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Written on KAT's New Transit Center:

It makes me imagine the bastard child of the Tennessee Amphitheatre and the City County Building (maybe with a touch of "The Bridge To Nowhere")

Written on The Mighty Metro Pulse Collection of Awesome Knoxville Lists:

You forgot Lyons View Pike.

Written on The Vendome, Knoxville’s Architectural Wonder of 1890:

Lynnhaven oysters come from the Lynnhaven River which
dumps into the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach,Va.
They are world famous. Polution nearly destroyed the
oyster beds, but in recent years the beds have been
reseeded and harvesting has begun.

Written on City, County Look to Address Blight Through Title Reform:

I suspect that blighted properties won't attract
pestilence. Plague hasn't reared it's head much lately.
Maybe vagrants with H1N1.

Written on Denver Donnybrook:

I'm a moderate republican who is tired of the extremes.
McCain has his points, but I'm still bothered,
by his graduation address at Liberty University, a few years back.
I think Hillary woud answer the phone at 03:00,
but, I worry what her answer would be.
Of all the candidates, I feel Barak is the most
willing to compromise. It's what this country needs.
Let's fix the country first.

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