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Written on St. John's vs. Downtown: Bad Gardening, or Punk Art? The Demolition of the Walnut Street Buildings:

I do not understand the thinking behind this demolition. In fact, I would doubt that any thinking person could conjure up the idea that this is a good thing. St. John's has made a lot of hay about staying downtown and how they could have left years ago and moved to the suburbs. Frankly, at this point, I wish they had done just that. What good comes from your presence downtown if your presence downtown serves only to destroy downtown?

Written on Megasite Musing: Just Up The Road, Knoxville Could Be In Contention For the Next Auto Plant:

Just pave it all. Sounds like development for the sake of development. Too rocky to farm? What do you think is occupying those thousands of acres right now? Farms. This article is incredibly short sighted.

Written on Letter: Crossword Puzzle Not Good:

Looks like somebody went off their meds again!

Written on Roof Cresting: Architectural Ornaments Connecting Earth and Sky:

Ms. Scott, while I agree with you that it's neat to see little ornaments on buildings, I could not disagree more with your assessment of the two bank towers. Just as the old building you reference reflects the design aesthetics of its time, so do the two towers on Gay Street. Moreover, to say that they ignore the sky is to ignore the fact that they were purposefully designed to be the sky. They reflect the sky and present it to the observer. The nutshell of my comment is that you are comparing apples and oranges. One building was designed in an era when architectural style was emoted through ornamentation. The other two buildings were designed in an era when architectural style was emoted through the function of the design.

Written on Just How Ugly Are Those Two Buildings on Walnut?:

I still cannot believe this is happening in 2011. My taste for St. John's is becoming very, very sour.

Written on How Others See Knoxville:

in response to joetom69:

Who wants to come to Knoxville? Chattanooga has a premier riverfront and aquarium. Knoxville has 3rd Creek Sewage Treatment Facility. Nashville has the Parthenon, Knoxville has a 30 years old empty Sunsphere. Memphis has Beale Street, Knoxville has Magnolia Avenue. What would that billboard look like?

What a ridiculous post. Chattanooga has a lovely sewer stench problem, Knoxville doesn't. Memphis has just been voted the city with the worst crime problem in America. The capital city always gets all of the cool municipal buildings. The Sunsphere isn't empty and each of the cities you mentioned has its own Magnolia Avenue. All cities have issues. We've got a vibrant downtown (that you can actually walk), a gorgeous urban greenspace, and a lifestyle that Nashville and Memphis can't match.

Written on The Case for Saving Two Downtown Buildings:

I cannot believe that in the midst of downtown revitalization and a burgeoning interest in historical preservation in Knoxville, the Episcopal church would even dream of doing something like this. Why do they need to destroy another bit of what is left of Knoxville's history? What cause could be so great as to justify this incredible loss? Does anybody remember what happened when Home Federal was allowed to tear down the Sprankle building. We got another surface parking lot. Please, rally the community and let's stop this madness.

Written on 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot': The Pop Rox:

Having seen the Pop Rox on three different occasions, I could not disagree with knoxgirl more. "one of the most vulgar groups I've ever seen". Seriously? How exactly? They cover pop songs word for word. There's no filler talk in between.
As far as "egoless" goes, there are bands that do what they want, and there are bands that do what the crowd wants to hear. The Pop Rox are the latter.

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