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Written on Death to James White Parkway: Stopping it in South Knoxville is Just Half the Job:

Thanks for a funny commentary. I wish the road had never begun. It changed the scenery and neighborhoods forever. Gone is Byrams Grocery. There stands Fort Hill Baptist but the puzzle is how the heck to get there from this road to nowhere. Homes were destroyed to make room for this hunk of concrete that thousands said they didn't want. Why could not Chapman been revamped, a new bridge built and this insane intrstate system that cut Ktown in half been directed that way? That road was never needed or wanted septin' for a few who wouldn't listen to popular opinion.

Written on Build It, They Will Come? Despite Hard Times, Can Tennova Afford Not to Build a New Hospital?:

in response to TopCutDoc:

Despite the fact that numerous physicians live west, all the Knoxville hospitals, except for Tennova North, are within an easy commute. Patients, too, don't need a hospital at their back door, but rather an accessible one with adequate parking.

The old St. Mary's administration made many mistakes before disappearing into the sunset, but the hospital near Fulton High School is needed to care for the population of north Knoxville and central Knoxville.

Many of the staff established their residences near the hospital after obtaining their jobs. Commercial enterprises grew in the area to help those people and the patient families as well as the physicians who worked at the hospital.

Upgrades including operating room rehabilitation, excellent ICU facilities, and modern patient rooms were possible within the framework of an historic facility. More modernization is possible, but Tennova just seeks to chase the money west. They will be invading one of the oldest, organized neighborhood plats within Knoxville, and the neighbors are making it clear that a new Tennova hospital on Middlebrook Pike is unwelcome and unneeded.

It is NOT a given that they must move to west Knoxville in order to survive, or even to make a profit. Wise administrators can make both happen where the facilities currently exist. No survey of physicians has been carried out, despite the administration's claims.

Thank you. Well thought out response. If your moniker is any indication of your profession, I'll take it that you know what you're talking about.

Written on Litton's Market & Restaurant:

'if you do have to break the bank just for one burger'. And, yes, you do.

Written on St. John's vs. Downtown: Bad Gardening, or Punk Art? The Demolition of the Walnut Street Buildings:

Since when does a church pay taxes on their real estate? Perhaps a parsonage? I don't know and don't know of many of them in existance any longer. Most men of the cloth own their own residences. But the church facility proper? Tax free! It's costing them nothing in that respect.

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