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Written on Letter: Open Letters to Open Letters Part 1:


The majority of your response has absolutely NOTHING to do with my original letter. Well, except your closing line.

I'M TRYING NOT TO RUN OVER YOU!! That's my whole point. However, it's getting increasingly more difficult to avoid such a disaster considering the nonsense I see Knoxville bicyclists pulling all over town.

Spread the word amongst your community to obey the laws or be prepared to pay the price. I'm not threatening anyone . . . just warning you that if the bulk of the cycling population I see continues to ride like they do, someone WILL die in our town. I don't want that.



Written on Letter: Open Letters to Open Letters Part 2:


Cars are a different matter and we can talk about them some other time and place.

Right now, we're talking about the blatant disregard for traffic laws exhibited by Knoxville byciclists. If you aren't part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. I'm not talking about ". . . some single-speeder hipster gamboling up Gay Street". I'm talking about almost EVERY bicycle I see on the streets of Knoxville. The same folks that I'd bet donuts to dollars have a "watch for bicycles" bumper sticker on thier car when they're "speeders on Chapman Highway, red-light runners on Kingston Pike, and pedestrian-menacing motorists on Sutherland". As a motorcyclist, I have every respect for your right to "share the road" on your bicycle as I see most of the same dangers as a motorized two-wheeler. However, I don't run around town running red lights and blowing through stop signs on it like is see some motorcyclists doing. I have a "tirade" for them as well, but I'm saving it for another day.

I'm a respectful, law abiding traveller regardless of my choice of vehicle on any given day . . . INCLUDING my bicycle.

Thank you . . . "drive" through!

Jimmie Warwick

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