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Written on Cormac McCarthy’s Screenplay for 'The Counselor' Might Have Been a Good Novel, But It Makes for a Lousy Movie:

Many a nicely-turned phrase in this brief review. "[M]ore than one character walks around with a figurative 'cut my head off' sign taped to his back" is especially good. One wants to suggest the cobbler should stick to his last, but maybe McCarthy will grow into his new role. Other Knoxville writers have.

Your reviews are becoming one of my favorite parts of Metro Pulse.

Written on East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame Recognizes Horror/Fantasy Giant Karl Edward Wager:

I'd meant to say "a lone voice—regardless of the passion, conviction, authority and INTELLIGENCE with which it resonates …"

Written on East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame Recognizes Horror/Fantasy Giant Karl Edward Wager:

I fear perhaps I give myself too much credit for making this happen; it has been a group effort with many people chipping in, most notably Trish Adams, a human whirlwind of community endeavor. In addition to those named, credit must also be given to Jason Boardman, the taverner of the Pilot Light, Alex and Damien, owners of Organized Play, Christian Lange and the other personnel of Blackgrass, Bernadette and Scott West of Preservation Pub, Sarah Rowan of Visit Knoxville and many another.

Written on FUN FACT: Pigburger originator Brother Jack's was also known as "Nasty Jack's":

It was Bro Jack’s secret sauce that made it special, just like pretty much everything else in his shop, including plain white bread. The sauce was available, at least until recently, at Food City.

Written on British Union Drama 'Made in Dagenham' Strikes a Timely Chord:

Thanks for calling this film to my attention, and with wit and style, albeit, perhaps, an arcane wit. “Ford execs and their union cronies are played by actors who could have wandered into Dagenham or London via some cursed Lovecraftian hamlet.” Do most of your readers know the word “Lovecraftian?” If so, I’m surprised and delighted. But then, Metro Pulse readers are a literate lot.

Perhaps current events will win large numbers of viewers for this movie. After all, _Les Miserables_ has now contributed a battle anthem for the latest upsurge in the struggle for workers’ rights, perhaps newly endearing musicals to American blue collar workers.

Written on Jenn Fishman, English professor and co-coordinator of

Okay, how about old theses? Some, I’m sure, were very carefully crafted and it seems a shame that they should all, within a few years, be lost to posterity.

Written on Halloween Fiction: Harvest:

I just KNEW this sort of thing was going on there! Thanks for the exposé. Well

Written on Determined to be Downtown North:

Good point, Deekaybee. Rosie is painting Schuh as a crusading champion of
urban grace and charm instead of as a money-grubbing developer trying to
maximize his profits whatever the consequences to others and regardless of
what is best for the city.

As to prostitution... I haven’t seen any signs of it. That does seem to be a
good area to meet girls, though.

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