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Written on Phil Pollard, 1967-2011:

"The band became lushly, profoundly meditative when he read the Gettysburg Address."

Nut-uh!! They GOT DOWN!!! The Gettysburg Address was a freaky dance number:)

In my experience, Matt's primary Band of Humans instrument was the timpani. Vibes + timpani = BAD DONKEY!!! (can't use the "a" word here. Sheesh.)

Re: Suttree ~ "a perhaps unintentional couplet quoted from the book’s end." No! Nothing was unintentional with Phil. He proudly admitted to stealing every line in that song from the book.

Phil was also a very good math and science teacher.

Other than these errors and omissions, it's a fine article.

Written on Our Weird Is Real :

I really enjoyed this article.
Where was the picking jam in Maynardville?

Written on Carpe Librum Booksellers Set to Close:

I'm so sorry they are closing.

Written on Henry:

Knox County has a drug court!

Drug Court
Located in Criminal Courtroom, Division I
First floor
City-County Building
400 Main Street
Knoxville, TN

Knox County has a single-jurisdiction adult Drug Court to serve as an alternative approach to incarceration for nonviolent offenders dependent on alcohol and other drugs. The purpose of the Drug Court is to promote public safety and health by providing comprehensive care to substance abuse offenders through a partnership between the judiciary, the Metropolitan Drug Commission, the Knox County Sheriff's Department, the Knoxville Police Department and health care providers. The General Sessions Drug Court presents the participants with a prescribed range of drug treatment services, as well as other social service programs, in a three-tier, highly structured, case management approach in a non-adversarial atmosphere.

Heard each Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. in Criminal Courtroom,
Division I.

The Office of the District Attorney General, the District Public Defender's Office, private defense counsel and other courts can refer participants to the Drug Court. All of the initial referrals are assessed by the Drug Court Team to determine if the case meets the program's clinical and judicial requirements.

Written on A Humorous(?) Look at What Distinguishes Knoxville :

I like this! Good list.

Written on Knoxville on the Record: A Survey of Pop, Country, and Rock Songs:

Thanks for the links to the videos. Steve Earle sure was purty when he was yound, but is David Lee Roth hairdo makes me giggle.

Written on Neil Hamburger with Daiquiri:

This sounds like so much fun! Hate to miss it. Wish he was here on the weekend. Groan, stoopid day job.

Written on The Last Bohemian: R.B. Morris Reaches a Crossroads With a New Record, a New Book, and a New Family Life:

Very good reporting, Mike Gibson.

I agree, I don't understand the Kenny Chesney phenomenon. Buddy Miller should be receiving all the alcolades, but he never will, because he's too talented.

Written on Health Care Confidential: Four Generations Of Health-Care Concerns :

Excellent writing, Carole. Thank you for sharing this information about end-of-life counseling. I am very sorry for your losses.

Written on Dale Dickey: Working Girl :

Fun article!

Written on The Knoxville Museum of Art's Contemporary Focus:

Excellent writing. I hadn't planned on going to the show, but now I'm really excited to see it. Thanks!

Written on Tennessee Valley Bicycles' Fun Ride:

I like TVB! The folks who own/work there are very customer oriented, really listen to what you want/need, and are happy to help you select the perfect bike:)

Written on Residential Parking Downtown: A Lot to Lose:

That's why hipsters should move to Park Place Condominiums, a mere 1.8 miles from downtown. It's a gated community, ample parking, a swimming pool, gardens, and dumpster and recycling recepticles. You get much more for money by moving slightly away from downtown. And, Park Place is a trifling $5 cab ride, should you need, ahem, some safe assistance getting home.

Written on Knoxville Opera's Rigoletto a Blessed Production:

I appreciate your coverage of opera and other classical music events.

Written on Lincoln Cred:

I hated to miss that Band of Humans show>:(

Written on Square Room Resistance:

I don't think the Square Room did anything wrong and I don't believe they acted out of homophobia.

Written on The Best Knoxville Band Ever #1: The V-Roys:

MTE, thanks for inviting me to be a part of this very interesting and fun experiment.

