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Written on National Disgrace: What Would We Do if Terrorists Were Killing 22 Americans a Day?:

The defense of the VA system I have heard is that the VA was simply swamped by the number of casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of course, if that was the case, the VA leadership should have sounded the alarm loud and long.

Still, I'm not for doing away with the VA. Rebuild it. not destroy it.

Written on Are You Kidding? Anti-Tax Lobbyists Need to Be in a Blue State Where People Need Them, Not in Tennessee:

Conservatives are supposed to be mad. They get something out of being angry all the time.

A conservative who isn't red-faced and screaming about the imminent demise of America isn't a true conservative. They've been this way as far back as I can remember. They need to feel threatened. It's what they do.

. . . but Cagle has a valid point ----> they (conservatives) should go at least have their hissy fits in places where it will do some good?

But that would be too logical.

It's just too much fun manning the barricades with their buds.

Written on A Creative Solution: Democrats Have a Candidate Available with Experience and Name ID:

Democrats have no chance unless Haslam commits some hideous crime.

Written on Retention Election: Given His Poll Numbers, and Invisible Opponent, is Alexander Running Against Himself?:

I think the Tea Party is tired in Tennessee.

I don't believe they have the stomach to take on a battle-ready Alexander.

Written on Iconic Knoxville Gay Nightclub the Carousel II Announces the End of an Era:

The reason for this closing was not explained. Why couldn't the owner of the club get together with the new owner of the building?

What's the deal?

Did a religious fundamentalist buy the building and deny access for biblical reasons? Did the Tea Party buy the place?

Did reporter Everett just retype the note he found on the club door? - What gives?

Written on Remembering Jon Haas, the Imaginative Developer Who Made a Difference in Fort Sanders:

Jon Haas will be remembered by a lot of people after this article.


Written on Fort Sanders Hospital Deal Means to Tear Down Some More Victorian Houses:

I made a mistake. 1731 Highland is on the NE corner of Highland & 18th, not the SE corner.

Written on Fort Sanders Hospital Deal Means to Tear Down Some More Victorian Houses:

Is 1731 Highland Ave. one of these houses? It's on the SE corner of Highland and 18th.


Written on Grocery Trip:

Ms. Johnson strikes a responsive chord.

I diplomatically initiate conversations daily with almost everyone I encounter in public, which is quite a few folks. Conservatively, 85% of the complete strangers I engage are delightful.

As to the uncommunicative 15%, I respect whatever reasons they have for being withdrawn. I have never had a problem with anyone.

The lesson I have learned ----> The fear we have of people is vastly over blown, and the worlds they can open up to us are remarkable, fascinating, and enlightening.

Written on Safety Center Issues: Keeping the Mentally Ill Out of Harm's Way:

Were the mentally ill sent here to test us as Christians?

Dare we ask ourselves, "What would Jesus do?"

Written on Devil's Advocate: A Defense of Poison Ivy:


OK, Chattanooga has its Kudzu Festival. How about a Poison Ivy Parade for Knoxville?

The Chamber of Commerce could push it hard in their members' offices, in press releases, and on local electronic media.

In a huge banquet and gala, the night of the parade, an august board of renowned allergists could crown Bob Overholt its first king . . . a fitting tribute to an illustrious career.

Eleanor, with this article, you have scratched an itch that Knoxville has had for a long time !



Written on Letter: Watch Your Step:

Your comment is a valuable one.

I (as a pedestrian) was almost hit by a cell phone using teenage girl as she turned left off Kingston Pike. I had to run to narrowly avoid getting hit.

A woman in the passenger seat saw me and screamed, but the driver only slowed down once she was forty feet past me. She never actually stopped. Too embarrassed I guess.

It was a big time lesson for me. I hope for her too.

Written on Attention Deficit: Following Instructions:

A clearly ambiguous piece.


Written on Campaigning for Visitors: Can Knoxville Really Attract a Lot More Tourists?:

Hyper economic growth appears to be a glistening jewel, but its collapse results in abandoned buildings, ghost-town like sections of the city, and high unemployment.

There is much to say for our present very good economic situation.

Does Knoxville's business pump really need to be primed?

Written on Street Injustice: Why a Neighborhood Watch Program Would Never Work Downtown:

Yep, initiating a stop and frisk policy for "strangers" entering the Bistro may be objected to by the management.

Good article.



Written on Drones For Journalism: UT Invests in Cutting-Edge Technology That Still Has to Clear Some Obstacles:

The increasing wholesale use of sophisticated surveillance is a crime itself.

Decades ago they put cameras on Charles Manson 24/7. Now we all have cameras on us 24/7.

