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Written on Moogfest 2014 Recap:

excellent music reportage.

Written on Ted Nugent's Great White Buffalo Tour with Laura Wilde:

indeed, the nuge's too-public display of encroaching dementia is lamentable.

richard bach reminds us to accept wisdom where we find it, and ted's wisest words transcend his frailties along with our own:

when in doubt, whip it out.

Written on Downtown Gallery Shows Off an International Mix of Sculpture, Each Piece No Bigger Than a Shoebox:

Artists should write about art.
This piece delights.

Written on Christopher Hitchens -- 10/27/09 at University of Tennessee University Center:

All good. But why is this illustrated with an artificially-aged image of Benny Smith?

Written on Steady Rains Take Toll on Local Farms:

Emily Gonzalez also offers good-natured post-publication proofreading. She noticed in the print edition that I accidentally used a made-up word instead of cucurbits describing pumpkins and squash. Thanks twice, Emily.

Written on Matt Morelock to Open New Music Store on Gay Street:

If only you would play it in public, Counselor.

Written on Building St. John Neumann Catholic Church:

No offense intended to our architect friends near or far. I simply chose to focus on Knoxvillians. So I did not include HDB/Cram and Ferguson Architects, Boston, MA; Ethan Anthony, AIA, president; Kevin Hogan, project manager; Sarah Kinney, design assistant. Likewise the mosaic and mural artists (Conrad Schmitt Studios of New Berlin, WI), who also contributed to the stained glass (with Willet Hauser Studios of Philadelphia, PA), and the Boston-based sculptor Danielle Kremar.

Thanks for reading Metro Pulse and thanks for your input.

Written on Knoxville Attorneys Fight Bush Doctrine:

For more current and more detailed analysis of the al-Marri case, see

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