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Written on Plant manager Ted Tyree, top, says the processed solids the plant produces make a fine soil additive:

Mr. Tyree, you seem to be running a very good waste treatment facility. Bravo and thank you.

Written on Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Profile: Madeline Rogero:

Great person, great candidate, terrible photograph.

Written on Don’t Worry, Be Happy:

Haslam's department heads should lead by example, by not taking a pay hike themselves until the layoffs have ended and everyone else in their departments have been given a raise first.

Is it asking too much of these folks to simply work for the good of the people of Tennessee without the lure of adding additional cash to their already substantial six figure salaries?

Written on UT’s Baker Center Has Much To Offer the Community :

True, the Baker Center is a great place. The people there do a superb job.

Written on House Budget Cuts May Hit Hard Locally:

We may be on our way to returning to a "Scruffy Little City" as John Gunther called us.

Written on Grocery Wine Sales Bill Gets Industry Support—and Retailer Criticism:

These quaint grocery store wine bills pop up occasionally, like dandelions on the legislature's front lawn, only to be sprayed with Roundup by the liquor store lobby.

Over the decades, the script of this Nashville morality play never deviates. It's like "A Christmas Carol" but about booze instead of Ebenezer Scrooge.

This constancy of these legislative failures, reminds Tennesseans that some things don't change, that there are eternals that bind us together through even the most turbulent of times.

Written on Q&A: PBS CEO Paula Kerger Talks About the Repercussions of Potential Funding Cuts:

I will always contribute to NPR, and if congress cuts out its share of funding, I will increase mine, as I hope many others will do.

I'm a liberal. I gladly buy into democracy and America, so I will certainly accept the decision of congress. I'm sure the House of Representatives is trying to do what they think is the right thing. I just don't agree with em' on this issue.

Written on Will County Commission Defer to Developers on the Hillside Protection Plan? :

Freedom means having carte blanche to make as much money as possible while degrading as much of the beauty of Tennessee as we care to.

Private Property Uber Alles !

Written on Without Enough Policing, Sundown Series Is Too Much of a Good Thing:

I went once. It was a waste of time. It was all about young people getting loaded and doing what drunks do ---> acting like fools.

Dollar-hungry business owners will put up with anything, but that doesn't mean thoughtful people have to. The remedy---> don't attend.

Written on Pigburger®:

Brother Jack's manhandles all my other memories of that era. A stunningly vivid and alive place. Jack, Tip, Sarge . . . Thanks.

Written on Zach Wamp Is Reprehensible:

The Gay St. Cinema is a marvelous place. If what you say is true, and it sounds like it is, than Mr. Wamp took a cheap shot on a minor issue.

But there are two sides to every argument. I wish Mr. Wamp would say something on this issue in this comment section, either refute your points or admit he made an error.

Written on Boy, Are You Stupid:

Government has a job, that is to protect its citizens. The people who staff the MMS and the SEC were, in effect, being bought off by the incredibly rich and powerful organizations they are supposed to regulate.

The devastating consequences are a direct result of what the political far right has always wished for ----> no governmental interference with private enterprise.

Your article is right on the mark.

Written on Arnold Cohen:

Yes, urban renewal was bad, and problems surely evolved directly from it. But to say simply, "Now we wonder why we have problems?" appears to be a lazy way to wrap-up your article. You imply that if we didn't experience urban renewal, we wouldn't have these problems.

Shouldn't you be exact with your conclusions, and not give us this murky, gray, gruel in the final paragraph. And say, how about tossing in a few solutions? After all, you're the Vice President of the Board of Race Relations. Shouldn't I expect more?

Written on Let TVA Pay Damages:

Hall, your article is a cheap shot. Did you personally speak with any of the people you slam? Did you talk to any scientists about your premises or conclusions? Your piece reeks of cheap, emotion-based, opportunism lacking any hint of a balanced or objective approach. You are Elmer Gantry delivering a sweaty, tent-revival, sermon with TVA cast as forked-tongued Satan.

By the way, the past tense of "lead" in paragraph #2 is "led".

Written on Cheap Coal:

This is not a well-written article. I sincerely hope you do a better job next issue.

Written on The Golden Rule: In politics, gold rules:

From what I've seen of politics, what you write in this article is absolutely true. The advantage of the rich (and powerful) cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed and should be. The viability of democracy depends on it. This is one of the very real problems of freedom.

Written on UT’s Impending Implosion:

Your article reminds me of UT students I've seen on TV protesting program and faculty cuts. It makes me think that they have forgotten what a huge percent of their education is still absolutely cost free for them. I'd like to hear just an occasional "Thank you" for all those benefits. They seem to be children of privilege, seriously short on gratitude and humility.

I will remember how much they appreciate my tax money going to them when I speak with my state senator and representative.