Please don't forget the early success of Robinella & the CC Stringband. These talented folks opened for Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, they performed on late-night comedy talk shows. They (and now Robin Tipton) have/has a long-standing Sunday night engagement at Barley's. They were very popular and Knoxville's darlings for the longest time. While Robin's daddy's little girl song makes me cringe, the band has many terrific original songs, and I admire that this band took chances (going electric). Robin's voice is such an interesting mix of a sweet honeyed southern twang with jazz timing. It's hard to stay away from her vocal allure. This band was also family friendly and had many fans of all ages.

Written on Lady Sings the Blues:

Thank you for this excellent article. I've seen Sanda around town and always wondered who she was. I can't wait to hear her sing.

Written on “With”:

Wonderful article.

Written on The Square Room: Squared Away:

Even David Bryne was in the audience!

The Square Room is an excellent venue. Affordable tickets & early shows.

Written on French Market Ousted?:

French Market should move into the Cherries building.

Written on A Tangled Web Café:

Thanks for the link to Joe Powell's blog.

There's plenty of digging to be done with the demise of Cherries and the press seems uninterested and/or unwilling to do it.

I'm surprised how "positive" this MP article seems. Cherries was a mess; very unethical and unproffessional.

Written on Duck Club Sandwich:

Eh, that's nothing. For years, Bayona in New Orleans has been serving a duck and cashew butter and red pepper jelly sandwich.

Written on Unmistakably Beethoven:

Thank you again for your informative coverage! I will definately be at this concert. UT Symphony is terrific. When I hear them, I cannot believe they are students.

Written on Local CD Review: Christopher Scum:

That's a nice, tight and direct review. I don't know Chris, but I read his posts on Knox Blab. I wish him the absolute best!

Written on Descent Into Ripperology:

You haven't experienced Free Bird until you've heard it played on trombone by the Band of Humans. You would have been better off at the Brewers' Jam.

Written on Name That Tune:

Very interesting and informative article. I HATE that I didn't read it until 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night:( I love Beethoven.

Written on Strangely Built Shacks:


Written on Whistling Through the Graveyard:

Excellent writing, Jack. What fun!

Written on Deconstructing Disaster:

Very interesting and well written article.

Written on Concerted Effort:

Thanks for this concert, Leslie. You've done a great job.

Written on The Power of Will:

Amazing story.

Written on More for Me:

I feel the same way about downtown living.

Written on Harold Shersky, 1919-2008:

Thanks for this, Jack.

Written on Magic:

I recently saw "The Red Balloon" and loved it. There are also excellent street scenes of Paris.

Written on Established during the Civil War in 1863 to bury Union dead, the Knoxville National Cemetery:

Excellent! I look forward to more of these historical films with Jack Neely.

Written on Turnaround Artist:

I would be happy to pay a donation or admission to the Rossini Festival.

Three years ago, I knew nothing about opera but was interested in learning. The opera previews held at the downtown library got me hooked in a big way! I hope that kind of public outreach will return.

Brian is doing a great job. I'd like to see the opera "Billy Budd."

Written on /best-of-knoxville/2008/staff-pick-worsts/ - Best of: Staff-Pick Worsts:

UT Students are also disappointing because they don't protest the war, yet they protest having to pay for football tickets.

Written on /best-of-knoxville/2008/goods-services/ - Best of: Goods &Services:

I really like "Coffee & Chocolate" on Union Ave., as best new business.

I like Salon Visage-Market Square, because the services are terrific and reasonably priced.

Written on Local Hero:

This is terific news!

Written on You Just Keep Me Hanging On:

You did a great job with this article.

Written on /best-of-knoxville/2008/online-knoxville/ - Best of: Online Knoxville:

Your old website didn't suck. It was actually easier to navigate because the articles were laid out just like the news print version. You could find what you were looking for with one click.

Written on Celestial Phenomenon:

We miss you Samarai. You were such a hoot and one hell of a drummer. Thanks for the stories and the music.

Written on The Jennings Street Junto:

Nice article. Can't wait to attend one of their special events.

Written on Forty Years Hence:

Excellent introduction! I always appreciate your work.

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