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Written on The Reed Family's Alien Nightmare:

in response to Thomas_Reed:


Let’s address a few things: 1st (Hard sell?) Who’s selling? Facts are facts, evidence is evidence, confirmation is confirmation, polygraphs are polygraphs and video and magnetic fields speak for themselves. As did the official reports and witness’s.

2nd: (Fluff?) Fluff will not work here, official reports reflect merit.

3rd (Hopefully expect?) I ask then that you do your homework before you make more of a fool of yourself.

4th (So little tangible proof?) This account has more tangible and official proof then 90% out there. I share the letters, the facts, and the reports. If you have an issue, perhaps you ought to contact the Officer, the Polygraph Center, and those that manufactured the Geiger Counter and Compass, take your concerns up with them. As that is what I do, I share the findings, the letters, the reports, as well as convey what happened, the best I can. (the phone numbers for the test centers are on the reports, and posted on my web-page)

5th (Top of heads from stairs?) I have not once said such a thing... “Hummm”

6th (Brain States?) Sure let’s look at that, 4 people all wide awake, and trace evidence, (yes Gary trace evidence) Video of Anomalies, Discussed at the UN, and verified by Law Enforcement. (Proclaimed@?) - and to you this sounds like fluff? It is now I that question your state of mind, certainly as to why you would go out of your way to write what you did. Unless it’s as simple as your need to twist words and make foolish states implying fluff and brain states when the visual and physical traces of radiation were witnessed and recorded. Also anyone that would broadcast that I cited seeing their heads go down the stairs, is first a liar. What I have said, I looked down the stairs and wondered why we were not going down them. With that, it’s obvious you have an agenda, and that has me saying. “Amusing”

I wish you the best in your efforts as the facts; tangibles and reports as well as I, are here to stay.



For whatever reason, I went through a phase when I was in college where I periodically experienced sleep paralysis. From that experience it is clear to me that the naysayers' sleep paralysis explanation for what you have gone through is patently absurd. It seems that those who merely seek to debunk a story without giving it due consideration often throw out random "explanations" for selective fragments of the experience without ever attempting to explain the entirety of what occurred.

As for sleep paralysis, in my experience I never felt anything remotely resembling an abduction experience. I knew all along where I was (in my bed) and was aware that I was attempting to wake up. I just felt like I had to struggle to move and "snap out of" my sleep state, but it was always clear what was happening and where I was. There is no comparison between sleep paralysis and the experience you describe.

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