What is our beloved America turning into?

Written on From Left: UT Professor Mark Fly created the ECO Garden; horiculture coordinator Amanda Plant and ga:

If I'm going to pick a head honcho for "Horticulture Coordinator," it would be someone with "Plant" as their last name. The only better situation would be if her first name could have been "Chlorophyll."

Fly, you're the man !

Written on First Creek: A Journey:

These creeks ( 1st - 2nd - 3rd ) are nature's works of art, constantly in motion like a Calder mobile, but the moving pieces are riffles, minnows, dragon flies and fallen leaves dancing with the current.

Thanks for this window on the water.


Written on Hope and Change: If You Lower Expectations, You Can be Optimistic About the Coming Football Season:

Tennesseans don't like to spend money on anything that smacks of government, because government never does anything efficiently. Unfortunately, UT is a government school.

Could this urge to slash governmental spending be what is behind our reluctance to furnish the big bucks for a big name coach?

Will "Go Vols ! " eventually be "No Vols !" ?

Written on Haslam a Moderate? Changes in Education, Privatizing—Moderation Tag Doesn't Fit:

Tennesseans are proud of high profits for business owners and low wages with no benefits for employees. We love our nouveau serfdom!

The Haslams are the royal family of Tennessee and the architects of this new feudal Volunteer State. May God and His angels guard their sacred throne.

Written on Quote of the Week: "We’re just moving forward...":

County Commission,

Please end these fee office fiefdoms. Put them under the control of the county mayor.

Mayor Burchett doesn't want the extra headaches, but he is our chief executive. What is a chief executive supposed to do if not act like an executive, be responsible and run the darn government efficiently?

Are we supposed to have five or six independent powerful county entities (fee offices) that are unanswerable to anyone except one day every four years?

Let's have grownup government. Put Mayor Burchett in charge of these fee offices. Please.

Written on Letter: Black Swan:


It is interesting that only two people showed up, but ----> Did you enjoy the show? Was seeing ballet on the big screen worth the ticket price?

Written on The Somewhat Great Debate: LaLonde Vs. Campfield:

Campfield is a cartoon character, but he seems to genuinely love life, and I think that is what people respond to.

Written on A New Urbanist Fable: If You Can Discern the Moral, Please Advise :


You are too dismissive.

This in not "barely a column". It's a worthy piece that mourns the death of personal contact. It tells me I am not alone in feeling the same thing. It's a dirge from the heart.

And I thank you for it.


Written on Old Days Return? Cities Onces Again Under the Thumb of Rural, Suburban Legislators:

Politics is not about fairness. It's about the righteousness of each party's cause. This hasn't changed in 200 years.

A good article, Thanks.

Written on Law-Making Hypocrisy: Conservative Legislators Hate Mandates, Except When They Don't:

This tension between the various levels of government is impossible to avoid in any nation larger than the Vatican. Unless we break America up into city-states, this "hypocrisy" problem is a structural fact. We can't have a representative republic without it, so let's just get over it.

What we could hope for is that our politicians drop their whining about hypocrisy and just state that they think their way is best and that they are going to try to force their views into law at their particular legislative level.

What's fun is to watch the politicians' definitions of hypocrisy change as they work their way up the governmental ladder from local to state to federal office.

Written on Tone Deaf: To Save the Party, Republicans Must Excise the Crackpot Caucus:

A Syllogism.

Urban votes liberal.
Rural votes conservative.
America is increasingly urban.
Trouble for the GOP.

Written on Tipping Point: Can State Dems Reconcile Urban Obama Democrats and Rural Independents?:

Is the idea to change the course of government or to win elections? Are campaigns about societal direction or sport?

If the goal of elections is entertainment, then politics is no different than the NFL.

Hooray for our team.

Written on Ewing Gallery's 'Confabulatores Nocturni' Considers Notions of Time and Infinity:

Buck Ewing (and Virginia Woolf) would have applauded this exhibit. Well done !

Written on Letter: Mulch Fire, a Haiku:

Conservatives contend that the best government is the least government. With the mulch company not being in violation of any laws and with all the coughing and wheezing still coming from down wind of the mulch fire, I'd say that is ample evidence that we have at least very good government.

Written on Letter: Don't Go There, Bill:

Haslam would have to open his finances if he took the VP slot. Maybe he will.

Written on Banning Baggy Pants:

Cagle, refreshing thinking and an excellent parallel point with graffiti.


Written on Gov. Haslam Has Shaken Up the Structure of State Government :

Haslam as VP means he would have to open his finances to public view. Does anyone think this is probable?

