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Written on Who Won? Liquor Stores in the Short Run, Groceries in Long Run, Consumers Never.:

Good lord! Wine is sold in grocery stores almost everywhere except here. The prices, from my recollection are about the same. If you don't like the price offered at the grocery, then don't buy it there. But, we are joining the rest of the country by offering it for sale along with grocery items.

Written on Soul Mates: Bridging the Distance:

wow, just wow, Stephanie. This is a beautiful essay. I always enjoy reading your column, but this one is especially poignant.

Written on Exploring the Wonder House:

It is my understanding that the Wonder House was an ongoing building project undertaken by the elder Mr. Wilson (since deceased)when he fell ill with dementia. The building project gave him something to do and kept him occupied.

Written on Broken-Arm Notes, Part 2:

Jack, I hope you feel better soon, too. And, you will. I pretty much pay a big cable bill to watch HGTV in high definition. It is about the only channel I watch except the Ted Turner old movies channel. The rest of the channels, I agree, offer mostly junk around the clock.

Written on Suburban Abandonment:

in response to Tess:

My previous comment was for Edens.

" I the only one who took a certain sadistic pleasure in the week-before-last’s Ear to the Ground blurb reporting the rumor that “four to five West Knox County developers may not survive” the current housing slump?"


There are many businesses that will not survive the current housing slump, but I don't see how that can cause anyone pleasure.

Written on Suburban Abandonment:

My previous comment was for Edens.

Written on Some Further Notes on the Parson, and a Kitchen's Closing:

I am very sorry to hear that the Market Square Kitchen has closed. I am one of those who preferred to eat there over the newer, more trendy places. I hope that Mr. Ghodrat will find another suitable place and reopen the restaurant.

Written on Don’t Worry, Be Happy:

If a yellow dog is somebody with basic morals than we need more Ned Ray's.

State workers are getting screwed. No raises in forever. There are things that the state needs to have done by the rank and file. Like keeping on keeping on the basic processes that keep us a civil society.

It is not a good thing to treat state workers like beat mules in the farm field while the bosses get raises.

Written on Boomtown Confidential :

Wow! That same thing happens at nursing homes, M. I know from my friends.

Written on Investigating the Drugs-Related Death of Henry Granju:

in response to hihosteverino:

Yeah, JJ, tell the "little lady" to shut up and tend to the homefires. How charmingly Southern of you! I hope "Ms. Katie" sues everyone from the alleged dealer and the sheriff's department all the way up to the pharma that made these addictive pills. Oh yeah, it's time for East Tennessee officials to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Bunch of pot-bellied, undereducated rubes...

I don't know if the Sheriff has a pot belly or not, but he is not "under-educated." He has a master's degree in criminal justice from the University of Tennessee and was formerly a narcotics investigator.

Written on The Virtues of Annoying People:

in response to Michael:

Thanks for the correction, guys. I couldn't remember, exactly, and asked around. Not an easy thing to research.

He was actually of normal intelligence, though due to his illness (I think cerebral palsy) which impaired his speech and body movements some people thought he was not. If you had time for him to tell you a story, he knew plenty of good ones.

Written on The Virtues of Annoying People:

His name was Bobby.

Written on Janis Joplin, the Rolling Stones, and Knoxville:

I attended the Joplin concert and am glad that I did.

Written on A Humorous(?) Look at What Distinguishes Knoxville :

oh,oh,oh... those bullets are true and good. :)

Written on The Future Is Almost Now: Predictions for 2010:

I have an idea for MetroPulse. Try to encompass the whole metropolitan area in your reporting. Just for funsies I looked up the definition for Metro and got this:

met·ro·pol·i·tan (mtr-pl-tn)adj.
a. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a major city: crowded metropolitan streets; a metropolitan newspaper.

b. Of or constituting a large city or urbanized area, including adjacent suburbs and towns:

I would suggest that MetroPulse in twenty-ten drop the downtown attitude and work on including the b. part of the Metro definition. This is free from me to you in the spirit of the New Year!

Written on Let TVA Pay Damages:

You are spot on, Rikki. I hope TVA reads your article and will really agree to do the right thing, which you have outlined very well.

Written on Our Favorite Depression:

Calm down. Those of us who still live a stone's throw from the city have plenty of wild game, a patch to plant and the lake where fish can be harvested.

We just need to remember to network.

Written on Stand by Me:

Wow, Rose! Beautifully written. Thank you.

Written on Welcome Home:

You're hired! Nobody can argue with "Welcome Home".

Written on Sex-Store Survey:

I approve of this article. I don't have the nerve to visit these fine establishments (might run into somebody from church) but still want to know what's what or is it "what's that?"

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