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Written on Architectural Density: New Suburbanism is Undermining Downtown:

Damn, I wish I'd said that. I've tried, but that was perfectly put.

Written on The Walnut Street Dilemma: Property Rights vs. Historic Preservation:

Please sign the petition to let St. John's know that you do not support this demolition:

Written on Looking Back on 20 years of Urban Renewal in Knoxville :

This is a great overview of downtown redevelopment. I appreciate all the work that was done by the many people mentioned here. I enjoyed downtown to a degree in the 80's and 90's, coming to shows at the Bijou, Tennessee and Ella Guru's, especially. The Spaghetti Warehouse was a fun place to take our young daughter and to meet other friends and there were a good many kid-friendly events in the World's Fair Park and on Market Square even during the lean years. Pow Wows and International festivals come to mind. Around 1990 our daughter took acting lessons downtown and an art class in the Candy Factory. In the last ten years it became the place my wife and I, along with friends, would always wind up when we wanted to go to an interesting place. Finally, it just made sense to move there and we've loved it for the last year and a half. I can never say enough to thank the people who made all that possible. Anyone interested in reading about the kinds of things that happen downtown these days, you might want to check out my blog devoted specifically to that at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo.... In the meantime, maybe it's time for some of you to consider joining the rest of us downtown. It really is a great place to live - thanks to so many who took the risks for years.

Written on Marianne Faithfull Records R.B. Morris' "That's How Every Empire Falls" for New Album:

When R.B. and Marshall Chapman played at the Laurel theater, he mentioned that John Prine is about his only notable cover. I talked about what a shame it is that R.B. doesn't have many covers after writing so many excellent songs - and mentioned particularly "Empire" and "City," which are just about perfect songs. I subsequently have written about his performance at Waynestock and I'll soon be posting about his most recent book of poetry, "Keeping the Bees Employed." If you'd like to read any of these posts or other writing about downtown Knoxville, you might go to my blog at

Written on Taking Stock of WayneStock:

It was an amazing event. There are so many parts of the experience that were amazing, it's hard to say one was the most incredible: That Knoxville has this much talent; That they would work together rather than competeing; that they would give up a prime night of work for a benefit; that a music critic could become such a part of the local music community. Then, of course, there was the music, itself. If you'd like to see pictures and read narratives of each night, you might check out my blog at

Written on Fix Henley Street :

I wrote in my blog about this earlier this week at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo.... George's video is also on my site, if you want to watch it there. Surely we have the political will to make this happen. I live downtown and while I haven't heard of commuting disasters since it has closed I have recognized what a difference the absence of traffic makes when crossing to Fort Sanders or UT. This seems like something we simply must do.

Written on Revenge of the Knoxville (Coffee) Nerds:

This is a very good article on a subject I care about. I'm a million miles from the snob end of the spectrum, but I do like good coffee. I remember when I moved to Knoxville in 1982 from Gainesville, Florida and was shocked to realize there was no place to find a good cup of coffee. Gainesville had at least one great coffee house at the time and we missed it dearly. I'm thankful for Java and the other coffee houses mentioned in this article and I wish I was as optimistic about the future of restaurant coffee. I wrote about my favorite downtown coffee early this fall at http://stuckinsideofknoxville.blogspo...

Written on Regas, 1919-2010:

Thank you, Jack, for a great re-living of the Regas story. Like many Knoxvillians, I have memories of special times at the restaurant that go back nearly thirty years. Like many Knoxvillians I haven't patronized it as much in recent years. I live downtown, so it wouldn't be so far, but it is a good walk from downtown and, unfortunately for their business, one must walk past a large number of other options for dining.

Written on 'The Amplifier' Hits Knoxville's Streets:

I saw these guys last Friday night and I wish I had slowed down enough to realize what was going on. I declined and they were all very nice in accepting that response. I've read one of the issues from Nashville and it was quite good. I do wonder how big a market we have downtown. I walked around on Friday night for about an hour and was asked four or five times if I wanted to buy a copy. I'll certainly try to support this because of all the potential good it might do. It is difficult to know, always, how to respond to approaches from homeless people. I write a blog about downtown and spent quite a bit of time recently on the topic of panhandling (which I don't see this as being). If you'd like to check it out, you'll find the blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo.... The first blog in that series is called "How Does it Feel."