Written on Knox County's Charter Revisions Need Good, Unbiased Legal Advice:

Frank, I disagree with your conclusion.

It seems to me that since a lame duck like Mr. Jarret has no job to protect in the new charter, that his advice would be the most objective and balanced.

Written on Knox County Needs to Honor its Promise to Provide Pension for Deputies:

Honor dictates that we protect in retirement, those have protected us in their younger years.

This means a good retirement income that is shielded from the confidence men of Wall Street and the slide of hand artists that inhabit corporate executive suites.

It means we will have to pay a little more, but that is what honor and responsibility are all about.

Written on Tuning In WIVK's Future:

Isn't America more than a platform dedicated to making money? Does our commitment to "Freedom" mean that all other values are ranked a distant second to the pursuit of profit?

Locally owned radio stations were part of the social glue that held us together as a community. These stations helped us identify with each other. They linked us up. They were an important part of the defense against the invasion of loneliness that comes with isolation.

Thus in this case, "Freedom" has been carried too far. It is hurting us.

Written on R.I.P. Melanie Sharp:

I never met her, but because of your article, I will miss her.

Written on From the Home-Builders' Perspective:

Developers and land owners do not live and work on a lonely frontier where their actions affect nobody. Living in Knox County is a social contract between all residents.

Developers are well organized and want to act quickly, but the people affected by their developments need time to find out what's proposed, to bounce ideas among themselves, and to speak with the MPC and their elected officials. It all takes a lot of time.

The MPC exists to guard the quality of life in Knox County, and they need time to do their job. We need the MPC.

Written on Franklin Finney (in the foreground) and others learn to rebuild bikes while Kevin Horn (seated) look:

The KBC looks like the right organization to help people at the right time. Thanks and Good Luck!

Written on The End of Privacy:

We need to cut up our credit cards, get off Facebook and elect folks that will reinstall our privacy. However, my faith that the American people will do these things is low.

Written on Romney Needs Someone to Tell Him to Stop Sticking His Foot In His Mouth:

We constantly check our own maps of reality against the maps of many trusted people - to increase the probability that what we think is true, ----> is true.

It concerns me when the evidence indicates Romney does not do this.

Written on Gloria in Excelsis:

in response to knoxltd786:

great article! as a former employee of KTSC, i can definitely say there's a hardworking staff there attracting tourists and conventions to the city and promoting knoxville everywhere. as far as the leadership (not just Gloria), I'm not quite sure what they do. It's no wonder, that place seems to be a revolving door for many of its employees.



When you worked at KTSC:

1. What was the daily routine of the KTSC staff?

2. Did you have a boss, and what did she or he ask of you? Did they give you specific goals?

3. Was your work inspected or reviewed? If so, by whom?

4. Did the KTSC have Christmas parties, workshops, staff meetings, etc.? If so, what were they like, and what happened in them?

You have first hand knowledge that is very interesting, enlightening and important. ----> Please answer.

Written on Knoxville's Traditional Power Centers Have Dead Batteries:

The Fee Offices are separately elected, untouchable, governments unto themselves. In the years between elections, their chief executives answer to no one.

The Knox County Charter Committee should put proposals on the November ballot that would allow the voters of Knox County to make the Fee Offices accountable to the county mayor.

Written on KTSC Claimed Economic Impact From Events It Didn't Actually Book:

The KTSC has had no supervision, no review of their activities, and no boss to answer to - because both boards that were supposed to be oversee it were shamefully negligent.

Thus, it's good to see Metro Pulse shining light into such dark places, leaving the judgements to the readers.

Well Done.

Written on PIED BEAUTY: The meadow near the Standard Knitting Mill.:

Nature makes it pretty, but only during the day. At night it's something out of Stephen King.

Written on Then and Now: Author Brian Griffin on the TVUUC Shooting:

You TVUUC folks handled this situation with grace and humanity. Thank you.

Written on Entrepreneur Scott West Returns From Prison, With a Lot to Say:

West seems to be a refreshing, energetic, intelligent and a likable guy. I'm glad he's back.

Written on No Budget Cliffhangers:


Addressing your question as to why we haven't received any of the major projects that other parts of the state have:

Could it be that the folks that control the levers of power in Knoxville see the introduction of large, new, economic engines as threats to the comfortable situation they still enjoy here, even though they temporarily reside in Nashville?

Written on The Case for Ayn Rand:

The movie's heros are the purest of the pure and the bad guys are evil, corrupt socialists trying to sponge off Ayn Rand's anointed ones. That's the plot.

Bring a pillow if you go see this. Staying awake is gonna' be tough.