capitol. The party got the
space for the amount paid in a previous, less desirable, location. The space is
not rent-free as misstated in an Ear to the Ground. Rent-free would be an
illegal corporate contribution. The party pays $3,766 a month for the space.
Horne gave the party a contribution of $10,000 last quarter.

Written on Knoxville Council Races Start:

Corrected -- thanks.

Coury, ed.

Written on Ear to the Ground: Job Bank:

The names listed in the "RINO Hunters" item were taken from a founding
document prepared by the group itself. It now appears that this was more of a
"wish list" on their part, so I have removed Reps. Kelsey and Dunn from the
story, and reworded that particular sentence.

Coury Turczyn, ed.

Written on The Uncommon Community:

I confess to changing the Elwood P. Dowd quote. I checked it against the version
on, and changed it figuring that'd be the correct one. Michael has
since assured me he copied his version straight from the DVD, so I have now
reinstituted the original, not quite grammatically correct quote.

Apologies to all Elwood fans,

Coury, ed.

Written on I Will Remember You:

This comments area is intended as a forum for opinions about the article -- if
you have personal disputes with family members, this is not an appropriate
space for them. I will delete any comments that include personal accusations or
disagreements with family members; those are best discussed between
yourselves, not on our website.

--Coury Turczyn, editor

Written on Douglas Benton:

The caption is now corrected -- apologies for the typo and any confusion it
might have caused.

I must note that at this point, the comments on this story are turning into spam.
If any further messages about what's for sale or what's been sold at the store
are added, I will close out the comments section on the story.

Coury, ed.

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Ahem. Just to make sure everyone is clear, that is NOT the real Mayor Ragsdale
posting here. Thank you.

Coury, ed.

Written on Chandler's Deli:

It doesn't -- the wrong blurb was pasted in; new blurb inserted from our Best of
Knoxville 2008 issue.

--Coury, ed.

Written on Abandoning the School Business?:

Whoops. Added missing byline.

--CT, ed.

Written on College Radio Blues:

At this point, the comments are getting way off-topic and are more about
individual disputes. I will turn off the comments if this continues.

--Coury, ed.

Written on College Radio Blues:

I agree with this criticism -- the story should have included students from the
station, and that was one of my comments to Mike on his first draft.
Unfortunately, he just didn't have time to do additional interviewing before we
went to press -- one of the realities of weekly deadlines. Nevertheless, I think
the final draft did a good job of conveying the overall issues facing the station.

-- Coury, ed.

Written on Fort IGA:

We certainly regret the mistaken reference to Hindi, as John should have been
able to tell the difference between the two languages. But no "attack" or
criticism was intended by his noting what he thought was playing on the TV
set; he was simply describing what he saw and heard when he was at the
store. John does so with every review to convey the flavor of each place he

This was not an article; it was a review, and as such, the writer is not really
expected to interview the owner beforehand. Other than not liking the prices,
he actually came away with a rather positive take on the place: "This
neighborhood is young and alive and feels that way, and the tiny 18th Street
IGA caters well to it."

Written on Fort IGA:

I corrected the erroneous reference to Hindi-language TV yesterday but forgot
to note it here, which I should have promptly done. We'll run a print correction
next issue.

Written on None:

Corrected -- thanks.

Written on 2.5:

We'll be adding an automated movie-times feed later this year.