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Written on The Stacey Chronicles: a Timeline of State Sen. Stacey Campfield's Greatest “Hits” in 10 Long Years of Legislating:

So in 10 years, Stacey has managed to get only two "minor bills" passed through both houses in his entire legislative career. Out of more than 50 attempts. This ought to tell even his supporters that he is at best, an extremely ineffective representative of his district. No need to get into the "at worst."

Written on Rikki Hall: An Original Mind:

Great piece, but, let's get this straight--Zevon died from mesothelioma. It's a form of lung cancer.

Written on An All-Star Lineup Jams for Rikki Hall :

OK, now: mesothelioma is a type of lung cancer triggered by asbestos exposure.

Written on The James White Parkway Extension Is Back From the Dead. Again.:

Nice 1950s thinkin' there, TDOT.

Written on Two Local Eateries in Transition:

Rentfro still has the harmonica he claims Dylan dropped in the snow that night. It smells funny.

Written on Three Historic Houses Threatened by UT Expansion Plans :

Bravo, Jack. The hypocrisy of UT's lip-service to "heritage" and simultaneous devotion to endless, Orwellian construction projects must be exposed.

Written on The Scarred Ground: Searching for the Remnants of Knoxville’s Civil War Forts:

Good work on a vital project, Jack. Why didn't you holler and take me with y'all that day? (PS. I think Poe got a headstart on some of the fortifications by improving on the engineering work done for the Confederates during their tenure here by their engineer, Gen Danville Leadbetter, more famous for being "a Yankee in gray" than for his skills at siting defensive works.)

Written on Smaller School-Budget Increase Passes County Commission Without New Taxes:

Jeff Ownby chewed gum for two hours "straight?" James Dobson and Focus on the Family just ordered a case of whatever flavor that must be. FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION!

Written on Corndogs Rossini:

Don't give up on the Barber of Seville. How about a locally inspired remake: "The Jeff Barber of Sevierville?"

Written on Satan’s Business:

Jack: FYI--Sonja usually shows up to sweeten the vocal end with bluesy fills, call-and-response and more when the Apocalypso Quartet performs. Next shows are the May Day Blue Plate Special and May 12 at the Speakeasy (with Sonja's occasional OCEV collaborator Ben Maney sitting in on piano, which may be conducive to her doing a couple of whole songs).

Written on The Revenge of Jim Dykes, Newspaperman:

Ah, goddammit, Dykes. And then you had to go and die before I could get back out there and try to avoid drinking bourbon with you.

Written on Phil Pollard, 1967-2011:

Jack, I'm glad you did this. If y'all had asked, this would have been one time I couldn't have risen to the challenge.

Written on The Too-Logical Result of Our Property-Rights Totems:

Bravo. Abso-freakin'-lutely Bravo. This may be your most politically incisive column ever. And thank you for "waving the bloody shirt" in the faces of those who wave it all the time without knowing what it means.

Written on Why I’m Learning To Type With My Left Hand:

See what happens when you don't take the bus, Jack? (You know I love you, right, so I can say things like that?)

Written on 20Fest: Celebrating 20 Years of Metro Pulse and 20 Years of Local Music:

Jeez, Jack. That's a terrific writeup. Thanks!

Written on Quartjar with Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet:

"end of the World Beat" ... nice!

Written on Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet:

Thanks, Cari. (Nate "I Just Got Back from New York City" Barrett is threatening to show up and make it a full quartet.) Bob and I will be previewing the "Bob? Really? Did You HAVE to Do That?" part of the show on WUTK earlier in the afternoon with Benny Smith.

Written on 'Atlas Shrugged' Bores the Audience Into Submission:

I still say this should have been called "Throw Everybody's Mama from the Train."

Written on Sex-Education Battles Calm Down Locally But Heat Up Statewide :

I had naughty dreams last night. Should I turn myself in to the Opus Dei crowd?

Written on Will County Commission Defer to Developers on the Hillside Protection Plan? :

Whaddya bet those old guys complaining about restriction of development are also sitting on the porch with their bourbon every evening wondering what happened to the America they remember? Never seeing that they are the ones who destroyed it?

Written on [img/photos/2010/08/04/2031_poster_plan-it.gif]:

OK, I'm here. What do I click, exactly, to sign up for the Daily Plan-it? Leaving a comment or clicking the "like" function seem to be the only actions I can take here.

Written on So Long, Hector Qirko:

Who's gonna browbeat me about Brasil's futebol prowess this Copa Mundial?
Adeus, meu velho amigo.

(Yes, I know. I'll be seein' ya around one way or the other.)

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