Written on Obamaphobia: What's Really Behind It?:

in response to PeterIL:

I am from Chicago and my knowledge of the South is somewhat limited, but could it be that southerners are seeing northern urban liberalism up close for the first time? In Chicago we see the elements of it regularly and are used to it: the tyrannical power of public employee unions and the inability of anyone to prevent them from looting the public, the inefficiency and waste of govt bureaucracies--hire as many people as you can and pay them as much as possible, the inability to stop spending and the determination to never, ever, allow public payrolls to be cut. I am sure southern sts have their little pol machines and cliques, but the sheer breadth, scale and viciousness of northern urban liberals, when it comes to protecting and expanding the ranks of those who feed at the public trough, must be a breathtaking sight for those who live in states with modest public establishments. Thrown in the fact that Obama is a 'post-American' liberal uncomfortable with American power, military and otherwise, and I am not sure how the more conservative regions of America could have a reaction that is anything other than very, very negative. Finally, there is the fact that this guy got elected as a moderate and he has governed as the most liberal president in American history.

Obama was elected as a liberal and has governed as a scared moderate. We should only be so blessed in this country to ever elect a true liberal. I don't think it will ever happen in my lifetime.

Written on Obamaphobia: What's Really Behind It?:

I really love your writing. I really can't argue that some of what you write in this article. I'm sure there is truth in it. Sadly, I have to disagree with the basic premise. I do think it is race. The map you refer to of white voters was too striking for me to believe otherwise. Also, I've heard too much from relatives and acquaintances in Alabama about the guns and ammunition they are hoarding and the comtempt with which they view him - often for reasons that are not true (citizenship, death panels) to see anything but cold, hard racism. I hope you are completely right and I am completely wrong.

Written on Market Square’s Landmark Peter Kern Building Slated For Major Renovations:

I'm glad to see this property in the hands of someone who will love it and I hope the hotel can continue to be successful downtown. It is a fun and funky place to pass by with the dogs barking in the window and interesting people of all sorts coming and going. I wonder if there might not be some way to have it open onto Market Square, though that would likely mean the end to the Market Square Kitchen.

Written on Requiem for J's Mega Mart:

J's is as interesting a retail store as I've ever walked into. I've only lived downtown a year and had never gone into it until a couple of months ago. We certainly won't be able to get some of those things for now, if they move out. A good hardware store would be a great addition that would cover some of the items but, of course, that will have to wait unit we get an adequate supply of beauty schools up and running. Still, J's did seem like a business that wasn't likely to stick around as downtown changes. I wonder just what the market for downtown wigs has been in recent years. I wrote a piece on it in my blog this summer and linked a YouTube video that shows the store (in a humorous light connected with the P-card scandal). You can read the piece at http://stuckinsideofknoxville.blogspo....

Written on There's a Mural Going Up on the Side of the Fireproof Storage Building:

This sounds like a nice addition to the Old City area. I love urban murals and it sounds like this one should be great. I understand the concern about graffiti, but this comes close on the heels of the loss of the Graffiti Wall (see story at http://stuckinsideofknoxville.blogspo...) on Wall Avenue and I do wish there was a place that street artists could display their work. I write about life in the city and I will try to get some pictures of this mural and follow it as it develops. If you are interested in watching for that or reading about life in the city, you might check out http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo....

Written on The Dirty Guv'nahs Charge Ahead With "Youth Is in Our Blood":

This is an excellent snap-shot of where the band is, today. I've seen them seven times, starting with early Barley's shows and they have grown tremendously. Friday night at the Bijou should be great. One small question about the article: the first Album was over 43 minutes, is that an EP? Still, it's a minor point and the newer material is definitely much more polished, though I liked it all from the beginning. I have pictures of their Sundown appearance at http://stuckinsideofknoxville.blogspo.... I hope to have a review of the concert and (if allowed) some pictures of the Friday concert within the next few days. In the meantime, if you want to read about downtown living, including downtown music, you might want to check out the blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo....

