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Written on Meet the New Boss: Mayor Madeline Rogero:

"Where in Knoxville has mixed use zoning been a commercial success?"

You been downtown lately?

"When Madeline Rogero tricked former Mayor Haslam into joining ICLEI"

I can't decide if that's more insulting to Haslam or Rogero. Which one were you aiming at?

I've read the ICLEI website. There's no there there. Of course I'm sure you can find all sorts of hysterical rants about it on the web; you can find ANYTHING on the web. Reading conspiracy theory on the web does not constitute research.

Written on Another Obstacle for the Hillside Plan?:

Ownby's not going to vote for this thing in any shape or form, so what he says doesn't make much difference.

Briggs is another story.

But here's the bottom line. This comes up before Council on 11/29. They are going to pass something, period. They want it to go to MPC's 12/8 meeting so it can come back to Council and be passed on final at Council's 12/13 meeting. The reason is simple - that's the last meeting for this Council. The new guys come in on 12/17, and this Council, who sat through all those meetings this summer, want to wrapt this up before they do.

So the ball is pretty much in the County's court. If they want to pass something that agrees with what the City passes - and that was the entire pt of this summer's exercise - then they're out of time.

Monday is it.

Written on Metro Pulse Endorsements Redux: 2011 Elections:

Also, Imagination Library was associated with the Dollywood Foundation, not the Coal Employment Project.

Written on Metro Pulse Endorsements Redux: 2011 Elections:

Hmmm - one problem with your flowchart: it implies Burchett prefers Padgett. I heard yesterday that he has a Rogero sign in his yard.

And yes, I know this is supposed to be humorous. :)

Written on As Chamber's Proposal Dies, Compromise Seems Near on Hillside Plan:

So the Chamber finally figured out a bunch of stuff (everything that relates to guidance versus regulation) that has been there from the beginning because that's the very nature of how the planning/zoning process works.

In spite of plan supporters (and those who understand the process) saying these very things for a solid year, the Chamber just NOW understands?

Srsly? If true, they're incompetent. If not, well, let's just say they're telling a big ole fib.

BTW, leaving out consideration of the Rural Areas in "Plan B" is just one more reason why the Chamber isn't qualifed to do land use planning. It needs to go back to its real mission - not bringing new businesses to Knox County.

Written on Hillside Protection Plan’s Time Has Come:

Well put, Joe. And you got the facts right. See, KNS, it isn't really THAT hard.

Written on Broken-Arm Notes, Part 3:

Jim got the same treatment with his cast (well, not the first one - that went on in Portland and as far as I know no one tried to get him to go with U of O colors). He did trade the initial white one for a black one, saying the white one got to looking really dirty. But he had to wear one for over 2 months; not sure how long you're in for.

Written on Hultquist Could Be Mayoral Election Spoiler:

This is news? Everybody's known this since the day Joe got into the race.

Written on Council Questionnaire: Bill Owen:

No, Bill, you are not the only homeowner in the race. Marshall Stair owns his home. Stop saying this.

Written on Knoxville Elections '11: Metro Pulse's Endorsements:

I could have written that "endorsement" or Marilyn Roddy myself. If I were seeing the pragmatic, moderate, consensus-building Roddy of City Council, supporting her would be easy. But her morphment (is that a word?) into a Tea Partier is either an awfully quick turn around or just plain pandering. Either way, it's a huge turnoff. However, I definitely agree that she is the least of the evils.

Written on A Former Metro Pulse Publisher Reminisces:


Knoxville will always be in your debt for your role in this paper. Hats off to you.

Rachel Craig

Written on In the Running: Meet the Candidates for City Council Seat B:

And BTW, nine, I didn't get paid one penny to work to get Hillside/Ridgetop passed.

Since you're so interested in full disclosure, perhaps you should tell uswho is paying you to get it voted down, and how much.

Written on In the Running: Meet the Candidates for City Council Seat B:

Just to set the record straight, while I AM supporting Marshall Stair, I am NOT "going door to door." Don't do that; no good at it and not enough stamina anyway.

(signed) "The former MPC Commissioner who was the main supporter of the Hillside/Ridgetop Plan."

Written on In the Running: Meet the Candidates for City Council Seat B:

Marshall Stair is indeed "privileged." He will tell you that himself. But "elitist"? I smell sour grapes.

No elitist has the life experiences Marshall has had. Nor does an elitist work his you know what off going door to door every second he can.

Marshall has also attracted the support of a lot of non-"elitists", such folks familiar in neighborhood circles as Bill Pittman, Indya Kincannon, Lauren Rider, Terry Faulkner, Jim Bletner, Jamie Rowe, Ronnie Collins, Lynn Redmon, Mary Thom Adams, Randall DeFord, Steve Cotham, Whitney Stanley, Tammy Sommers, etc. Obviously, these folks don't see Stair as "elitist."

