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Written on Vanilla Fudge: 'Vanilla Fudge' (1967):

Hah, Not only do I have that album and another one, but I saw them live in Memphis back in the day. I always liked them. Both times I saw them they were the opening act.

Written on 'Granddaughters' Presents the History of East Tennessee Through a Family's Story:

I was at the first concert in 2008 and I can tell you it was magical. One of those hair standing up on your arm kinda good. We can't make this one but I can highly recommend it.

Written on None:

This is actually on the 21st.

Written on Knoxville’s Place in Hot-Dog History; The Apparent Origin of the Knoxville Tamale:

Don't forget Tamale pies. I don't think I've ever had them anywhere but here.

Written on Hipster Economics:

I never really thought about it but that makes sense to me. Thanks.

Written on The Uncommon Community:

Another good column. I agree with you. Saturday after the game we saw several N.Ill. folks and they told us how much they enjoyed our downtown and the people they'd met. They'd stayed at the Crown Plaza and wandered all over.

Written on Because It’s a Sidewalk:

Good points all. I particularly liked your point about Wheelchair passage. Another good commentary.

Written on The One-Year Plan to End Panhandling:


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