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Written on Hope and Change: If You Lower Expectations, You Can be Optimistic About the Coming Football Season:

Historically, a big name coach is not a predictor of success. We have that to hold on to.

Written on Does Downtown Knoxville Really Have a Parking Problem?:

That website is worthless. You can see all the lots, etc., but you have to click and go to another page to find out the lot is monthly only, then when you go back, you are defaulted again and have to browse to where you want to go and click and... Worthless.

Written on State ABC Cracks Down on House-Infused Spirits. Can Tennessee's Cocktail Culture Survive?:

This just needs legal clarity. An infused liquor is still being used for the purpose of making a drink to be consumed immediately, not resold as a bottle of infused booze. That should be perfectly clear and not a cause for action. These laws are meant to keep us out of the booze resale business, not the cocktail making business.

There may be some issues with how things are being done. Is it sanitary. But that is why we infuse liquor and not water to begin with. It prevents mold growth. Sugar syrup is the other medium for this and often the infusions are mixed with sugar syrup, and often then refrigerated.

Someone needs to make this clear and stop this foolishness.

Written on The Elusive Specialty: Of Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheese, and Biscuits:

The Pig Burger is ours. Created by Brother Jack and carried on by Dixson's and now available to restaurants through food services. It should be made our city signature sandwich with the proper Brother Jack's sauce. It is sold by Geno's foods.

Written on Downtown Business Owners Question Rossini Festival's Move to Henley Street :

It will lose its charm. It will dwindle and die and no one will think to move it back. From beautiful downtown street to what is essentially a parking lot?

If it gets too big, people will just not come. And, there is a lot more of downtown that could be incorporated.

Even back in the SNOTT days a great deal of the charm was turning the corner to a different band playing.

That's like moving Neyland Stadium because it messes up business for The Strip. Surely it would be better if that stadium was out in the county somewhere.

Written on KNOX PUNX: Part Four:

I always thought Horace was a some drunk homeless guy off the street. He'd come to shows totally wasted and get mixed in with the mosh pit and be on the floor being trampled. He'd flop around the room and bumble his way on stage. Beyond John was a more mellow group and experimental so they let him shout and slur in the mic. It was not singing.

Written on Broadway Viaduct Construction Project Displaces Local Businesses:

And no one has yet thought to LOWER the tracks instead of raising the bridge? I think it is a lot easier to dig out some dirt!

Written on 226*: Our 3rd Annual Awesome Issue of Mighty Lists:

Black Flag did not play in the parking lot, but inside Vic N Bills, with no stage and of course, the deli was open for sandwich orders.

Written on Knoxville’s Most Intimate Connection to the Titanic:

Are we to assume he was found dead or alive?

Written on The Stories Behind a Couple of Recent Demolitions in Bearden:

See images of the former Tourist Court here: Anyone know where the sign went?

Written on Just How Ugly Are Those Two Buildings on Walnut?:

Seems it would be in the city's best interest to keep them and the revenue they generate. If the church does not want to pay taxes on them, they can sell them and the renovations will mean business and commerce in the city, and the new residents will pay the taxes in perpetuity and shop and spend money downtown for decades to come... Or, tear them down and put in parking that generates very little income now, and none in the future. How hard is that decision for the city?

Written on The Too-Logical Result of Our Property-Rights Totems:

in response to JPZiller:

There is already a park nearby that commemorates Farragut. What is the significance of an engraved rock bought by a private organization and dedicated by a man who many in Knox County, when asked, would not know or would confuse with the creator of the library cataloging system? If this one rock really matters, get together and make another marker, put it in the county park, and let the inscription give the exact location of the Admiral's birthplace relative to the rock's position. Or just lie and say that the new position is the birthplace.

Reminds me of the guy who had the ax George Washington used to chop down that Cherry tree. The handle was worn, so he replaced it, and the head was rusty so he replaced that too. But it is the ax GW used!

Written on Broken-Arm Notes, Part 2:

It's a high-brow farce, this anti-TV thing. Go to the bookstore and see how many of those you would sooner toss in the trash than read. All media and entertainment is chock full of stuff of poor quality and weak. But most has its gems. As does TV. But, if you look for junk, you'll find it.

Written on Investigating the Drugs-Related Death of Henry Granju:

I read Katie's story a long time ago and this was not an over-dose as I recall. His head was bashed in. He was on drugs when it happened and it seems his addiction made his death a non-issue to police. From what I know this story is mis-leading. What she is really trying to get investigated is who clubbed him in the head, not who sold him drugs, though they may be the same.

Written on Fix Henley Street :

"Knoxville’s attitude toward everything TDOT wants to do, then and now, is to lie still and try to enjoy it."

Great line Jack!

Written on What’s Knoxville’s Oldest Restaurant?:

How long has Lema's Soul Food been around out East?

