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Written on Streetscape Salvation: Will the City's Plan to Improve Magnolia Avenue Help Jump-Start East Knoxville's Revitalization?:

“The thing that we have to do, though, is look at [the fact that] private development generally follows public infrastructure improvements."

Unfortunately in Knoxville this is not how it works. When a new development goes up anywhere around downtown they get fast track piecemeal infrastructure improvements (Marble Alley, White Lilly) while big transformative projects like Magnolia Ave get studies and revised studies for a decade before ground is broken. I hope the city follows through in the face of TDOT apprehension. Magnolia Avenue is for the people of East Knoxville and we deserve more than a traffic sewer

Written on Redrawing the Lines of Fort Sanders' Neighborhood Conservation Overlay:

What's new? I've lived in Knoxville for 3 years and this seems like the normal pattern. A large institution such as a hospital or UT does exactly what it wants to our city regardless of what the locals want.

Written on What We Lose By Expanding the SEC Out of the Region:

Have you ever been to Oklahoma? To say the culture is the same as ours just because it borders Arkansas is naive, same with Texas.

Distance from Knoxville, TN to College Station, TX = 940 miles

Written on A Busker's Account of the Kind and Friendly People of Knoxville:

We love us some jazz on market square

Written on 6th District State Senate: The Candidates on the Issues:

Massey: “I believe there’s too many regulations in state government. … We should get the parties to sit down together and develop their own guidelines.”

Thank you for that former VP Cheney. Just letting the oil and gas companies write their own regulations sounds like a recipe for disaster since we all know the only thing they really care about

Written on In the Running: Meet the Candidates for City Council Seat B:

I know who I'm voting for in every other upcoming election except this one. I haven't met either of the serious candidates, but would enjoy the opportunity. I've had people I respect recommend Stair and Owen. Their positions don't seem to be very different, but Owen has the most experience. Stair lives downtown, but Owen has a connection to Glenwood Ave, my home street. We shall see which one stands out to the "emerging urbanist/preservationist" crowd and thats who I'll go with. BTW, I'm a fan of the new moniker

Written on MPC Lacks South Knox Representation With New Appointment:

Burchett never ceases to promote bad conservative government policy. To replace an expert on urban planning with a welder from the suburbs while ignoring community development leaders' recommendations is exactly what you would expect from someone that far right wing. Burchett shows no support for the area of Knox County that falls inside Knoxville city limits even though almost half of the county population lives in this jurisdiction.

Burchett is in love with sprawl, and his short sightedness on municipal policy is legendary.

Written on Has the Age of Sprawl Bought the Farm?:

This has been the case all over the country. It was really easy to make money in real estate development for years. Just buy cheap land on the fringe, throw up shoddy spec homes, don't tie in with the existing infrastructure, sell, and forget about it. With peak oil on the horizon natural resource constraints will shift the paradigm of urban development. It is up to our elected officials to stay ahead of the game and begin working now to ensure continued urban prosperity.

Written on Beginnings:

The Standard Knitting Mills building really is an example of beautiful decay. I'd still like to see its use upgraded. The city has plans to connect the greenway in Parkridge to the one in ONK via an extension under I-40. I also love your comment about Parkridge being full of life. It is truly a hidden gem of a neighborhood and I'm happy to hear you are moving in.

yes indeed. I pay taxes and I expect them to go to my neighborhood rather than subsidizing more sprawl out west on roads I will never drive. It also means taking ownership and care of neglected spaces where the current owners have no interest in doing so which is what I think the author is calling for.

Written on Millard Warren and Alcoa Highway’s 'Stranger Than Fiction' Landmark:

A 6 laning project? Hasn't Knoxville already lost enough to ill advised and unnecessary freeway projects?

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