And oh yeah, Marshall's record of community involvement far outweighs Owen's - and he's had a lot less time to compile it.

Written on On Knoxville's Size, and the Undead Prospect of Metro Government:

I live in the City. I used to be a fan of metro govt and voted for it twice. But lately I've been considering the point you make at the end - that what we'd end up with would look much like Knox County govt. And to that I say no thanks.

Written on MPC Lacks South Knox Representation With New Appointment:

You mean the non-story about the "abuse" of flex time by Mark Donaldson would be more interesting to YOU. The folks in south Knoxville are pretty interested in this one.

Written on Don’t Worry, Be Happy:

I agree with absolutely every word of this. Good job.

Written on City Council Elections Still Lacking Candidates:

Hasn't Tierney Bates announced his intention to run for seat B?

Written on Green Jobs vs. Red Tape:

What kind of "review" and/or "hearing"? Held by what body? This piece is annoyingly short on facts.

Written on Knoxville's Task Force Influx:

I would hold up the South Waterfront Oversight Committee as a task force that exceeded expectations. But that was because a) it was part of an extremely well executed public process (by Ann Coulter's group out of Chattanooga), and b) it had the strong support of Mayor Haslam.
Nevertheless, reaching consensus on both a vision plan and a new zoning code for the south waterfront was a major achievment any way you slice it.

Written on An Expert Opinion on the Henley Situation:

Good letter, but nobody's used the terms South Knoxville Blvd. or South Knoxville Bridge in years (especially none of us south Knoxvillians). It's the James White Parkway.

Written on The Virtues of Annoying People:

His name was Bobby and he sold papers every day in the student center when I was at UT. Great guy who pretty much knew everybody.

Written on Pavlis for Short-Time Mayor:

Uh, there's 4 others "running" - Woodhull, Brown, Bailey, Palmer. Why not mention them?

BTW, bet ya anything that if Pavlis gets it long about March or April he'll start telling us how "so many" people want him to run that he's just going to have to break his promise and do so.

Written on Ridgetop Protection Plan Faces Sloppy Opposition:

Yup - and once the "community organizers" complete their "theft" they plan to give the land to homeless people.


Written on How Many Hospitals Can Knoxville Sustain?:

Is anybody supposed to provide health care for south Knoxville? Or is the assumption just that we will have to go north or west to get it?

Written on County Mayor Tim Burchett's First Big Test:

I'm generally sympathetic to the residents, but TDC is correct on the sewage treatment aspect. When Midway was first conceived the idea was to build a sewage treatment plant on the French Broad. That would have been a BAD, BAD idea for several reasons, one of which was that it would open up an area that a lot of people (including MPC - obvious if one reads the East County Sector Plan) want to conserve.

An on-site system that treats only the wastes from the industrial park takes away that particular fear. That's not to say that the project doesn't have other problems.

BTW, I don't see much opportunity for a compromise. East Knox County residents have made it clear they won't accept a business park in any form, and I don't see TDC giving up on the idea.

Written on Marilyn Roddy’s Who’s Who:

Yes, it reads like a who's who of the Knoxville establishment. I'm not sure it's a who's who of Knoxville.

Written on Celebrity Sitings: Brushes With Fame at Knoxville Restaurants :

Umm, my spouse came home and asked if MP was getting any grief about the big misspelling on the cover page. I didn't get the clever either, but I'm happy to know ya'll did it on purpose.

Written on What Does Bill Haslam Want?:

BTW, Baxter may have "tried" to be involved in the south waterfront process, but I attended dozens of public meetings over the 18 monts of the process, and I don't remember seeing him at a single one.

Written on What Does Bill Haslam Want?:

Baxter: “Bill Haslam arranges for the affected parties to get together, holds public hearings, asks for ‘input,'..."

Ooooh, what a devastating critique!

Written on Homeless Plan Complicates Marilyn Roddy's Run for Mayor :

It really doesn't matter how the parks are zoned. The City, weirdly enough, doesn't have to follow its own zoning laws. So... if they decide to place a TYP facility in Lakeshore, that's where it's going, regardless of zoning.

Written on East Knoxville's Cardin’s Drive-In Has Been a Classic For 50 Years:

My aunt Margaret, my uncle Clen, and my first cousins lived in the house next to Cardin's when I was a kid (the house is gone now, replaced by a computer business). "Cardin," as they called Mrs. Cardin, used to babysit my cousins.

Whenever we came up to visit from middle Tennessee we would beg to walk over and get ice cream. Good memories.

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