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Written on Mercy and UT Hospital Discuss Joint Operating Agreement:

"Both hospitals are cash-strapped..."

Compared to Covenant, every entity in Knoxville except Pilot Corp is cash strapped, but I don't believe UT Health Systems (or whatever in the hell their name is) is in dangerous or "strapped" balance sheet position.

Mercy's local balance sheet is in trouble. (Of course, the Pope can always fix that, I suppose.)

Covenant is not in financial trouble, although their cash position has dropped significantly from June 30 '09 to June 30 '10.

Written on Chuck Williams: The Loneliness of the Independent Candidate:

Chuck Williams is Campfield's ally, knowingly or not.

Snakes are smart.

Written on The Chamber’s Job Is to Destroy our Rural Way of Life, So Find Another Argument:

If Edwards is going to be put to work in the fields, I'll buy the hoes. And if Rice will be out there sweating with him, I'll buy the thin white cotton t-shirts.

Written on Knoxville Modernism and Architect Bruce McCarty:

Mr. McCarty, his son and their firm are responsible for the least attractive parts of Knoxville. The UT campus abandoned any sense of architectural consistency or campus integrity at the hand of these "post modernist," or whatever mumbo-jumbo term attaches to their design.

The Lawson McGhee Library? Arrgh! City COunty Building? Speech and hearing building? Coliseum?

These are buildings designed to impress other architects, and the article admits as such.

Written on Haslam vs. McWherter: The Governor's Race:

Does heredity work in football coaches?

The Kiffin family suggests not.

The Dooley family? Derek's head coaching record is 17-20, a winning percent of 46%. At the same age, Vince Dooley's head coaching record was 73-32-5, a winning percentage of 66%. By age 41, Vince Dooley had won two SEC championships and had never failed to win fewer than 5 games in a season at Georgia. The younger Dooley's La Tech teams won MORE THAN 5 games only once.

The La Tech coach that preceded Dooley had essentially the same winning percentage (45.2% vs 45.9%) and appeared in the same number of bowl games (one.) Rather than being hired by a once-proud SEC football program, the previous La Tech coach was fired.

As was with the case with the Kiffin family, I would much rather have the father than the son.

Great job, Mike.

Written on Public Trust PAC Endorses City Candidates:

Re: Palmer...Apparently she doesn't consider the Police and Fire unions "interest groups," since she spent significant energy courting those endorsements. She likely assumed she wouldn't pass Schumpert/Atchley's "whack-job" test.

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