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Written on TVA’s Green Power Switch? :

Metro Pulse comment on Held article
February 21, 2011

There is such obfuscation, misguided and erroneous information in Mr. Held’s article that is difficult to put in perspective what he has said. The first point is “where is he coming from”?

Well it appears he’s representing a “street organizer’s” viewpoint and with the exception of a few benign comments from seemingly opposing positions on “green” power, he is just another ideologue aping our major domo street organizer in Washington.

He apparently knows nothing of the history of the program which he uses as the title of his piece, “TVA’s Green Power Switch?” omitting anything about the current status of that fraudulent program.

TVA is very reluctant to release any information about the finances of the Green Power Switch program. In 2010, TVA spent over $500,000 more than expenses to run that program which immediately should be abolished. All funds TVA has received under the imaginary “blocks” of electricity also should be refunded for the simple reason that TVA has fraudulently implied that Green Power Switch moneys go to “green” projects or programs; they explicitly go into TVA’s general power mix and are not allocated specifically to any green program or project.

This is like donating money to your grocery store because they’ve done such a good job keeping their grocery carts in good repair. Most feel like they pay enough for their food supplies already.

So far, the TVA Office of Inspector General has refused to provide GPS program certification information as requested through the TVA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This certification is required from an independent certifying agency before TVA can post a “Green Energy” logo.

My original request for information on the Green Power Switch program began in June 2010 in an attempt to find out how and where the GPS money was spent. I have received only the smallest bits of information so far. My second FOIA request specifically was for the records on TVA’s OIG “Green-E” certification and the correspondences between TVA OIG and the independent certifying agency. That agency is perfectly willing to provide me with that information but the TVA OIG has so far refused to divulge it.

This is an ongoing battle between a federal agency, even though required by federal law, and the public to obtain pertinent data about TVA. TVA has been very uncooperative and at this point, it appears TVA will continue its refusal unless required by a higher court.

Check with your federal representatives on this for their opinion.

Ernest Norsworthy

Written on Earmarks Are an Obvious Symptom:

Earmarks, the mark of a government out of control, a good ‘ol boy patronage system unaccountable to any federal agency or branch of government. Another “nowhere” bridge?

Look at the TVA for an analogy. Here we have a non-supervised federal agency that operates by its own lights requiring no appropriations with $10 billion annually to dispose of. How can TVA operate that way? Because in the congress’ infinite wisdom it changed the TVA law in 1959 so the TVA would not need an appropriations review or really any effective oversight by any level of the federal government.

That is how this federal agency can run unchecked up until the only law TVA listens to, their $30 billion debt cap. It does not matter that TVA cannot sustain a debt that high or afford to go venturing into untested waters at the expense of TVA’s ratepayers, TVA’s only source of revenue.

At this end, TVA’s assets could be sold hopefully to pay off some of its present $23 billion debt and remove TVA’s unfair burden on ratepayers.

Ernest Norsworthy

Written on Republicans: Choose Life:

So you want change? The kinds of change the Obama administration is slapping you in the face with? Bill Clinton was accused of campaigning throughout his eight years but Barak Obama has put him to shame at this time; a while to go yet.

At least Obama comes at you straight on – he wants power and is willing to spend all the money he can (your money) to buy it.

But gosh, you say, he’s for eliminating earmarks but signed a bankrupting bill with 9,000 of them in it. And other campaign promises one by one are falling to the wayside.
Stripped of all his mesmeric qualities there is no “there, there” as Gertrude Stein once said about coming back home to Oakland, CA where she once lived.

In Obama’s case, he’s like the pied piper of Hamlin and has convinced half the country to change the country’s direction. So far, there is not much evidence of change of any kind except perhaps of worsening an already bad situation.

In 60 days he has put generations of Americans in the deepest debt the country has ever known. And as far as I have observed, Barak Hussein Obama has not mentioned the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights a single time. And that would be appropriate for the track he is today leading this country on.

Those “dusty old documents” as some put it; those old documents represent the “old” ways and the only way to couch them is in today’s terms – living, flexible documents with no constraints. Wrong. Those documents are our guide posts that set our values and they have worked well for over 200 years.
The ship of state is moving into uncharted waters without a scrap of those old papers for guidance.

Tennesseans long ago succumbed to Uncle’s siren song, taking the money and running with it and complaining about not having enough of it. Governor Bredesen lately did show a spark of resistance to the feds when he required the TVA to report back to him on TVA’s proposals date certain of cleaning up the Kingston catastrophe. TVA never has received those kinds of marching orders before but they meekly complied. That dam break was heard ‘round the world.

I could have predicted (and did predict) that TVA should not be the organization to fix it. TVA’s track record is abominable in about every measure.

“Heads should have rolled” in the Kingston disaster wake, and predictably, none did. “Nobody ever gets fired from the TVA”.

I have written a lot about TVA’s ineptness and frankly have stated many times that TVA should be dissolved, at least the power production part of it.

President Obama is oh, so smooth but until more Americans remove those rose-colored glasses to view the reality of his goals, they will be praising him and the rest of us all the way to perdition.


Ernest Norsworthy

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