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Written on Kiffin Needs Adult Supervision:

I have an idea next issue why don't you degrade your top ad sponsor,then in a few issues your paper will be destroyed, and you can look at your out of work co-workers and say but I was right! Also how many pride members did you talk to,or did you ask Slive if he hates Kiffin,maybe ask another coach what he thought of Kiffin how bout Johnny M.? Oh wait this is just a reckless opinion, apology next issue is what I'm saying.We probably should have hired Bobby Johnson so UT would suck and no one would go downtown on game days and spend money and pickup the Metropulse.

Written on The Lane Kiffin Dossier :

I'm generally not superstitious but this makes a lot of
since,I'm thinking 3rd play of the 3rd game Tebow sprains his
ankle,and UT starts 3-0.

Written on Tweets From The Front By Eric Berry:

This should been the front page.

Written on FREE PARKING! (sort of):

wow if you went to Wal-Mart and the front doors were wide open
and not a soul was around, could you go on a shopping
spree.Most businesses try and make as much money as possible
or whats the point,if you don't like certain businesses you
shop somewhere else.Another subject could they put a satellite
impound lot downtown somewhere like a 12 hour ,then take the
car to the big house.The cars could be in the Gay street
stockade in public ashamed of their crime.

Written on Knoxville’s All-Natural Farmers:

interesting subject and the writing is superb,it must be the farmer in me.

Written on Daniel Kimbro: First-time performer at Grand Ole Opry :

Great article I'm a Daniel fan,wheres the pics,more
photo's.Idea noticed video on MP this week how bout it, some
local snipits of local artist,live interview,street talk live?
or recorded,video rollerderby,metrotube?

Written on Market Square Farmers Market Ranks High:

love loafing around farmers market on sat. morn,not much into
veggies,more of carnivore,the do brow player is great,be fun
to have a livestock auction down their.

Written on Hens in the City:

The city would go for it if thier was some kind of fee or tax per chicken involved,what if egg producers ban the sale of eggs in knox co. due to sales slump,could we produce enough for Shoney's breakfast bar?

Written on Say Goodbye to Reading:

The sidebar didn't load earlier,I don't think my browser and
your web page get along.

Written on Say Goodbye to Reading:

My bad.

Written on J.R. Shute: Co-director, Conservation Fisheries, Inc. :

Oh boy I love a good fish story,are they like snail darters
and such,do you ever fudge a bit on how many you hatched.Great
article where do you find such interesting subjects No
MJ,Kaboom,Titans,do what you do best kudos.

Written on Marcus Parcus: Knoxville's Own Pop Artist:

Like your writing style to the point,favorite was Bean the
crank caller,MP should put u on full time,seems like you do
your homework kudos.

Written on Say Goodbye to Reading:

Did you use cause WTF.

Written on City Officials Consider Ideas for Slowing Down Kingston Pike:

If you persist,I say 25mph put median in so its just like
Cherokee Blvd. then speeders can use Southerland (where the
high school is) and crash over thier where it won't inconvenience anyone.That stretch really is dangerous to
narrow and to many driveways.

Written on Preserving Knoxville's Fort Kid:

Hey you cut the article off like a Franz Kafka novel,nice

Written on Sequoyah Hills Residents Seek Lower Speed Limit:

How can you purchase a home on a four lane highway and complain about the noise, if they just built the road I'd be sympathatic,Kingston Pike used to be the only road west to Kingston thankfuly 40 was built.People have passed me going way over the limit and turned right on Scenic or Cherokee dr. people should use thier idol time to better the city and not further pamper themselves.KPD is already overwhelmed 1200 tickets on memorial day alone.Drivers ed. in tn. schools is a start.

Written on Horstman Hears a Who:

Great article,I've always enjoyed Lisa's art and Rose K.s writing you guy's should team up

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