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Written on MPC Drafts an Ordinance to Create Building Design Guidelines in Certain Areas:

It's not Central Ave. It is Central Street.

Written on One of a Kind: Knoxville's Last Rare-Books Store Prepares to Close:

The building's exterior is "cold and uninviting"? Ouch, that hurts.

Anyway, I hope John has years of success ahead as he is undoubtedly a talented and dedicated bookscout.

Written on Looking Back on 20 years of Urban Renewal in Knoxville :

Thanks Matt. Your support was a notable factor in our progress.


Written on Matt Morelock to Open New Music Store on Gay Street:

Morelock says. “But I want it to be a weird place. I want it to be a place where musicians can hang out and downtown lawyers can come in and buy a guitar.”

That is hilarious, Matt. Hang the right one on the wall and I'll take it!

Written on Knoxville Outdoors Guide:

Tell me something about the great photo on the cover. I've looked everywhere in the paper for a credit or something. What's the story on that enormous canoe?

Thanks, SC

Written on MagPies Cakes:

New location, same great cakes and service:

846 N Central St - just 8 blocks North. One block North of the intersection of Broadway and Central.

Same number 865-673-0471

Written on Bad Signs for Downtown:

Central STREET!

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