Written on Green Ways and Highways:

It would be great if they would take a little walk to Henly Street and discuss what might be done to connect UT/Fort Sanders to downtown in a way that makes sense. With the bridge closing virtually shutting down that section of the road for the next three years, it certainly would be a good thing for someone to pay attention to.

Written on The Dirty Guv'nahs with The Black Cadillacs:

This promises to be a great show. The description of the band, above, is spot-on. They've really taken the music to a new level with the addition of Cozmo. I hope the show sells out - they certainly deserve it. I'll likely post a review and (hopefully) photographs this weekend. If you'd like to read that and/or articles about downtown living - including a great deal about music downtown, you might want to check out my blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on Will Burchett Privatize the Library? :

This makes me sick. Burchett made it clear in Metropulse that he didn't see us getting a new downtown library, but I never suspected he would dismantle our public library system.

Written on Drummer Jimmy Cobb Brings the Landmark Miles Davis Album 'Kind of Blue' to Life:

I've posted pictures and a behind-the-scenes recounting of the day at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo....

Written on Jimmy Cobb's So What Band:

I've got pictures and a behind the scenes story posted at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo....

Written on Drummer Jimmy Cobb Brings the Landmark Miles Davis Album 'Kind of Blue' to Life:

Thanks for this article. I'm excited about the Jazz Fest this weekend. I've posted a blog about it at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo.... I've included a video about the album, "Kind of Blue," as well as a performance by the current Jimmy Cobb band.

Written on Rocky Wynder: The People's Player:

The cut on Tenors and Satin, as well as the whole album is excellent.

Written on Jazz Luminary Donald Brown Looks Back on His 30-Year Recording Career:

What a great article. I really appreciate hearing Mr. Brown talk about his music. I try to make it to S and W to hear him whenever I can and I'm always amazed at his playing and at the fact that more people don't come out to hear him. He's truly a Knoxville treasure. I've written about hearing him, about other music and events in general on my blog. My current blog is about this weekend's Jazz Festival and features videos about the album "Kind of Blue" and one by the Jimmy Cobb band who will be here this weekend. You can find it at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo....

Written on KAT's New Transit Center:

I think the building is impressive. It may have a problem with the homeless population, but at least it shows some level of commitment to public transportation. I'm also impressed with the work they did to make it evironmentally friendly. I do hope the trolley routes will be changed to run Gay Street/Market Square regularly. I have pictures and a story from the opening, as well as other posts about downtown on my blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on It’s Time to Revisit Knoxville's Trolley Routes:

I absolutely love this article and idea. I live downtown and routinely walk all the areas described. If there was a trolley route that ran the length of downtown routinely and predictably, I would use it often. Thank you for pointing this out. How can we make it happen? If you are interested in reading about happenings and issues downtown, you might want to checkout my blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on Historic Old City Buildings Up for Sale:

I hope the sale and the addition of a replacement business happens quickly. The Old City has seen so many stops and starts over the years and seems to have some momentum at the moment and I'd hate to see that stall. If you are interested in reading about this and other downtown stories, you might try my blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on A Final Lightning Round for Our Knox County Mayoral Hopefuls:

This is pretty discouraging. I believe strongly we need a new downtown library and in economic times I hope our leaders have vision, not a defeatest attitude. One of the most beautiful structures downtown - Church Street United Methodist Church - was built during the Great Depression because people with vision decided not to accept anything less. We can build a library. It sickens me to hear a lack of concern or even interest about air quality. About the only encouraging thing I read was Burchett's comments about the Andrew Johnson. I believe he is right: I think Hank died there, too. If you are interested in reading more about what I have to say about daily life and issues downtown, I have a blog devoted to just that: http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on Of Skeet Tallent, a Gold Sun Revelation, and UT Conference Center’s Tenuous Facelift:

