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Written on The Stacey Chronicles: a Timeline of State Sen. Stacey Campfield's Greatest “Hits” in 10 Long Years of Legislating:

No, Campfield has gotten more legislation than that passed, as mentioned further on, such as the "Merry Christmas" bill and drug-testing for welfare recipients. And he's had many, many more attempts - in the past General Assembly alone, he sponsored 95 bills and co-sponsored another 68 over the two-year period. We did not have space to detail every bill he introduced or the handful he has gotten through under the supermajority, but the Capitol's website does have them all archived:

Written on 2014 Primaries: Board of Education:

All the candidate questionnaires are now up. I'm working on the District 6 & 9 story, but it's going to be a little bit longer. Sorry!

Written on Money Overriding Factor in Choosing Senior Housing Proposal for Knoxville High Building:

FYI, I've posted the RFPs and the evaluation tabulation itself over on our blog:

Written on Money Overriding Factor in Choosing Senior Housing Proposal for Knoxville High Building:

For the record, Clark is not the finance director, just an employee in the finance department. Chris Caldwell is the director. Also, although he represented the city, Whetsel actually lives in 4th & Gill. And Trent lives downtown.

Written on Dismal Turnout Expected for a Primary That Looks Likely to Have Same Candidates on the Ballot in November:

Yes, Randy, thanks for catching that. Must have had Facebook on the brain or something.

Written on How Did the Idea For a Cultural Center at World’s Fair Park Become So Focused on Just the Clarence Brown Theatre? :

The "massive sewer line" is, in fact a sewer line/viaduct/what-have-you that carries most of the waste for North Knoxville. But, yes, it does also carry Second Creek too.

Written on State ABC Cracks Down on House-Infused Spirits. Can Tennessee's Cocktail Culture Survive?:

That's a good question, but as beer sales are not regulated by the ABC, it's not one I thought to ask. But I'll look into it and follow up with a blog post soon.

Written on Can Downtown Knoxville Sustain its Growth With New Construction?:

Downtown is actually zoned for Sequoyah Elementary and West High School.

Written on Zipcar Car-Sharing Hitting Knoxville's Streets Early Next Year:

I was told that electric car-sharing is not a feasible option because it's too hard to make sure the car remains charged in between reservations - i.e., if I take the car out to run errands and use up all the battery, then it will take several hours before someone else could use the car. Which wouldn't make car-sharing nearly as convenient. And while the city's not ruling out bike-sharing in the future, they said that at this point there isn't enough of a market for it - it's pretty expensive for users, and there aren't the tourists here like there are in Chattanooga who want to ride bikes down by the river and throughout that city's very flat downtown. However, River City Outfitters does offer bike rental, and UT has a very small bike-sharing pilot program going, so such things are around in a limited form.

Written on Q&A: Fox News Commentator Greg Gutfeld:

I was well aware Mr. Gutfeld was talking about me. I chose not to engage. Were his demeanor had been equally professional.

Written on Letter: Highbrow Fail:

I did my research. I also read the book. And Eugenides is full of it when he says that Leonard isn't based on DFW. It's obvious, if you actually read the book. See this New York magazine article for more:

Written on Metro Pulse Endorsements Redux: 2011 Elections:

Flowchart was meant to imply not much of anything, just to make you laugh.

Written on Close Calls: Notes From a Nail-Bitten Primary Election Night:

Alas, there were not. Sorry to disappoint you.

Written on Close Calls: Notes From a Nail-Bitten Primary Election Night:

Any woman who is due in just a couple of weeks and can still manage to rock 5" heels deserves recognition for it.

Written on In the Running: Meet the Candidates for City Council Seat B:

Don't worry, Mr. Mitchell, we'll have actual-to-god printed endorsements for every race, including the state Senate District 6 Republican primary, in time for early voting.

Written on 'Tomatoland' Explores the Seedy Side of Florida's Tomato Industry:

Our policy is only to review books within a month or two of their release. Tomatoland came out in late June.

Written on Deciphering Coffee Labels:

Thanks for all the info and links, Rodney. I'm sure our readers that care about these issues will appreciate them.

Written on Revenge of the Knoxville (Coffee) Nerds:

Ms. Leslie told me she thought the Sulawesi was from Jamaica, which is why I described it as such. But thanks for the clarification.

Written on Deciphering Coffee Labels:

I appreciate your comment, clarkannae. Had I more space, I would have delved more deeply into the Rainforest Alliance's structure; however, as it was, I felt lucky to be able to keep the few sentences I had.

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