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Written on The Stacey Chronicles: a Timeline of State Sen. Stacey Campfield's Greatest “Hits” in 10 Long Years of Legislating:

I'm not undecided anymore. I'm pulling the lever for Stacey Campfield.

Written on Opponents to Tennova's Middlebrook Hospital Plans Continue Waging an Emotional Battle:

in response to rockyrocky:

St. Mary's is not a facility that was built in the 1930's as Tennova keeps saying. (Along with saying it's an 83 year old facility.) Parts of it are that old, but six of the eleven buildings date from the 1970's, 80's and 90's. That's from the Certificate of Need application filed when Tennova predecessor Mercy Health sought to build the new hospital in Powell. That same application showed a renovation plan that showed the old buildings demolished, a new tower and a new general services building. That argument was used then to justify a new hospital. Now it's being abandoned along with the neighborhood around St Mary's. The old and decrepit claim is just spin used to justify their planned move.

The traffic study Tennova did was only for Middlebrook Pike, the minimum required by state law. No study was done of the surrounding streets, and it apparently won't be done prior to the final council vote on rezoning. It defies common sense to vote to rezone for a hospital to be built without a thorough traffic study. Tennova doesn't want to pay for it. They say they are waiting for the city to kick in some funds.

You can't separate the zoning vote from the hospital use. It's like saying that waving a white towel in the air during a battle is simply drying your laundry. It has an obvious significance. The sole reason Council voted on rezoning is because Tennova requested it to build their hospital.

Finally, Tennova doesn't even need the rezoning. The current Agriculture-1 permits a hospital and the Accessory Use section of the Municipal Code allows medical office buildings (the reason Tennova gives for the new zoning). They want the zoning so they can tell the state board that grants Certificates of Need that the city supports their plan because they rezoned as requested. Also, as a hedge to build medical offices or to simple increase the land value if they fail to get their Certificate of Need.

Council passed the first vote 5-3. They have a chance to redeem themselves and serve the city's best interests at the second vote Oct. 1.

"St. Mary's" no longer exists. If you would like to gain a smidgen of respect, you should at least know the name of the hospital you are discussing.

The same goes for Paige Huntoon too.

Written on Opponents to Tennova's Middlebrook Hospital Plans Continue Waging an Emotional Battle:

The correct name of the hospital is "Physicians Regional". The name "St. Mary's" belongs to Catholic Health Partners, which sold the hospital to HMA. A correction and apology should be forthcoming.

Written on Democrats Get a Head Start, for Once, With a Star-Studded Fund-Raiser for Gloria Johnson:

I wonder if Johnny Majors thinks the racial and ethnic minorities that have found a political home in the tea party are racists too. It is sad to read about a living legend making such an ignorant and hateful comment.

Written on A Miserable Index: Knoxville Hospitals Under-Reimbursed for Medicare Costs at $50 Million per Year:

If you are interested in the reason behind the lousy reimbursement rates, look into sell of Covenant Health's Cariten to Humana.

Written on Hope and Change: If You Lower Expectations, You Can be Optimistic About the Coming Football Season:

in response to BayardDonahoo:

Tennesseans don't like to spend money on anything that smacks of government, because government never does anything efficiently. Unfortunately, UT is a government school.

Could this urge to slash governmental spending be what is behind our reluctance to furnish the big bucks for a big name coach?

Will "Go Vols ! " eventually be "No Vols !" ?

Government spends not one cent on the Vols.

I think the big time boosters would have gotten out the check book for a big name coach. Fortunately for the Vols, we ended up with the right guy and the right time. Recruiting in the SEC was the biggest question mark for Butch Jones. The commitment list speaks for itself. I have seen a lot of 6-6 predictions. I think they will do a tad better than that. GO VOLS!

Written on TDOT Unveils a Modified Plan to Extend the James White Parkway, But No One’s Buying the Compromise :

This road has been pondered long enough. If it does not connect at John Sevier or further south, what would be be point of building the thoroughfare?

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