It isn't just about community support, it is about one generation taking over from another. Regas is in fact closing because no one in that family wanted to take the reins, and selling it to another person was not something they wanted to do.

I have been to Memphis and tried their barbeque champions. I'll take Dixson's any day myself.

* Memphis: 1 offense for every 55 people
* Nashville: 1 offense for every 88 people
* Knoxville: 1 offense for every 95 people
* Chattanooga: 1 offense for every 96 people

* Includes murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault

Written on Obamaphobia: What's Really Behind It?:

Conservatives are the most vocal. Obama is centerist if not liberal. That just gets conservatives goat. There is a strong feeling among conservatives that the real America is also conservative. They OWN America. They have been told by their leaders that G-d is on their side and they will always be on top. That is not true. And it stings.

I think it has a lot to do with race. I heard it from many people who I never considered to be racist that: "Obama won't survive his term." They felt sure he would be assassinated. Because he was black. If those words came out of the mouths of people I never considered racist, I am sure the many I know who are clearly racist (hey, this is the South) are waiting with baited breath for the end of this Presidency.

It's unfortunate. Obama has accomplished an overhaul of healthcare that many powerful people have tried to do for decades. It should be something to be incredibly proud of. I don't think he'd get credit in many circles even if unemployment was 4% and home values were all back to normal.

It's just how people were raised.

Written on All You Can Eat, Pray, Love:

Too bad the St. Oliver is closed and no one will be staying in it to feel closer to the author. Seems a normal sort of thing to happen in Knoxville I guess.

Written on Wanda Jackson with Heath Haynes and the High Dollars:

Wanda Jackson at a Hip-Hop dance club? How does this happen? And on the same night as SCOTS which I already had tickets for! I think this is likely her first visit to Knoxville. I HATE to miss it.

Written on Knoxville Modernism and Architect Bruce McCarty:

DumbOldLocal: Go out to Alcoa Hwy and see the Clayton I-House. That is a Modern design made right now. Maybe it is in the eye of the beholder, but I think it is beautiful and elegant. If you are the brick and shutters type, it may seem ugly to you. That's just a value judgement.

So, Modern is not dead. The "open floor plan" that is so in style now is the essence of the Modern designed home.

I know the A&A building was designed for students and professors. I don't think Modern is function over form. I'd say it is just less "grotesque" and just simply elegant and minimal.

Written on Metro Pulse Bartender Awards:

Speak easy friend.

Written on Is UT's Rock Really an Icon?:

I've always been a fan of the gargoyles on Ayres Hall...

The Rock has lost it's punch now though. Where it was you saw it very easily as you circled looking to park or whatever. It's new locale means the Tri-Delts scrawlings will be seen by even fewer people. Oh well. It faces Frat Row now and thats' who used it.

If there is anything non-football iconic about UT, for students, it has to be The Hill. We all trudged up it. It is a quiet place. Nice older buildings up there. It's the real campus feel to UT. The rest is sort of sprawling and lacks character in any positive way.

Written on Dewhirst Pushes for Underground Knoxville Development:

I still lament that there was no vision when they built the parking structure near Market Square. Had they left it open on the building side, those retail spaces would have had parking at their entrances and the alley could have been converted to cafe tables and real use instead of an ugly concrete wall. Glad someone is forcing a vision on this construction project.

Written on Building-Project Enforcement:

The lots on State are the worst. Ther were condos there. They tore it all down to build a JAIL downtown. One they did not need... Wasted money. And then when the city took over all of Market Square. Lot of developers wanted to do 1st floor retail and upper story residences. The city said no. We must wait until we spend several hundred thousand dollars to study this. Years later, the city said they should do 1st floor retail and upper floors residence... Year of productivity and hundreds of thousands spent on nothing and more lost on tax revenue...

Written on Trends and Knoxville:

Knoxville Bike Collective... Not a Co-op

Written on None:

First time Wayne has played Knoxville in years! Come out and make him feel welcome. He is on the road all the time, so I hope this is the first of many trips to see us.

Written on Gay Bashing By Local Teens:

A straight power group is about as okay as a white power group. You can't define yourself as one of these things without also being negative to another.

Written on Continuity:

Maybe OCI? If they were here a few months ago, the Tap Room. Gus' Good Times Deli? The Carousel II? What about the market over in Fort Sanders on 12th? There's much more sadness in Fort Sanders for those wh recall how it looked in 1980. Giant Victorian mansion and mansion turned into parking lots or crappy apartments. Copper Cellar?

Written on Dixson Bar-B-Q:

The only place you can get a pigburger like Brother Jack's used to make. Fantastic ribs and beans, etc. It's ALL great! They set the standard and their prices are really good. And save room for Miss Alma's cake!

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