I'm looking forward to the opening of 37 Market Square. The construction seems to have slowed to a crawl. I was one of the people who wondered if it was worth keeping the facade, now I hope they will leave the words on the facade so they can be seen. Across the square, I've just realized that we will lose our one public graffiti wall when the building on the opposite corner is finished. I hate to see that. I've blogged on these things and on daily life and oddities downtown. If you are interested in reading about this sort of thing, you might go to http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on At Downtown Gallery, UT Professor Norman Magden Loops Images Until They Collapse :

I can't wait to see this. UT has been doing some nice things with this space. I wrote in my blog about the Dante exhibit that had appeared there. If you are interested in reading about the arts and all the various things that go on and happen in galleries and on the streets downtown, you might want to visit my blog at http://stuckinsideofknoxville.blogspo...

Written on Federal Government Could Alleviate Downtown Library’s Woes and Save Local Dollars :

It is so sad to me that there is not more resolve on the part of our leaders to make a new library happen downtown. Nashville's library is a crown jewel to its downtown and here we sit year after year debating. There are, of course, good things happening downtown. If you are interested in reading about daily life in downtown Knoxville, you might want to check out my blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on None:

I've been watching these guys practice and it looks like this year's production will be a lot of fun. If you are interested in reading about this kind of event and other daily happenings in downtown Knoxville, you might want to check out my blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on Rather Contain Buskers, We Ought to Extend That Market Square Vibe:

I could not agree more with this article. I've lived downtown for nine months and I've started blogging about people and events there (http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...). That has made me realize how limited an area both Market Square and all of downtown really is. We do need to emphasize other areas. The stretch of Regal Theater, Coolato Gelato and the French Market intersects with Krutch park and is a good area. It could be great if they would welcome the busker-type vibe. Bill (the busker in question) had his case delayed (again!) yesterday. He'll now be in court in August. Here's hoping the court gets it better than Regal.

Written on Fort Sanders Regional Medical's Surgical Strike on Historic Homes:

It's a shame to see that things like this can still happen. I would have thought the hospital would at least avoid doing something like this simply because of the bad press they would get, but no one seems to have mentioned it but Metropulse. I live downtown and this is the very kind of thoughtless destruction I hope not to see. If you are interested in following happenings downtown and learning about the people there, you can read my blog at http://stuckinsideofknoxville.blogspo...

Written on Festival on the Fourth:

If you are interested in knowing more about what goes on in downtown Knoxville, read my blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on Homeless Plan Complicates Marilyn Roddy's Run for Mayor :

I live downtown, and so, I see more homeless people everyday than most people who don't live downtown. Two misconceptions continue to be thrown into this discussion: That homeless people are dangerous and that if such housing was put in an area, the area would be full of homeless people - They would have housing, ie. NOT HOMELESS. To read about what it is like to live near most of the homeless people in the city and to actually learn about some of the individual people so carelessly grouped together, go to my blog at http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on Dirty Guv'nahs Hit Their Stride on 'Youth Is in Our Blood':

The Dirty Guv'nahs have been great from the beginning. Still, there is no argument, they've gotten better on this release. It is certainly worth the money and Knoxville better catch this band while they can. I've blogged about their appearance at Sundown and other music and events downtown. If you are interested, go to http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on Southeastern Glass Building Open House; Preservation Network:

It's exciting to see new - and different housing added downtown. This also stretches the boundaries of what people normally think of as downtown, which I think is a great thing. I live downtown and keep a blog of what is going on or the interesting people, places and things I run in to. If you are interested, go to http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

Written on Without Enough Policing, Sundown Series Is Too Much of a Good Thing:

I live downtown and I agree with some of what is stated above. There seemed to be more police on hand for the final show and I think that helped. I also think some public restrooms downtown might help. We also have to realize there is a price and some responsibilities that come with being a real live city. For my report on tonight (and lots of pictures) and, in a post from last week, my thoughts on the future of Sundown, go to my blog at httP://

Written on Is Sundown Too Big for Downtown?:

I'd love to see us keep Sundown in the City. In any case, I think we all need to adjust our expectations as downtown grows. All my thoughts (and some pictures) are in my latest blog on the topic: http://www.stuckinsideofknoxville.blo...

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